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Chapter: 14.6

Wooyoung’s hot tears wet Saeun’s neck. His large hands refused to let her go. Her arms and back hurt from an awkward position, but she didn’t let him go either. She was never going to leave him again. 

Never again.

For him, she could give up anything in the world. She really meant it. 

You were 17. A girl that reminded me of flowers.

I was 17. I was an immature boy.  

I like the gentle autumn wind.

The first kiss tasted of the spring sun.

Wooyoung raised her up to the stage. The audience, which had been whispering and murmuring, stared in shock. When Wooyoung grabbed Saeun’s hand and ran to the back of the stage, the audience erupted into a loud cheer. It was impossible to understand why they were so happy, but it was obvious they were cheering for Wooyoung and Saeun.

I fell in love when I was 17.

Thinking of you, who isn’t by my side anymore…

I wonder why I didn’t know then.

Why didn’t I hold on to you?

The thought of you used to brighten my day.

On the stage, the three other members stayed to finish the song. Sangone grinned as he showed off his thumb while Jaejun frowned as usual. Sehyun smiled brightly, which was very unlike him and nodded toward Wooyoung.

I fell in love when I was 17.

Thinking of you, who isn’t by my side anymore…

I wonder why I didn’t know then.

Why didn’t I hold on to you?

The thought of you used to brighten my day.


In the backstage waiting area, the space was still filled with people. Technicians, hair designers, makeup artists, and manager Jingyu… But when they saw Wooyoung, they stepped aside without a word. 

Wooyoung continued to pull Saeun behind him until he reached the changing room. When they entered inside, Wooyoung locked the door behind him. 

Finally, Wooyoung turned around to face Saeun. She could still see the dark circle through his thick makeup. Wooyoung looked so thin that she could see his cheek bones clearly. His lips looked dry and rough. He had cried so much earlier, but his eyeliner still remained intact. Finding it amusing, Saeun smiled faintly and patted his face.

"You cut your hair," Saeun murmured.

Wooyoung’s signature hair was now much shorter. Hesitantly, Saeun caressed his hair gently. The soft and smooth texture of his hair felt so good that she couldn’t stop touching it. It seemed that Wooyoung was enjoying her touch as well. He leaned forward and closed his eyes for a moment. 

Then suddenly, he opened his eyes and asked in an accusing tone.

"Why did you do it?"


Her hand stopped mid air. Wooyoung’s eyes darkened as he leaned forward and continued, 

"I asked you why you left me. You told me your brother didn’t contact you. You said he wasn’t bothering you! If you had told me, I could’ve fixed it all for you. I could’ve made him go away, so why  didn’t you tell me? Why did you abandon me? Why… Why did we have to go through something like this?!"

Saeun’s face crumpled into misery again. Wiping away her new tears, she kept sniffling. She murmured, 

"I…I didn’t mean it to happen like that… But I knew my brother was going to keep coming for us, and he was going to make our lives miserable. I knew it was only a matter of time before you come to…"

"Hate you? That’s what you were worried about?"

Wooyoung grabbed her hair hard with one hand. He pulled a little, just enough to hurt her a little. Looking up at him nervously, Saeun whispered,

"I’m sorry…"

"You know, I liked you even in high school. When you were seventeen, you were chubby and covered in pimples. You were also wearing those ugly thick glasses, but even then, I still liked you! I would love you no matter what, so how could you think that a jerk like that can make me hate you?! How come you couldn’t trust me? You… You’re the most important person in my life! You’re the most beautiful woman to me!"

For a long time, Saeun couldn’t say anything. She just gaped and stared at him. His breathing becoming rougher, Wooyoung seemed to be slowly losing his control. Suddenly, he leaned forward and kissed her. 

Her whole body reacted to his taste, warmth, and scent. Like a blooming flower, Saeun spread her arms and wrapped them around his neck, pulling him closer. His tongue viciously possessed her mouth, telling her that she belonged to him. Saeun trembled, her desire for him exploring from deep inside. 

"You’re a dummy… You’re so stupid… Idiot…"

Wooyoung whispered angrily as she pushed him against the wall while kissing. His hands caressed her face and his lips possessed hers demandingly. 

"Mmph… Ngh… Hng…"

Saeun moaned as she hugged him tighter. She swore to herself over and over again that she would never leave him. She was going to never let him go. She wasn’t going to run anymore. Even if her brother came back to life, she was going to stay by Wooyoung’s side.

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