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Chapter: 1767

with Zhao Yanyan teasing Lin Rouxi

Chapter 1767 with Zhao Yanyan teasing Lin Rouxi  "Dear teacher would you like to join?" Ye Chen asked Lin Rouxi, Ye Chen asked if Lin Rouxi would like to join them.

Lin Rouxi only became more beautiful, she became more and more charming, Ye Chen naturally wanted Lin Rouxi to join in the fun.

"Ye Chen you are" Lin Rouxi looked displeased when she heard what Ye Chen said, she looked very displeased when she heard what Ye Chen said.

"Why are you a pervert as usual?" Lin Rouxi threw a ball of water at Ye Chen, the ball of water hit Ye Chen and made Ye Chen’s body wet.

Luckily Zhao Yanyan had already stepped aside, so she wasn’t hit by Lin Rouxi’s attack that was headed towards Ye Chen.

"Dear teacher, how could you do this to me" Ye Chen said to Lin Rouxi.

Ye Chen complained to Lin Rouxi, he was complaining because Lin Rouxi got Ye Chen drenched.

"That’s a punishment for you." Lin Rouxi said that it was a punishment for Ye Chen.

Lin Rouxi was still firm with Ye Chen, she didn’t let Ye Chen do something like that freely.

"I didn’t do anything wrong, how can the teacher punish me" Ye Chen said to Lin Rouxi.

Ye Chen didn’t feel like he had done anything wrong, he didn’t do anything wrong.

"Nonsense, you clearly made a mistake" said Lin Rouxi, Lin Rouxi refuted what Ye Chen said, Ye Chen clearly made a mistake.

"Is it wrong if I do something to my wife?" Ye Chen said to Lin Rouxi.

"Of course it’s wrong, I won’t let you do anything bad to Yanyan" Lin Rouxi said to Ye Chen.

"If you don’t allow me to do anything with Yanyan, then how about I just be with you." Ye Chen appeared behind Lin Rouxi, he immediately hugged and locked Lin Rouxi’s body.

Lin Rouxi was instantly unable to move when her body was locked by Ye Chen.

"Ye Chen let me go" Lin Rouxi said to Ye Chen, Lin Rouxi couldn’t put up a fight, her strength wasn’t enough to get herself out of Ye Chen’s snare.

"Dear teacher, call me husband" Ye Chen said to Lin Rouxi, Ye Chen told Lin Rouxi to call himself husband.

"Why should I do such a thing" Lin Rouxi refused, she didn’t want to do such a thing.

"Really, then" Seeing that Lin Rouxi was unwilling to comply with Ye Chen’s request, Ye Chen decided to do something about Lin Rouxi.

Ye Chen’s hand started to touch Lin Rouxi’s double peak, he used his finger to pinch Lin Rouxi’s Cherry bud.

"Erm!" Lin Rouxi immediately shouted, she couldn’t stand what Ye Chen was doing, her body was tingling when Ye Chen pinched her Cherry buds.

"Ye Chen, stop it." Lin Rouxi said helplessly, unable to resist Ye Chen’s temptation.

"I won’t stop until you call me husband" Ye Chen said that he wouldn’t stop until Lin Rouxi called herself more intimately.

"I won’t do that" Lin Rouxi refused, she didn’t want to do what Ye Chen said.

"Looks like dear teacher has forgotten the strength of this student of yours" Ye Chen said to Lin Rouxi.

Lin Rouxi had probably forgotten about Ye Chen’s strength, so Ye Chen wanted to make Lin Rouxi recall her own strength.

"Ye Chen what are you trying to do, Yanyan please help me" Lin Rouxi was afraid of what Ye Chen would do, that’s why Lin Rouxi asked Zhao Yanyan for help.

"Giggle, sister Rouxi, you better not fight, it’s useless to fight back" Zhao Yanyan said to Lin Rouxi.

Zhao Yanyan didn’t want to help Lin Rouxi, Zhao Yanyan instead told Lin Rouxi not to put up a fight against Ye Chen.

"Yanyan how can you do such a thing, aren’t we sisters , you have to help me" Lin Rouxi was dissatisfied with what had happened, herself looking dissatisfied with what Zhao Yanyan had said.

"Yanyan don’t listen to her, come help me" Ye Chen told Zhao Yanyan to help him, that way Ye Chen could get Lin Rouxi easily.

With the help of Zhao Yanyan, it should be easy for Ye Chen to defeat Lin Rouxi.

"Husband, I will help you." Zhao Yanyan would rather help Ye Chen than help Lin Rouxi.

"You two" Lin Rouxi felt trapped, she felt trapped by Ye Chen as well as Zhao Yanyan.

"Dear teacher, it seems that you are trapped" Ye Chen said to Lin Rouxi, Lin Rouxi was trapped, now she will not be able to escape from Ye Chen anymore.

"Husband, please let me go." Lin Rouxi had no other choice but to apologize to Ye Chen, she hoped that Ye Chen would be willing to let her go.

"Too bad, it’s too late, I won’t let you go" Ye Chen said to Lin Rouxi, Ye Chen refused to let Lin Rouxi go, he couldn’t possibly let Lin Rouxi off after what happened.

"You, how could you lie to me" Lin Rouxi said to Ye Chen.

"I’m not lying, it’s because you didn’t want to listen to me from the start" Ye Chen said to Lin Rouxi, this was all because Lin Rouxi didn’t want to listen to Ye Chen, if only he had listened to Ye Chen then things wouldn’t be like this.

Lin Rouxi gritted her teeth, she was again tricked by Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was too smart, this man could always deceive Lin Rouxi, this irritated Lin Rouxi.

"Why have I never won against this brat?" Lin Rouxi felt helpless, she was helpless when she lost to Ye Chen.

Zhao Yanyan helped Ye Chen, she helped Ye Chen in capturing Lin Rouxi.

After being quite satisfied with teasing Lin Rouxi, Ye Chen kissed Lin Rouxi, himself kissing Lin Rouxi without permission.

Lin Rouxi was quite surprised by what Ye Chen did, what Ye Chen did was quite shocking, Ye Chen suddenly kissed her.

"Um. . ." Lin Rouxi couldn’t put up any resistance, her body was quickly overpowered by Ye Chen’s kiss.

Lin Rouxi stretched her hand towards Ye Chen’s back, she hugged Ye Chen very tightly.

Lin Rouxi seemed to have given up, she was already starting to give up by the love Ye Chen gave her.

Ye Chen saw that Lin Rouxi had started to soften, it seemed that Lin Rouxi’s condition had improved.

Ye Chen was now trying his best to help Lin Rouxi, he was helping Lin Rouxi with his skills in pleasing a woman.

In just a few minutes Lin Rouxi was subdued by Ye Chen’s ability, she was completely subdued by Ye Chen’s formidable ability.

Ye Chen’s abilities could be said to be extremely formidable, he made Lin Rouxi obey so easily.

"Husband, more" Lin Rouxi asked for more from Ye Chen, she wanted more from Ye Chen.

"It’s still noon are you sure" Ye Chen said to Lin Rouxi, Ye Chen said to Lin Rouxi, before he said that to Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan.

Lin Rouxi’s face turned red, Ye Chen used his words against Lin Rouxi.

"Puchi. . . "Zhao Yanyan couldn’t help but laugh, she wasn’t used to laughing when she saw Ye Chen teasing Lin Rouxi.

"Husband don’t bully her anymore, look at sister Roxui, her face is so red" said Zhao Yanyan

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