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Chapter: 96

Chapter 96: Zetsu’s Traces, Handling Aftermath

Sometime later…

Crackle, crackle, crackle~

Lightning illuminated the dark forest and the three tomoe in Uchiha Tonan’s eyes spun rapidly. He suddenly stopped, maintaining a rushing forward posture while holding the chakra tanto tightly in his right hand.

Behind, a tropical pitcher plant was cut in the middle, and the upper half slowly slid down…

At that instant, the lower section of the tropical pitcher plant bore into the soil.

Tonan stood straight and waited for a while, then put away the chakra tanto, and his figure disappeared.

"That scared me to death!"

Somewhere far away, a plant split open, revealing a black and white upper body. "He almost chopped off our head. How did he notice us? When did Sharingan become so abnormal?"

"He didn’t notice us. He just returned to take a look out of caution."

"Despicable, despicable… how did the Uchiha clan give birth to such an insidious and despicable guy?

"Madara-sama made an error in judgment."

"Let’s go."

As the White and Black portions of the same being finished the conversation, Zetsu immediately sunk to the ground. But in the next instant, a chakra tanto covered in wind and lighting attributes descended from heaven, striking exactly that position.

Wind blades flew around and electric arcs flashed, lighting up the dim forest. The powerful wind and lightning attribute chakra erupted, basting a deep crater on the ground. After a few breaths, Tonan appeared, pulled out the chakra tanto, and muttered, "It’s a pity, I let him escape."

Tonan shook his head and sighed, as he rushed towards the Fire Capital.

The forest became silent again.

Ten minutes later…

Crackle, crackle, crackle~

Boom, boom, boom~

Lightning once again flashed everywhere, and many trees were cut into pieces.

"Why hasn’t that guy left yet? Why does it smell so bad? Is this a fart?"

"It’s poison. I told you not to stick out the head, but you still wanted to come back to look."


Tonan indifferently withdrew the chakra tanto. Looking at the mushroom cloud rising in front of him, he felt a bit regretful. Poison, traps, explosive tags, nothing worked. Zetsu’s perception range was too large.

The time needed for Tonan to rush over from outside the range was enough for Zetsu to escape. Moreover, as long as Zetsu didn’t emerge, even though Tonan possessed Wind Communication and Byakugan, he couldn’t find him.

Even if he stuck out his head, Tonan couldn’t see him with his Byakugan. He could just roughly judge his position via the perception of the airflow using Wind Communication.

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For Tonan, Zetsu’s potential threat was a little bigger. Naturally, that was limited to the early stage.

"Yingyang Escape Technique? Looks like I’ll be able to take care of you after learning sealing techniques."


Early in the morning, the sky had just started to brighten, and it was clear without any clouds. The darkness was slowly expelled and there was light all around.

The children in the North City Residence opened their drowsy eyes and stretched out comfortably when the sunlight had already spilled into the room through the gap in the curtains in their room.

Tonan pushed open the door and glanced at them still lying on the bed. He said with a gentle look, "Don’t laze around in bed, it’s time for breakfast."



When the children heard his voice, they were overjoyed. They jumped out of the bed and rushed to his side. Tonan hugged them and urged, "Go and wash your faces quickly and then come eat. I’ve made breakfast today."

"Yes," the children were very well-behaved. They lined up to go to wash. These days, they were very happy. The psychological shadow of the past had gradually disappeared and was replaced by the innocence of childhood.

After a while, in another room, Tonan sat quietly watching them eat breakfast. It was as if he was looking at his own children, his eyes full of doting.

When the children had almost finished eating, he coughed lightly. Then, caressing the head of a child next to him, he gently said, "I’m going on a business trip. During this time, I’ll ask Masaki-sama to help me take care of all of you. You have to be obedient, and you can’t stop refining chakra. Do you understand?"

Hearing this, the cheerful atmosphere suddenly became silent, and the children looked sad. In their hearts, Tonan was the one who saved them from danger and he was the one who took care of them after that.

They had developed a sense of dependence on him and were used to having him around every day. Tonan was a parent-like existence for them.

Although they were reluctant to part with him, they were obedient and sensible. They knew that Tonan was going to do something, and they shouldn’t hinder him.

Therefore, they didn’t say anything to stop him. Seeing them so well-behaved, Tonan smiled gently. He slowly got up and walked outside.


Just when he had reached the door, he heard the children calling him from behind. His footsteps stopped suddenly and he turned around. He smiled and squatted down, opening up his arms.

The children rushed towards him, and hugged him one by one, then bade farewell reluctantly. Now that both Sarutobi Shinnosuke and Sarutobi Asuma were dead, as the only survivor from the Fire Capital, he would have to face troubles after he returned.

Only after everything was stabilized, and the welfare home was built, he would bring these children to Konoha. After leaving the North City Guard Residence, Tonan went to look for Supervision Minister Fukuda Masaki.

At this moment, Masaki was very busy and hard-pressed. The Daimyo was murdered and the Fire Capital was under martial law. Many things fell on his head.

Masaki was working at the desk and said without looking up, "The situation of the Fire Capital is quite serious now. Since you are a Konoha ninja, I advise you to stay in your mansion and not venture out."

Shinnosuke and Asuma’s betrayal had estranged the hearts of the Fire Capital’s officials from Konoha ninjas. No one came to trouble Tonan though. After all, his reputation among the common people was very strong.

Besides, Abe Seimei had come from the North City Guard Residence, so there might be a hidden relationship between the two. Also, Masaki had worked with Tonan in the past to make great contributions to the prosperity and stability of the Fire Capital.

Their relationship was very close. Therefore, Masaki would take care of Tonan. Now that they were under martial law, he warned him. Tonan hastily took out six sealed scrolls from his ninja bag and placed them on the table, "Masaki-sama, I’m leaving."

Masaki glanced over and quickly covered those scrolls with papers. He looked around and after confirming no one was around, he asked in a low voice, "Why?"

Tonan lowered his head and replied, "Shinnosuke-senpai is dead."

Masaki nodded and said with pity, "I can understand. You need to return and report to the Hokage now. I’ll write you a leaving city certificate."

Tonan smiled a bit, took out a book, and put another scroll on the table, "Thank you for everything, Masaki-sama. This is my final repayment to you. If you need my help in the future, you can come to Konoha to meet me any time."

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