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Chapter: 1603

Fleeing into the Star Palace

Translator: CKtalon

At this point, Zhou Wen had no other choice. He had to give it a try. If Starlord Cherished Kismet’s strength couldn’t kill the Void Salamander, Zhou Wen could only return to Earth to seek refuge.

It’s no wonder even Calamity creatures are afraid of the cosmos. There are countless creatures like the Void Salamander in the universe. If I’m unlucky, I’ll basically die if I encounter one. Zhou Wen used interstellar teleportation with all his might to teleport to Phecda.


He had to use the Cube previously because he was in the dimension, so he naturally didn’t need to use the Cube to enter the Big Dipper dimensional zone again.

He arrived at the entrance of Phecda’s dimensional zone and saw the Void Salamander descend with the lightning that blotted out the sky. Without any hesitation, he used spatial teleportation and entered the dimensional zone.

However, when Zhou Wen rushed in, he was surprised to discover that he wasn’t in Phecda Star Palace, but Dubhe Palace.

Before Zhou Wen could figure out what was going on, he saw the lightning blast dissipate as the Void Salamander appeared in Dubhe.

‘The Cubes around the world lit up. The scene that appeared was Dubhe Palace, where Zhou Wen was.

"Eh, it’s Egg Sovereign. He’s already first. Why is he still challenging the levels?"

"What do you know? This is called surpassing oneself."

"Egg Sovereign is awesome. The other creatures are vying for first place, but he’s trying to surpass himself."

"Wow, what’s that lightning? It looks like a lightning dragon with butterfly wings!"

"Holy sh*t, the Companion Beast that Egg Sovereign summoned looks even more ferocious than the Tiger Soul General!"

Many people believed that the Void Salamander was a Companion Beast summoned by Zhou Wen.

Zhou Wen didn’t dare stay when he saw the Void Salamander enter. He pushed open the door and rushed into Dubhe Palace without stopping.

‘When Starlord Ravenous Wolf saw Zhou Wen enveloped by the Chaos Egg, he immediately used his starlight domain and punched at him with the power of starlight.

The blast of light was like a volcanic eruption as it drowned Zhou Wen and the entire Star Palace.

The Void Salamander that rushed in behind him didn’t hesitate to cast lightning.

The originally terrifying starlight domain appeared weak under the void lightning. Starlord Ravenous Wolf and the starlight domain were instantly reduced to ashes.

Zhou Wen rushed to the teleportation nexus against the lightning and chose to teleport to the next Star Palace.

"How domineering. What Companion Beast is that?"

"Egg Sovereign’s new Companion Beast seems to be even more ferocious than the Tiger Soul General. That lightning is too domineering!"

"Where does Egg Sovereign get his Companion Beasts from? It’s so enviable."

Many people’s eyes turned red with envy, but they didn’t know that Zhou Wen was feeling utterly miserable.

After he teleported to Merak Star Palace, the Cube’s screen changed to Merak Star Palace. Without any hesitation, Zhou Wen pushed open the door and rushed in.

The Void Salamander rushed in after him.

Just as Starlord Titan Gate stood up, lightning descended from the sky. He was blasted to pieces before he could even stand up, much less open his mouth.


Zhou Wen charged crazily amidst the lightning and stood on the teleportation nexus again, teleporting to the next Star Palace.

"Another instant kill. He’s too powerful."

"Egg Sovereign is looking invincible!"

"What Companion Beast is this? How did Egg Sovereign obtain such a powerful Companion Beast?"

"The heavens must be jealous of my looks. Otherwise, why don’t I have such a powerful Companion Beast?"

Everyone watched as the Void Salamander unleashed its might. They were envious, jealous, and hateful, but Zhou Wen had already rushed into the Phecda Star Palace.

Now, Zhou Wen was extremely nervous. This was his last chance.

If Starlord Cherished Kismet’s ability couldn’t kill the Void Salamander, Starlord Ardent Virtue behind him would definitely be even more useless.

Zhou Wen had yet to explore the subsequent Star Palace. It was dangerous for him to enter alone, so it was naturally impossible for him to continue. When the time came, he could only teleport back to Earth to seek refuge.

Unless it was absolutely necessary, Zhou Wen didn’t wish to take this path.

"Zhou Wen’s situation isn’t good." Not everyone was that ignorant. Zhang Chunqiu and company could tell that the Void Salamander wasn’t Zhou Wen’s Companion Beast, but a dimensional creature that was pursuing him.

"That fellow really knows how to cause trouble. Can’t he just stay at home? Why does he have to provoke such a terrifying creature? I guess he just likes to tempt fate." Xia Liuchuan really couldn’t figure out why such a fellow was still alive.

‘Wang Lu was extremely nervous when she saw Zhou Wen being pursued. She held her hands in front of her chest as though she was praying.

Inside the Holy Land, Holy God was also watching the battle.

"Lord Holy God, from the looks of it, it’s a Heaven-level creature. Zhou Wen has actually provoked it. I’m afraid he won’t be able to escape death," said the Saint standing beside him.

‘The Saint’s hair and beard were white, making him look ancient. He wore a white robe, making it impossible to tell which Holy Temple he belonged to.

"He can’t die," Holy God said indifferently.

"Your Excellency, why?" the old Saint asked in puzzlement.

"The Connate Holy Temple’s Holy Artifact is still with him. We have to retrieve it," said Holy God.

"But I’m afraid it’s too late now," the old Saint said.

"There’s still time. He won’t die so easily. At the very least, he still has the ability to escape. Find Xiao and Jiuyang, Get them to go together and watch the area outside the Star Palace. If Zhou Wen comes out, get them to give that Void Salamander a hand." Holy God looked at the scene in the Cube with a

deep gaze.

After Zhou Wen rushed into the Phecda Star Palace, he headed straight for the area behind Starlord Cherished Kismet.

Just like before, the Void Salamander descended with lightning and struck Starlord Cherished Kismet.


Starlord Cherished Kismet’s body was blasted to ashes. Almost at the same time, the Void Salamander’s body shattered, turning into countless sparks that scattered in all directions.

Success! Zhou Wen was overjoyed.

However, in the next second, the joy on his face froze.

The shattered lightning on the Void Salamander’s body automatically gathered together and transformed back into the Void Salamander.

Holy sh*t, that works? Zhou Wen was so depressed that he nearly vomited blood.

‘The Heaven-level Void Salamander and the Human Realm-level Void Salamander didn’t look like the same creature.

"Egg Sovereign’s Companion Beast actually has an undying body. It’s really powerful!" Everyone was even more envious when they saw this scene.

Zhou Wen was close to tears. Thankfully, Starlord Cherished Kismet’s ability was indeed impressive. He was also restored.

The Void Salamander’s lightning struck again. Starlord Cherished Kismet was killed again as the Void Salamander’s body split apart again.

What should I do? Zhou Wen knew that there was no point in him going to the next Star Palace. The only way out was to return to Earth.

He definitely had to return to Earth. The problem was where..1

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