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Chapter: 14.4

Wooyoung quickly added in annoyance,

"She was a classmate in the first school before I transferred. I guess… I can’t even say we were really friends then."

Sangone teasingly replied,

"Well, that’s first love for you. A one-sided love is especially impossible to forget."

The audience screamed excitedly. They seemed like they were enjoying this story. Saeun smiled at Wooyoung, feeling dazed. She realized that her first love was probably Wooyoung. She didn’t know at the time, but…

It was an impossible love. Saeun knew it even then. She knew she didn’t suit Wooyoung, so that’s why she subconsciously behaved coldly toward him. If she hadn’t, perhaps they could’ve been at least friends. 

Only if she could go back in time…

Sangone chuckled and asked Wooyoung,

"What kind of girl was she? Was she pretty? Does anyone know Wooyoung’s type? I guess a pretty one, right?" 

Wooyoung turned bright red again and frowned. It seemed that he wanted to get angry, but when he heard the fans screaming excitedly, he sighed. Wooyoung murmured,

"She wasn’t that pretty back then. She was a… nerdy type, I guess…"

"What? That doesn’t sound right, Wooyoung. Anyway, was she interested in you too? You said you were in high school, right? So did you ask her out? I mean, you were young and brave, so you could’ve said something to her."

With another embarrassed sigh, Wooyoung replied, 

"At the time, I was an idiot, so I didn’t even know I liked her. She wasn’t pretty and she didn’t have the best personality either. She wasn’t girly or anything like that. She was basically a teacher’s pet… But after I transferred to another school… and I graduated… I kept thinking about her. I wondered what kind of life she was living. I wondered if she saw me on TV. Did she think about me at all? But then… I saw her one day, and I remembered. I remembered everything about her. Her tone, her voice, her expressions, her eyes, and everything… I realized that I hadn’t forgotten anything about her, and that I’ve been missing her. My heart began to pound so fast, and dammit… I knew it then that I really liked her. I… loved her so much. I couldn’t believe how I didn’t know it. She is so adorable… So lovable… How could I have not seen it before…?"

The giant concert hall became very quiet. It seemed that Wooyounng was lost in his own thoughts. Still holding the microphone, he continued to murmur,

"She’s so soft hearted, so I have no idea how she survived this world until now… She acts like she knows everything and that she’s fine, but… I know she isn’t. I always worried that she might be crying somewhere… Or that someone might hurt her. I… I always wanted to be by her side so I could protect her. Always and always… That’s what I wanted to do, so why…"

Wooyoung paused slowly. Saeun stared at him in confusion. This couldn’t be. It didn’t make sense. She must’ve heard it all wrong. There was no way Wooyoung liked her in high school. How could he? She was ugly and mean… Well, she still kinda was, but…


"I don’t know. I don’t get it. Why did she leave me? Why did she leave like that? I just don’t know."

Wooyoung dropped the microphone and covered his face with his hands. Noone, not a single person from the audience, made a sound. People just stared in shock and concern. After a few minutes, Jaejun finally stood up and touched Wooyoung’s shoulder. Turning toward the audience, Jaejun announced,

"Wooyoung recently got dumped by this woman. I strongly believe in being professional especially at a place like this, but he had been completely ruined by this. I just couldn’t watch him suffer anymore, so I had no choice. I decided to fix it today in front of our fans."

Sangone stood up at that moment and waved at the lighting crew. Suddenly, a bright light got turned on right above Saeun’s head. She looked up to see that a round light appeared all around her. 

Sangone continued, "We invited that girl to our concert today. She’s sitting on seat C-117 right now. To be honest, we don’t even know if she came here or not. And even if she is here, we don’t know what her answer will be. Personally, I would never ask a woman to take me back if she left me once. But I guess everyone’s different, right?"

It seemed that Wooyoung finally understood the situation. He looked up, but the light around Saeun was too bright for him to see if she was there. He tried to stand up, but Jaejun kept his hand on Wooyoung’s shoulder to keep him seated. Jaejun announced, 

"Whether they get back together or end their relationship for good, I guess that will be the climax of our concert today. Anyway, here is our next song. Spring Lady."

The band began to play the song. 

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