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Chapter: 1604


Translator: CKtalon

Before the Void Salamander took form again, Zhou Wen rushed into the teleportation nexus and left the dimensional zone.

The Void Salamander finished taking form and charged out after Zhou Wen.

The scene on the Cube immediately changed to a ranking. The Tiger Soul General’s name was still on the rankings. However, the Void Salamander’s name appeared on the rankings now, occupying first place.

"Holy sh*t, Egg Sovereign has taken first and second place!"

"There’s actually such a thing? This is heaven-defying!"

Ordinary people imagined that Egg Sovereign’s Companion Beasts had separately entered the rankings, but in fact, it was only because they didn’t know the mechanism of the Cube that resulted in such a misunderstanding.

In fact, there was no such thing as having Companion Beasts enter the rankings. The name ‘Tiger Soul General’ was written by Zhou Wen himself. It represented Zhou Wen himself and not the Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General.

Any creature on the rankings could decide their name with a thought.

However, ordinary people didn’t know this. They imagined that it was a Companion Beast that had entered the rankings from the beginning, but now that the Void Salamander’s name was on the rankings, it caused such a misunderstanding.

After Zhou Wen left the dimensional zone, he immediately wanted to teleport back to Earth. He had already thought of teleporting to Zhuolu and luring the Void Salamander to the underground sea. There were dimensional creatures in the Sapphire Sky and the strange bone sand desert. Perhaps they

could fight the Void Salamander.

Even if they weren’t the Void Salamander’s match, as long as they could hold back the Void Salamander for a period of time and allow the Void Salamander to be slowly suppressed by Earth’s rules, Zhou Wen would eventually be able to turn the tables.

In fact, Zhou Wen’s first choice wasn’t Zhuolu, but Chess Mountain. However, considering how Chess Mountain was too close to Luoyang, it would be tragic if the Void Salamander unleashed its might when it arrived. The residents of Luoyang City wouldn’t have the time to retreat into the dimensional


However, when Zhou Wen used Singularity Universe’s interstellar teleportation ability to return to Earth, he realized that he couldn’t teleport out.

He frowned and looked around. He realized that there was a strange spatial distortion in the cosmos. The nearby stars looked like phantoms. Several similar stars appeared in different directions.

"Zhou Wen, we meet again." A familiar voice sounded from the cosmos. Zhou Wen looked up and saw Xiao, Jiuyang, and an old man with white hair standing in the void.

Xiao’s body seemed to fuse with the distorted void. The power that distorted the cosmos likely originated from his body.

Zhou Wen cursed inwardly. Xiao and Jiuyang were here. They had the Holy Land’s Holy Artifacts with them. With the augmentation of the Holy Artifacts, they could reach the Heaven level.

Xiao came from the Trajectory Holy Temple. The Trajectory Holy Temple was best at altering space and time. It would probably be difficult for him to use spatial teleportation to escape now that Xiao had sealed the area.

Jiuyang’s body emitted a sun-like glow as he blocked Zhou Wen’s path.

The old Saint stood in the middle of the three of them with his hands in his sleeves. His eyes looked like he hadn’t woken up with his drooping eyelids. He hadn’t used any power.

However, since he came with Jiuyang and Xiao, he was clearly not an ordinary person. Perhaps he was another Saint with a Holy Artifact.

As Zhou Wen was pondering over it, the Void Salamander had already rushed out and swept towards him with lightning bolts that filled the sky.

Behind him was the powerful Void Salamander. The space had been sealed by Xiao, and there were three Saints blocking his path. Zhou Wen immediately fell into an extremely dire situation.

He instantly made a decision. Without a word, he charged at Xiao and company, hoping to lure the three of them into the battle.

The Void Salamander didn’t distinguish between friend and foe. When the lightning struck, it would sweep through the battlefield. When that happened, he might have a chance of escaping.

However, when Zhou Wen charged at Xiao and company, he realized that the space in front of him had stacked up. The distance looked short, but he couldn’t reach it no matter how hard he tried.

Zhou Wen knew that this was likely Xiao’s spatial domain. He immediately activated the Teacher Domain, hoping to seal it.

The power of the Teacher Domain did seal a portion of the spatial domain, but it couldn’t completely seal it. The space ahead remained stacked, making it difficult for him to rush forward.

Damn it!Zhou Wen already knew that the power of the Teacher Domain could seal all sorts of domain powers, but if the other party’s domain reached the Heaven-level’s perfect domain, he wouldn’t be able to completely seal it.

Furthermore, Zhou Wen vaguely felt that there was another domain power in the spatial domain. The domain power that also restrained Zhou Wen couldn’t be seen or touched, but it had been in effect all this while. The power likely came from the old Saint.

Two Heaven-level domain powers trapped Zhou Wen in space. Even if Zhou Wen had a chance to rush over, Jiuyang was already waiting for him with the Holy Artifact in hand. He definitely wouldn’t give him a chance.

Furthermore, before Zhou Wen could think of a way to continue forward, the Void Salamander had already arrived behind him. Large swaths of lightning drowned the Chaos Egg as the huge Salamander’s mouth was just seconds from swallowing it.

Goddamnit! Zhou Wen instant transmitted and dodged the Void Salamander’s devouring despite the void lightning.

However, his instant transmission could only be maintained for a very short distance. He was unable to break through the spatial folds and even the range of the void lightning.

Zhou Wen could only use all his strength to circle around the Void Salamander as he thought of a way to escape.

"Give him more pressure. Try to end the battle quickly," the old Saint said to Jiuyang and Xiao.

Xiao smiled and said, "Old K, there’s no rush. With our domains limiting him in space, he won’t have a chance to escape. Sooner or later, he will die at the mouth of the Void Salamander. Besides, if we join in the fray, we might give him a chance. It’s not as safe as this."

"That Zhou Wen is only an ordinary Calamity. He’s at most at the Hell level. The three of us will join the fray with Holy Artifacts. What’s there to be afraid of" Old K said with a frown.

"You can’t say that. You haven’t fought him before and don’t know how powerful this guy is. I think it’s best to be safe. Jiuyang has fought him before. Why don’t we hear what Jiuyang has to say?" Xiao said.

"Jiuyang, what are your thoughts on this?" Old K looked at Jiuyang.

"can’t see through him," Jiuyang said calmly.

"In that case, let’s wait and see," Old K said after some thought.

Zhou Wen constantly shuttled through the lightning. Although he wasn’t devoured by the Void Salamander, he was constantly blasted by the lightning.

However, Zhou Wen discovered something very strange. There seemed to be something brewing in the Teacher Domain..

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