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Chapter: 3374

Face To Face

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

In contrast to the furious elders present, Longyu, the Valley Master of the Supreme Emotion-forgetting Valley, appeared rather calm at this moment.

"This Heavenly Sword Marquis is really persistent. He wants to use such a method to force us out!" Longyu said in a low voice.

"Force us out? What does the Valley Master mean by this?" An elder at the side asked in puzzlement.

"You don’t know." At this moment, the woman in black spoke, "Not long ago, that Heavenly Sword Marquis personally came to visit our Supreme Emotion-forgetting Valley, but was rejected by us. After he left, he immediately began to suppress the disciples of our Supreme Emotion-forgetting Valley in

the surrounding territories. Of course, his goal was to force us out."

"Is that so?"

"Heavenly Sword Marquis actually came to visit us?"

"Heavenly Sword Marquis is extraordinary in both strength and status. Since he came to visit us, how could our valley refuse him?"

Most of the elders present were not aware of the conflict between Jian Wushuang and our valley, so they were puzzled.

"Everyone, there is a subtle relationship between Heavenly Sword Marquis and the valley. He is here for the young master!" Longyu said.

Hearing the words ‘young master’, the elders in the hall were shocked.

"Young master?"

"Heavenly Sword Marquis is related to young master?"

"How can that be? Young master should have no connection with the outside world. How can he have anything to do with Heavenly Sword Marquis?"

"Valley Master, what exactly is going on?" A white-haired old woman asked.

"It’s like this." Longyu immediately began to explain. She briefly described the cause and effect of the matter.

"It’s because I knew that there might be some connection between Heavenly Sword Marquis and the young master. If he appeared in front of the young master, it might affect the young master’s cultivation. That’s why I blocked him out. I just didn’t expect the Heavenly Sword Marquis to be so persistent

and use such a method to force us to meet him," Longyu said.

‘When they heard Longyu’s words, the elders all understood. At the same time, they also understood Longyu’s actions.

The young master was too important to their Supreme Emotion-forgetting Valley. The young master’s cultivation must not be sloppy. Therefore, ever since the young master came to their Supreme Emotion-forgetting Valley, the young master’s existence…only the elders and some of the best disciples

knew some things, but the others did not.

Not to mention the experts from the other forces, even 99% of the people in the valley did not know about the existence of the young master.

Now, Jian Wushuang was obviously here for the young master, so they could not let him affect the young master.

"We can’t let Heavenly Sword Marquis meet the young master, but the problem is that Heavenly Sword Marquis has suppressed so many disciples of our Supreme Emotion-forgetting Valley, including Han Xin and Elder Zhu Xin. Under such circumstances, we can’t avoid him anymore," Longyu said.

"Since we can’t avoid him, Let’s face him. Let’s see what Heavenly Sword Marquis is going to do!"

"Yes, although Heavenly Sword Marquis is strong and powerful, our Supreme Emotion-forgetting Valley has been in the Divine Beginning Realm for so many years. Why should we fear him?"

"Even Temple Master Bai Xing of the Supreme Emotion-forgetting Valley, or even Temporal Temple Master, wouldn’t dare to go too far against our Supreme Emotion-forgetting Valley. What is this little Heavenly Sword Marquis?"

"Heavenly Sword Marquis is too arrogant. I suggest we teach him a lesson. As long as we don’t kill him, even the Temporal Temple won’t say anything."

Some elders had already said that they wanted to teach Jian Wushuang a lesson.

This was normal.

The Supreme Emotion-forgetting Valley’s heritage was far beyond that of sects like the Xiaoyao Mansion. Even the Amethyst Demon Sect at its peak was far inferior to the Supreme Emotion-forgetting Valley. Most importantly…the Supreme Emotion-forgetting Valley had always had its biggest reliance.

With that Reliance, even the three Saint Realms and the three Freedom Alliances had some concerns about them.

Because of this, they were not afraid of any sects or forces, and no one dared to push them to the limit. As time went by…this made the elders and disciples of the Supreme Emotion-forgetting Valley more arrogant.

They did not want to provoke Jian Wushuang, but they were not afraid if he provoked them.

"valley Master, in my opinion, this is not a trivial matter. You all know how powerful Heavenly Sword Marquis is. Even if the three Saint Realms set up an inescapable net and the three masters of the Saint Realm, together with the Sorcerer God, could not do anything to him. We have to think carefully

before we meet him. Why don’t we report this to the old master and see what he says?" An elder who had reached the fourth realm of the Void said.

However, Longyu waved her hand. "When Heavenly Sword Marquis came to visit previously, I’ve already checked. He only has a Principles Master who is suspected to be at the fourth level of the Void. With his own strength, he won’t pose much of a threat to our Supreme Emotion-forgetting Valley. There’s

no need to trouble the ancestor."

"Let’s go meet Heavenly Sword Marquis first. If both sides can agree, then they’ll naturally be on good terms. If they can’t agree, then let’s have a big battle. As long as we don’t kill him, we’ll teach him a lesson. There won’t be any problems."

Hearing Longyu’s words, the surrounding elders all nodded in agreement.

"Then where is the Heavenly Sword Marquis now?" Longyu asked.

"He’s staying in the city where Elder Han Xin and Elder Zhu Xin were suppressed. It seems that he knows that we won’t be able to sit still, so he might as well wait for us there," the black-clothed woman said.

"Very good. Since that’s the case, let’s go meet them." Longyu’s eyes emitted a cold light. "To be safe, let’s invite Martial Uncle Que out."

"Martial Uncle Que?" The surrounding elders were all startled.

They naturally knew who Martial Uncle Que was that Longyu was talking about.

In the Supreme Emotion-forgetting Valley, other than the oldest and most revered old supremacy, this Martial Uncle Que had the highest seniority!

In terms of strength, Martial Uncle Que was naturally very strong. At least, he was much stronger than anyone present, including Longyu. Such an ancient and senior expert…logically speaking, he should have gone to the depths of the universe battlefield, but Martial Uncle Que did not.

Therefore, Martial Uncle Que became one of the trump cards of the Supreme Emotion-forgetting Valley.

Soon, many experts of the valley headed toward Jian Wushuang.

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