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Chapter: 1602

Heaven Level

Translator: CKtalon

Zhou Wen was somewhat in a daze when he heard the huge Void Salamander’s roar. He was still holding chopsticks in his hand with a piece of freshly cooked salamander meat between them.

This… Zhou Wen stared at the Salamander in the sky with widened eyes. A chill ran down his spine all the way to the soles of his feet.

Without waiting for the Void Salamander to react, Zhou Wen threw away the chopsticks in his hand and activated the Teacher Domain again. At the same time, he summoned the Golden Wyrm Scissors, pulled out the Immortal Culling Sword, and charged at the Void Salamander.

Zhou Wen knew very well that the slightly smaller Void Salamander was most likely its son. There was no room for negotiation now that he had cooked its son. Unless he chose to escape, it would be a situation of fighting to the death.

However, Zhou Wen couldn’t escape or Tsukuyomi would be a goner if she was discovered.

Asmall Void Salamander was at the Human Realm. Who knew what level this huge Void Salamander was at? It was at least at the Hell level. The possibility of it being at the Heaven level was very high.

If he was unlucky and it was at the Apocalypse grade, Zhou Wen was already prepared to flee for his life.

The blazing white lightning on the Void Salamander’s body surged and surged down like an ocean. After touching the Teacher Domain, the lightning immediately dimmed.

However, the lightning didn’t disappear like before. It only dimmed significantly, but it still maintained its lightning form and quickly spread in the Teacher Domain.

No way! Even the Teacher Domain can’t seal it! Zhou Wen’s pupils constricted as his body instinctively instant transmitted into the cosmos.

The Void Salamander’s body was huge, but its actions weren’t clumsy. With a flash of lightning, its huge body vanished. When it appeared again, it was already in front of Zhou Wen. It opened its mouth, hoping to devour him.

Before it could close its mouth, the lightning inside smote down.

Zhou Wen could only use the Chaos Egg to withstand the terrifying lightning blast before instant transmitting out before its mouth snapped to a close to escape the fate of being devoured.

Zhou Wen constantly instant transmitted as he rushed out of the atmosphere and arrived in space.

During this process, the Void Salamander stayed on Zhou Wer’s heels. Its body vanished into thin air like lightning and appeared out of thin air again. Every time it appeared, it nearly devoured Zhou Wen.

Although Zhou Wen escaped death time and time again, he was constantly struck by lightning.

A large number of solid Essence Energy Crystals appeared in the Chaos Egg. What was even more terrifying was that a portion of the lightning seeped into the Chaos Egg, causing Zhou Wen’s body to tremble.

Thankfully, the Teacher Domain had already sealed a portion of the lightning powers. The Chaos Egg had blocked more than half of them. Otherwise, just one bolt of lightning could have charred Zhou Wen to ashes.

Zhou Wen roughly figured out that the Void Salamander was most likely at the Heaven level.

This was bad news, but it was also good news.

Zhou Wen already knew that he was far from the Heaven-level Void Salamander’s match, but he still had a chance of escaping. At the very least, he wouldn’t be crushed to death.

Thankfully, he had lured the Void Salamander away from the planet. Tsukuyomi should be safe for the time being.

Now, all Zhou Wen needed to do was lure the Void Salamander further away. Then, he could use Singularity Universe to teleport to a distant galaxy and escape the Void Salamander’s pursuit.

The domain power of a Heaven-level creature has indeed undergone a qualitative change. It can actually break through the Teacher Domain’s seal and the Chaos Egg’s defense. As Zhou Wen fled, he circulated the Beginningless Sword Domain with all his might.

The Sword Pills that filled the sky faced the blazing white lightning, but they were all destroyed by the lightning in an instant. They turned to their Yin aspect and vanished.

The terrifying lightning passed through the Teacher Domain and struck the Chaos Egg.

The seemingly gapless Chaos Egg cracked at the spots where strikes were combined under the lightning’s bombardment. The lightning seeped in and made Zhou Wen scream as his hair stood up.

Thankfully, Zhou Wen’s domain was sufficiently powerful. Furthermore, it had multiple domains. If it were at the ordinary Human Realm, even a Hell-level creature would have blasted him to ashes.

Zhou Wen constantly instant transmitted to escape, but the Void Salamander’s speed was just too fast. When he instant transmitted again, the Void Salamander’s mouth was already waiting for him as countless bolts of lightning swept down.

Zhou Wen was no longer capable of instant transmission. All he could do was use interstellar teleportation to teleport to a distant planet.

Due to the urgency of the matter, Zhou Wen didn’t have the time to choose which planet to go to. Therefore, he randomly chose a planet to distance himself from the Void Salamander.

The Void Salamander will soon be lured away. I hope it won’t return to that planet. Zhou Wen wanted to teleport back and see how Tsukuyomi was doing.

However, he was afraid that he would lure the Void Salamander over if he teleported back. Tsukuyomi couldn’t move, nor could he touch her. It would make matters worse.

‘As Zhou Wen was too far away from Tsukuyomi, the Companion Beasts he had left with her had automatically returned to him. Tsukuyomi didn’t have any protection now.

Just as Zhou Wen was hesitating, he saw a flash of lightning. The Void Salamander appeared in front of him again. Even interstellar teleportation failed to shake it off.

Holy sh*t! Zhou Wen’s expression changed drastically.

He was still worried about Tsukuyomi, but now, he could only worry about himself.

Zhou Wen realized that it was impossible for him to shake off the Void Salamander when it could actually follow him despite such a distant interstellar teleportation.

What should I do? Many thoughts flashed through Zhou Wen’s mind as he thought of several solutions.

The first solution was to teleport back to Earth. According to Zhou Wen’s experience, the entire universe had a very strong nomological suppression for dimensional creatures.

Earth’s rules had a powerful suppressive effect on dimensional creatures in the universe. Creatures above the Calamity grade, even if they didn’t come from the dimension, would still be greatly suppressed in Earth’s interior.

Even a native Calamity like Tsukuyomi could only leave Earth if she didn’t want to be suppressed.

Therefore, after returning to Earth and using Earth’s rules, he might be able to escape the pursuit of the Void Salamander.

If it dared to chase him into Earth, he might even be able to use Earth’s suppression to kill it.

However, there was a drawback to doing so.

If the Void Salamander wasn’t suppressed immediately after charging into Earth, or if the suppression wasn’t enough to make it drop below the Calamity grade, its strength would bring about a destructive calamity for Earth.

Although such a disaster wouldn’t destroy Earth, it was still fully capable of destroying a few human cities.

As he wasn’t sure when the Void Salamander would be suppressed, Zhou Wen didn’t wish to take the risk.

With a thought, Zhou Wen decided to try Plan B. It was to head to the Big Dipper and enter the Big Dipper Palaces.

As long as he lured the Void Salamander in and allowed it to attack Starlord Cherished Kismet, he might be able to kill it.

However, Zhou Wen wasn’t sure if Starlord Cherished Kismet’s ability could kill the Void Salamander. After all, the power of the Heaven level had somewhat exceeded Zhou Wen’s knowledge..

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