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Chapter: 1600

Saber Practice

Translator: CKtalon

Starlord Ardent Virtue attacked and moved at increasing speeds. It was similar to Feng Qiuyan’s swift saber.

However, Starlord Ardent Virtue’s speed was many times faster than Feng Qiuyan’s. Zhou Wen couldn’t keep up with such speed. Even with his judgment, he still couldn’t withstand his attacks.

Zhou Wen originally wanted to summon the Golden Wyrm Scissors to kill Starlord Ardent Virtue, but on second thought, such a swift sword was very rare. If he killed Starlord Ardent Virtue now, he didn’t know when he would respawn. Instead of killing him straight away, he might as well use him to

practice his saber techniques.

Transcendent Flying Immortal also clinched victory through speed. To have such an opponent in combat training was many times better than training by himself.

With this in mind, Zhou Wen gave up on the idea of killing Starlord Ardent Virtue and only fought with his saber techniques.

Transcendent Flying Immortal was very strong, but Zhou Wen’s Speed and Strength were much weaker than Starlord Ardent Virtue’s. It was very difficult to make up for the difference with pure saber techniques.

Furthermore, Starlord Ardent Virtue’s swift sword had already reached a sublime realm with ever increasing speeds. Before long, Zhou Wen couldn’t withstand it and had his heart penetrated by Starlord Ardent Virtue’s sword.

The game screen went black as Zhou Wen dripped his blood to revive. He entered Alioth Star Palace again.

The repeated battles all ended with Zhou Wen’s death.

However, such battles weren’t completely meaningless.

The Disqualified allowed Zhou Wen to see Starlord Ardent Virtue’s flaws, but because he was too fast, he couldn’t grasp them even if he saw them,

As for Starlord Ardent Virtue’s trajectory recorded by the Teacher Domain, although it wasn’t as direct as a video, it simplified matters, allowing Zhou Wen to understand many things directly.

Starlord Ardent Virtue’s sword was very fast, and it looked disorganized. It seemed to have no fixed trajectory, making it impossible to predict it or guard against it.

However, from the trajectories recorded by the Teacher Domain, Starlord Ardent Virtue’s attacks weren’t without pattern.

Its attacks had too many variations. There were so many that it was impossible for humans to remember them. It was like a repeating decimal. No matter how many numbers there were in the middle, they would eventually repeat. It wasn’t like an irrational number with no discernible pattern.

Starlord Ardent Virtue’s attacks were so variable that there were a million, or even more, possibilities. Therefore, ordinary people couldn’t determine his pattern.

However, Zhou Wen, who had the Teacher Domain, predicted the subsequent changes after understanding a portion of his trajectory. He didn’t really need to see all the changes.

Zhou Wen increasingly felt that the Teacher Domain’s ability was terrifying. Although it wasn’t a pure Strength-type ability, it was an ability that was closest to the essence of all things.

Starlord Ardent Virtue’s random sword techniques might not be cracked by others even if they spent their entire lives trying, but Zhou Wen seemed to be able to do so as though he could predict the future. Every time, he would strike first or directly strike his flaws before finally slashing at Starlord Ardent

Virtue. A first for injuring him.

Zhou Wen was delighted. The Teacher Domain was a gift that kept giving. He couldn’t predict what kind of power he could develop in the future.

No, no. This is purely relying on the power of the Teacher Domain to win. I haven’t mastered my saber technique at all. I have to practice my saber. Zhou Wen gave up on using the Teacher Domain and purely used Transcendent Flying Immortal to fight him.

The three thousand sword intents were very strong, as was the Heart Defying Sword Art, but in comparison, Zhou Wen preferred Transcendent Flying Immortal.

The reason was that Transcendent Flying Immortal was simple; it saved him trouble. The three thousand sword intents were too cumbersome; it didn’t really match Zhou Wen’s personality.

Zhou Wen died again and again. The experience he obtained in exchange was something that couldn’t be obtained under normal circumstances.

Zhou Wen was only at the Terror grade and didn’t have the augmentation of various domains. The difference between him and the Hell-level Starlord Ardent Virtue was just too great. It was almost impossible for him to win purely in terms of techniques. Every battle could only end with death.

However, Zhou Wen enjoyed it. Every death made Transcendent Flying Immortal break through.

In the past, although Zhou Wen’s Transcendent Flying Immortal focused on speed, it was leaning towards dominance.

Immortal Slaying, which was born from Transcendent Flying Immortal, was extremely domineering.

However, against an opponent like Starlord Ardent Virtue, if he was domineering, even if Zhou Wen pushed the power of Immortal Slaying to its limits, it would ultimately be akin to an egg striking a rock.

However, Transcendent Flying Immortal wasn’t just domineering. There were other aspects that allowed Zhou Wen to develop.

Zhou Wen’s saber techniques became faster and faster as they became more and more elegant. His body was like a flying immortal and his saber came from beyond the heavens. His saber techniques and movement techniques became more unpredictable.

Others were straightforward with their saber techniques, but Zhou Wen’s saber techniques became more curved.

Zhou Wen seldom had the chance to purely practice a particular skill because he cultivated too many Essence Energy Arts, making it difficult for him to advance.

Other humans who used Mythical Serums, Spirit Casting, or contracted Guardians only needed to find a suitable Zone Core to quickly advance to the Calamity grade or even rapidly reach a higher level.

In order to keep up with the progress, Zhou Wen had no choice but to devote a large amount of time to his various Essence Energy Arts and the search for dimensional zones.

Although it was very difficult, the benefits he obtained were inestimable.

It was almost impossible for other humans of the same level to clear the Big Dipper instance dungeon alone. There was always a Starlord who could restrain their strength and make victory almost impossible.

However, Zhou Wen could clear the Big Dipper instance dungeon alone. This was the difference.

Just as Zhou Wen was practicing Transcendent Flying Immortal, he suddenly heard a commotion.

The commotion was somewhat terrifying. Zhou Wen put down his phone and listened attentively. Truth Listener immediately transformed the sound into an image that appeared in his mind.

A huge warship-like behemoth was entering the atmosphere. It produced a lightning-like glow from friction with the atmosphere.

The azure lightning produced by the friction with the atmosphere covered its entire body, making it look like a huge electric eel wrapped in azure lightning.

Unlike an electric eel, it had a pair of wings on both sides of its body. The four wings that resembled butterfly wings were also enveloped by azure lightning. As it flapped its wings, the lightning produced by the friction spread out in the atmosphere. Lightning flashed between the sky and land,

illuminating the originally dark planet.

Zhou Wen’s heart palpitated. Although the lightning wasn’t emitted by the cosmic creature, the fact that it could produce lightning from friction had something to do with its body.

From the might of the lightning, he knew that this cosmic creature was definitely not an easy opponent.

According to what Zhou Wen knew, cosmic creatures were typically split into two types. One type was Companion Beasts that tore out of celestial bodies. They were in the minority, but they were extremely impressive. If he encountered one in the universe, escaping immediately was the best choice.

The second type was more common. For dimensional creatures like Tsukuyomi who came from planets, they varied in strength, but no matter how weak they were, they would at least be at the Mythical stage or above. There were Terror and Calamity creatures, but Calamity creatures occupied the


It wasn’t because fewer creatures of other levels entered the universe, but because too many had died.

The cosmic creature in front of him looked at least at the Human Realm. It might even be stronger…

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