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Chapter: 1429

LGS – Chapter 1429 – Splitting the Loot

"Hmm? Am I really that awesome?"

Li Qingshan swung his arm around complacently. Originally, he only wanted to hear Ao Xuan’s last words. He had no intentions of keeping him around for any future problems. The difference in strength was too large. He had only managed to subdue him today through the suppression of the Xuanming dwelling and by taking him by surprise.

And despite that, he constantly maintained the Ox Demon Transformation so that he could launch a punch at any time. If he were careless and let the dragon slip away, then even regret would be too late. However, from what Rāhu Xiaoming implied, perhaps it was actually possible to tame Ao Xuan.

He asked Xiaoming with a smile, "Heh, aren’t you afraid of being doomed?"

"Hmph, it’s not like I’m following you. Our paths just happen to coincide," Rāhu Xiaoming said proudly.

However, he understood very well that there was no turning back the moment he began fighting beside Li Qingshan. It definitely would not be as simple as returning to the Asura realm and getting his revenge, let alone the fact that he did not want to turn back. As a battle-hungry son of an asura god, he really would be filled with regret if he missed out on a great battle in the world.

"I already have a clue about your origins. Sigh, if this is fate, what can I do?" Ao Xuan said in an aggrieved manner, confirming that he was in deep trouble. It seemed as if he was actually surrendering and yielding to them.

Li Qingshan grabbed a dragon horn and raised his fist. "I still don’t find this bastard reliable. Why don’t I just kill him and give Xiao An some nourishment?"

"Yeah, yeah!" Xiao An nodded. The taste of the dragon blood and scales had been wonderful.

"Spare me! Spare me! I’m definitely reliable! I’m definitely reliable!" Ao Xuan begged in a hurry, completely tossing aside his last bit of pride. From a certain perspective, he was quite "flexible".

"Don’t worry, I have an idea." Rāhu Xiaoming said, "Little dragon, do you want to become my mount?"

Ao Xuan sucked up to him. "I am, I am. It’s this little dragon’s dream to be a mount for a god like you."

"Be careful, he might just turn against you." Li Qingshan warned him. If he could tame Ao Xuan, the benefits were obviously much greater than simply butchering him here, but they were not as powerful as Ao Xuan right now even when they combined their strength. Once he found the opportunity to turn against them, this would be as foolish of a decision as it could be.

"Very well. Don’t resist."

Rāhu Xiaoming walked over with a sneer. He cut open the palm of his right hand and pressed it against the dragon’s head.

At that moment, the darkness and the smell of blood spread out simultaneously, enveloping Ao Xuan.

Ao Xuan immediately began to struggle. His colossal body stirred up the lake, making waves rage for a good moment.

He just happened to be in search of an opportunity to turn against them. Becoming a mount was perfect. It was completely impossible for the weak to control the strong, whether it was through arcane treasures or techniques. All of them had their weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

However, he had forgotten one thing. He was not up against a regular cultivator, but an asura of the Rāhu clan. They possessed a set of methods to subdue mounts passed down from ancient times, and the one with the greatest controlling power was the Blood Pact of Darkness. Sprinkled by the purest of divine blood, their powers would become linked, and their bloodlines would become one.

Li Qingshan planted his foot down on the dragon’s head viciously. "What, you’re still trying to resist?"

Ao Xuan resisted Rāhu Xiaoming desperately, rejecting all of the divine blood. His expression became twisted again. "There’s something you have to tell me, or I’d rather die than yield!"

Li Qingshan said, "What?"

"Did you kill Lin Xuan?" Ao Xuan questioned. This was purely a question out of instincts. He did not feel like he should have died so easily, unless he encountered unpredictably powerful enemies like the ones right before him.

Li Qingshan and Xiao An exchanged a glance. Chu Tian had been finished off by Qian Rongzhi because of the heavy wounds he had sustained in his conflict with Li Qingshan, while Lin Xuan had been finished off by Qian Rongzhi because Xiao An had divulged his secret. Of course, the latter was purely a guess. They really could not deny all connections to his death.

Afterwards, they shook their heads together. "Definitely not."

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"Really?" Ao Xuan was doubtful.

Li Qingshan swore seriously, "If I killed him, then may the heavens condemn me to a horrible death!"

"Alright then." Ao Xuan shut his eyes and finally yielded, allowing the divine blood to merge with his body. His dragon blood felt like surging lava. He knew that this was Rāhu Xiaoming’s revenge, but all he could do was lower his head and endure it.

A while later, Ao Xuan opened his eyes again. Under the effects of the divine blood of the Rāhu, his blinded eye had completely healed, glistening with golden light. They each reflected a black sun and moon, while his scales had become much darker.

Rāhu Xiaoming took a few steps back. He was pale, which made him seem extremely feeble.

"Ao Xuan, our grievances are settled. Since you’ve accepted me as your master, I won’t mistreat you. However, if you do betray me, you’ll definitely be burned by the flames of karma!"

Ao Xuan lowered his head. "Yes, master."

With that, the great battle came to an end. Ao Xuan was no longer capable of stirring up any more trouble either.

Li Qingshan stroked his chin. "Now that I think about it, I have a mount too! It’s time to get him to come up as well so that the four heavenly kings reunite! Hmm? Where’s our Lookout Heavenly King?"

The ocean currents were against her, so Gu Yanying had a difficult time as a fish, floating through the vast ocean.

"How slow!"

Her voice was like a whale song.

By the time she had completed her lengthy journey and returned to the Xuanming dwelling, Li Qingshan had already begun searching through the spoils under the lead of the traitor Ao Xuan.

The owner of the Xuanming dwelling really had spent many years as the first senior brother of the Myriad sect. He was far wealthier than Si Long.

There were a total of twelve heavenly tomes, the Heavenly Tome of True Dragon, the Heavenly Tome of Violet Manor, the Heavenly Tome of Cloud Furnace, and so on. It was merely a small part of the Myriad Heavenly Tomes, but it covered various directions of cultivation, like how the Heavenly Tome of True Dragon focused on the body, while the Heavenly Tome of Cloud Furnace focused on alchemy.

They were probably prepared for the sake of reincarnation. They were mostly useless to him, but any single heavenly tome was enough to found a major sect in the World of the Five Continents. If he gathered them, he could establish a small Myriad sect there, which was extremely compatible with his great plan of making everyone cultivate.

When he thought about buying these heavenly tomes from the Pavilion of Heavenly Tomes, it probably would have cost almost ten thousand Green Jade bookmarks. He felt like he had made a killing.

"There aren’t a lot of arcane treasures. He practised the Heavenly Tome of True Dragon, so he didn’t place much emphasis on foreign objects. Most of them were handed out as rewards, so only a few remain, which he took out to admire or play around with every now and then." Ao Xuan introduced the items.

Li Qingshan did not really care either. He rarely used arcane treasures too. However, he just found it to be quite a pity, blaming Lin Xuan for being far too generous. However, when he saw the arcane treasures, over a dozen of them, his feeling of pity vanished.

The workmanship of the arcane treasures and the power that they contained was well beyond what any arcane treasures of the nine provinces could match.

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One of them was a small porcelain dish covered in surface cracks, which was enough to hold an entire lake full of water. In battle, he only needed to tip it slightly, and it could drown an army of a hundred thousand.

The arcane treasures of the Human realm also had different tiers, roughly broken up into the four tiers of heaven, earth, xuan, and huang, basically corresponding to the supreme grade, high grade, mid grade, and low grade of the arcane artifacts and spiritual artifacts of the nine provinces. The arcane treasures of the nine provinces could only be considered as low grade at best in the Human realm. Only the extremely powerful ones could be considered as huang tier arcane treasures.

But of course, the Frenzy Flower Blade of Path’s End and the Immortal Relinquished sword did not belong to that category, as they were not products of the nine provinces.

The Xuanming formation opened up as the Lookout Heavenly King Gu Yanying swam in through the bottom of the cave. She gradually shrank, assuming human form again and joining the group that split the loot. "I want this one!" She casually grabbed the small porcelain dish and drank it all, letting out a burp and rubbing her lips. "I’m dying from thirst!"

Xiao An tilted her head. "Fish lips."

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