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Chapter: 1430

LGS – Chapter 1430 – Returning to the City

"You damn skeleton monster!" Gu Yanying pointed at the dish. "If there were still water inside, I’d definitely splash it all at you!" However, there was a gentle smile on her face. At least the battle had not been for nothing.

Li Qingshan picked up the arcane treasures and fiddled through them one by one. He asked, "Does anyone else want any?"

Xiao An obviously had no use for them.

Rāhu Xiaoming said in disdain, "It’s all just scrap metal!"

"Then I’ll hang onto them."

Just like Lin Xuan in the past, Li Qingshan did not have much use for these arcane treasures. There were no arcane treasures as powerful as a punch of his. Even if he used one, he preferred a simple and direct weapon like the Frenzy Flower Blade of Path’s End.

However, he was still extremely satisfied. These arcane treasures alone were enough to make up for the price of the Xuanming dwelling. They were a part of the collection that first senior brother Lin had built up over his lifetime after all.

Li Qingshan patted Ao Xuan on the shoulder. "What other good stuff have you got? Hand it all over!"

Ao Xuan said, "There’s none left."

Li Qingshan said with suspicion, "Really? You better not be hiding it from me!" He tried searching around the Xuanming dwelling, but there were no secret rooms. Ao Xuan did not have a single sumeru ring on him either, but he had a feeling that Lin Xuan’s wealth should have been far more than this.

Ao Xuan said, "There’s really none left."

"Look into my eyes!" Rāhu Xiaoming called out, "And answer him!"

Ao Xuan shivered. He met Rāhu Xiaoming’s eyes and an uncontrollable power surged out from his bloodline. His lips trembled, but he was unable to say a single word.

"Give up!" Rāhu Xiaoming said, "You can’t lie to me!"

Li Qingshan clenched his fist. "I don’t mind turning you into a part of the spoils!"

Xiao An licked her lips. Gu Yanying stood lazily with her arms crossed, acting like she was watching a joke.

Ao Xian felt particularly aggrieved, but there was nothing he could do. He could only let out a great sigh. "Come with me."

They arrived at the bottom of the abyss. Ao Xuan waved his hand, and the currents swirled, forming a great whirlpool. The whirlpool was pitch-black and deep, extending off to somewhere unknown.

"A blessed land!"

Li Qingshan halted with interest. A Yang Soul cultivator obviously should have been capable of something like this. He did not enter in a hurry, instead using his innate ability to produce a mirror clone. He sent the mirror clone into the whirlpool instead.

His caution completely severed Ao Xuan’s final hopes. Originally, he thought about how he might still stand a chance, as he would not face the suppression from the Xuanming dwelling in the blessed land.

Li Qingshan arrived in the blessed land. A colossal dragon head suddenly appeared right before him. He shivered inside, Don’t tell me it’s a trap?

However, the dragon did not budge at all. Its eyes were firmly shut. As it turned out, it was just a dead dragon.

He immediately understood after some thought. "This is the corpse that Lin Xuan left behind. He sealed it in ice when he reincarnated. It’s perfect for nourishing Xiao An!"

Gazing out, the size of the blessed land was nowhere near as large as the Hundred Herbs garden, but the spiritual qi was extremely dense, even more so than the Hundred Herbs garden. It was probably where Lin Xuan cultivated in seclusion.

Now that Lin Xuan was already dead, only the dragon corpse remained, curled up in the centre while giving off bone-chilling coldness.

Li Qingshan could not help but become rather speechless at the thought of this.

Ao Xuan then said, "There’s a jade box in the dragon’s mouth and a dragon pearl in its belly. You can take it all."

Li Qingshan pried open the dragon’s mouth. Sure enough, there was a box carved delicately from jade with cloud patterns. Opening it up, his face lit up from the green glow, and he widened his eyes. The entire box was filled with Green Jade bookmarks, amounting to over ten thousand.

Li Qingshan discarded all of his feelings of speechlessness. He began laughing aloud.

Now that made more sense. Recovering his strength would require a tremendous amount of resources, so how could Lin Xuan be unprepared? Even Si Long possessed a few Green Jade bookmarks, so how could first senior brother Lin have nothing at all? With this sum, did he still have to worry about his debts?

Then he dove into the dragon’s belly and fished out the dragon pearl. It was clear and deep like the ocean, yet also dull and dim, like it was covered in dust. However, he could clearly sense the tremendous power hidden within.

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"This one belongs to me." Li Qingshan could vaguely sense that the dragon pearl was of great use to him, so he stowed it away carefully.

"All of you, get up here. I have something to say!"

Everyone followed Li Qingshan out of the abyss again. Daylight rippled in from above.

Li Qingshan stood on a protruding stone platform and raised his arms. He announced loudly, "Friends, comrades, from today onwards, this is our home base in the Human realm!"

Clap, clap, clap, clap! There was the sound of applause, but unfortunately, Xiao An was the only one who responded.

Gu Yanying asked, "What’re you saying that for?"

Li Qingshan said it like it was common sense, "To commend your efforts, of course!"


Li Qingshan patted his chest. "First of all, we would like to thank me for my wise leadership!"

Gu Yanying immediately raised her hand. "I’m off to cultivate!" She turned into a great peng and leapt back into the abyss.

Rāhu Xiaoming shook his head in dismay and left quietly.

"Hey, I’m still not done yet! I’m going to commend you next…"

"Is there me?" Xiao An blinked her eyes.

"Of course!" Li Qingshan grinned. "So be it. They’re the ones missing out. I’ll just praise you!" He properly sang praises about every single part of Xiao An.

In the empty cavern, above the rippling water, only his voice drifted and echoed around, coupled with her chime-like smile. From time to time, she would add, "What else is there?" She cooperated with him perfectly.

Gu Yanying thought helplessly, Just who has misguided who?

However, after so many twists and turns, she could finally relax properly. This was an extraordinary place for cultivation, much better than Si Long’s Dragon’s Pool dwelling and much safer too. It was directly connected to the ocean as well, so it was extremely suitable for her cultivation.

As a result, she shut her eyes to recover her strength. She dreamt of the day when she transformed from a kun to a peng, when she could take to the skies.

Rāhu Xiaoming had already begun cultivating. After undergoing the fourth heavenly tribulation, he had been captured by Ao Xuan before he could even recover his strength. Now, he was finally free to give it his all. To him, bottlenecks basically did not exist, so he would always become stronger with each passing moment.

Before long, Xiao An arrived in the abyss and landed on Gu Yanying’s colossal figure gently. Then she entered the blessed land and faced the colossal dragon corpse.

Many of her white bone treasures had been destroyed and required repair, but directly turning the dragon corpse into the Samādhi Flames of White Bone was a little wasteful.

After some thought, she made up her mind. She cast out the Trisepultural Robes, which wrapped around the giant corpse. She began chanting the blasphemous scripture.

"Qingshan is about to enter the battlefield in the Demon domain. This will be his greatest source of assistance!"

In the Direct Disciple hall in Myriad city.

On the tall podium, Dai Mengfan boredly watched Ruan Yaozhu and Ge Xing reason against one another.

This was already the third debate. The previous two times had ended in Ruan Yaozhu’s defeat. Ge Xing did not have to argue about anything at all. Just his advantage in numbers crushed her. However, she still refused to give up, even when no one was listening anymore.

In order to prevent direct conflicts between direct disciples, the Myriad sect had established an extremely complicated process of discussion, such that both parties would be left satisfied with the outcome. However, the cultivation community was not a place where reason worked.

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Ge Xing could not help but say, "Junior sister Ruan, why are you going to such great lengths?"

"Right is right, wrong is wrong."

Ruan Yaozhu suddenly stopped talking. Was it really like before, where she was just debating over what was right and wrong, without any selfish motives? Yeah, why go to such great lengths?

The Direct Disciple hall fell quiet. Dai Mengfan furrowed her brows and gazed outside. "Who dares to intrude upon my Direct Disciple hall?"

"I am Li Qingshan!"

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