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Chapter: 1601

Void Salamander

Translator: CKtalon

As he wasn’t sure what level the cosmic creature was or what kind of power it had, Zhou Wen tried his best to hide his aura, hoping that it wouldn’t discover him.

Anything could happen in a battle with the unknown. Zhou Wen could improvise based on the situation, but Tsukuyomi couldn’t move. It would be troublesome if something happened.

Zhou Wen didn’t wish for any trouble, but the cosmic creature seemed to be coming for him. After tearing through the atmosphere, it clearly rushed towards the glacier rift.

Although it might be a coincidence, Zhou Wen couldn’t wait any longer. He didn’t wish to take the risk. Instead of waiting for the cosmic creature to come and end up fighting beside Tsukuyomi, he might as well attack first and divert the battlefield as far away as possible.

Without any hesitation, he summoned the Soul Mirror, the Golden Sniper, and Starlord Ravenous Wolf to guard the ice cavern to prevent any accidents.

Zhou Wen put on the Invisibility Cloak and silently rushed out of the rift, heading straight for the cosmic creature.

He originally imagined that if the Invisibility Cloak could hide from the cosmic creature’s senses, he could use the Golden Wyrm Scissors to slice it into two when he came close. Better be safe than sorry.

However, before he could approach the cosmic creature, he saw it flap its wings. Lightning rained down like a storm, immediately enveloping the nearby area.

The Terror-grade Invisibility Cloak is still inadequate. Zhou Wen activated the Teacher Domain, causing the terrifying lightning to vanish.

Summoning Bamboo Blade in hand, Zhou Wen continued charging at the cosmic creature.

Although the lightning on its body kept spewing out, it would vanish the moment it entered the Teacher Domain’s range. This made Zhou Wen feel a lot more at ease. As long as the Teacher Domain could be of use, he would have a huge advantage.

The cosmic creature didn’t panic when it saw the lightning on its body vanish. It continued charging at Zhou Wen.

The entire body of the cosmic creature was enveloped in the Teacher Domain. The lightning over its body vanished.

Zhou Wen released the Golden Wyrm Scissors and slashed at the cosmic creature without any hesitation. He simultaneously drew the Immortal Culling Sword and slashed out a terrifying sword beam using the most domineering Immortal Slaying.

Ina real-life battle, striking first to gain the upper hand against an unknown enemy was the best choice. He didn’t have the luxury of figuring out his opponent’s abilities like in-game.

No matter what the opponent’s ability was, as long as he killed it immediately, it would be useless no matter how impressive its abilities were.

The cosmic creature was extremely fast. It flapped its wings and dodged the Immortal Culling Sword’s slash, but it failed to dodge the Golden Wyrm Scissors’ attack.

With a crack, the cosmic creature’s head was snipped off.

Blood splattered across the sky as the head and corpse fell and smashed into the glacier. Large swaths of the glacier cracked as blood flowed everywhere.

With the Teacher Domain combined with the Golden Wyrm Scissors, I’m practically invincible. Zhou Wen was delighted.

‘The Teacher Domain restrained the enemy’s powers, and the Golden Wyrm Scissors was a specialist in melee combat. There was no better combination than them.

‘The Swan Wings on Zhou Wen’s back flapped as he instantly arrived in front of the cosmic creature’s corpse.

From the wound, he could tell that its body was crystalline and somewhat similar to fresh shrimp meat. Furthermore, it emitted a strange luster.

The bones inside were like white jade. There were fine scales around its body, and they also looked like jade. From its appearance, one would almost think that it was a white jade statue.

With a thought from him, the Golden Wyrm Scissors flew over and cut open its body. He hoped to find dimensional crystals.

He didn’t find any dimensional crystals, but there was a single bone shimmering with a strange lightning glow. It was obvious that it had undergone a Calamity transformation. This thing was food for Calamity-grade creatures, and it was also the energy needed for the evolution of the Calamity Zone.

The entire bone was huge and spanned more than a hundred meters. It was impossible to devour it. One could only use Essence Energy Arts to absorb the energy within.

However, Zhou Wen wasn’t good at lightning. Even if he absorbed the lightning energy, it wouldn’t be of much use. Therefore, he stored the single bone in the chaos space.

Although there was energy in the flesh and blood, the energy contained was relatively low because the flesh hadn’t undergone a Calamity transformation. Furthermore, the energy would quickly dissipate into the universe. It was useless keeping it. At most, he could only roast it for food.

Zhou Wen got the Golden Wyrm Scissors to cut open the alien creature’s head. Immediately, he saw a crystalline Companion Egg inside its skull.

A Companion Egg! Zhou Wen was overjoyed as he hurriedly took out the Companion Egg and used his phone to snap a picture.

Void Salamander: Calamity (Evolvable)

Life Providence: Body of Origin

Life Soul: Soul of Lightning

Wheel of Destiny: Vacuity Kill

Terror Form: Lightning Origin (S-grade)

Calamity Zone: True Void Zone (Human Realm)

Strength: 105

Speed: 101

Constitution: 124

Essence Energy: 117

Talent Skill: Wings of Thunder, Sky Lightning Strike, Wings of Lightning, Void Slash.

Companion Form: Mount

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a mount-type Companion Beast. This fellow’s stats are pretty good, but he’s only at the Human Realm. Furthermore, it’s lining the bottom. I’m quite surprised. From the way it appeared, I thought it was at the Hell level, Zhou Wen thought.

Although the Void Salamander’s stats and level were weaker than Zhou Wen imagined, it was already extremely lucky to obtain a Calamity-grade Companion Beast.

After some hesitation, Zhou Wen put away the Companion Egg and didn’t immediately incubate it.

Companion Eggs could be used as supplementary materials. If they were combined with a Companion Beast, they wouldn’t change the Companion Beast’s original characteristics. It was very convenient to use such a high-level Companion Egg to raise a Companion Beast’s level.

If two Companion Beasts were combined, it was very easy to produce changes, albeit unpredictable ones.

Zhou Wen cut some of the flesh of the Void Salamander and sliced it into thin slices. He took out a stove and pot and slid the meat slices in the pot. He dabbed it in some sauce and placed it in his mouth.

Mm, it’s really delicious! It’s much better than shrimp, Zhou Wen couldn’t help but marvel.

Unfortunately, Demonic Neonate is still sleeping. Otherwise, she would definitely like it, Znou Wen mused regretfully as he ate.

‘As he was eating, he suddenly felt the glacier beneath his feet tremble as though a fluctuation was spreading through it.

Zhou Wen’s expression changed slightly. The average person might not know what had happened, but Zhou Wen heard a high-frequency sound wave that ordinary people couldn’t hear through Truth Listener. The sound wave came from beyond the planet.

To be able to produce sound waves from space and affect the interior of a planet, such power was truly terrifying.

Zhou Wen looked up into the void and his expression changed drastically. He saw a gigantic Void Salamander rushing towards the planet. Its body was more than ten times bigger than the one Zhou Wen had killed and had almost completely transformed into blazing white lightning. It descended towards

Zhou Wen like a thundercloud that blotted out the sky..7

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