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Chapter: 1732

Everything Under Apocalypse Is a Mirage

Chapter 1732 Everything Under Apocalypse Is a Mirage

"What do you mean too late?" The woman didn’t immediately take action as she asked Zhou Wen.

"Your sword beams won’t be able to injure me again." Zhou Wen’s high-strung nerves relaxed along with his body. The two swords in his hands drooped casually to the ground.

"It’s good to be confident, but blind confidence will kill you," the woman said indifferently. She didn’t take Zhou Wen’s words to heart and even treated them as a joke.

Previously, Zhou Wen had only been able to block her attacks because he had used the two immortal swords to restrain the advantage of the Immortals. He had to exchange injuries for survival.

Now that Zhou Wen had said that her sword couldn’t injure him again, the woman naturally didn’t believe him.

"Haven’t you always wanted my life? What about now?" Zhou Wen asked.

"Alright." The woman struck out after saying a single word. She brandished her swords together. Even if Zhou Wen could block one of the sword-like Nihility Sword Aura, the other would definitely be able to kill him.

Clang! Clang!

However, two consecutive sounds of sword beams being snapped entered her ears. The two immortal swords in Zhou Wen’s hands accurately slashed at the incorporeal sword aura, snapping them.

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"Impossible!" The woman didn’t believe it. She condensed her sword aura and attacked Zhou Wen again.

She refused to believe that a Calamity-grade creature like Zhou Wen could see through her sword technique.

Although her strength was only at the Calamity grade, her knowledge and realm were at the Apocalypse grade. It was impossible for a Calamity-grade creature to see through her sword technique.

However, the subsequent battle forced the woman to accept reality. Her sword technique had really been seen through, or rather, her movement technique had been seen through.

No matter how the woman’s movement technique and sword technique changed, the two swords in Zhou Wen’s hands could accurately find the two beams of Nihility Sword Aura. Instantly, the two of them exchanged more than ten thousand blows, but the Nihility Sword Aura in the woman’s hand failed to injure Zhou Wen again.

"What’s wrong with this human!" The way the woman looked at Zhou Wen changed. She found it unbelievable that a human could have such terrifying combat strength and talent.

"I’ve said it before. Your sword aura can no longer injure me." Zhou Wen’s mind calmed down.

A level suppression was just a result of a knowledge difference. It was akin to how ancient people only knew how to use blades, but had never seen modern firearms. When using blades against firearms, they would naturally suffer greatly.

However, when ancient people learned how to use a gun, it might not be worse than those using it in the present day. They might even be better.

The difference in knowledge was sometimes the easiest to bridge. As the woman struck Zhou Wen with a dimensional-lowering strike, she also made him quickly absorb some knowledge that he originally couldn’t come into contact with.

The average person would be different, but Zhou Wen was someone with excellent learning abilities and the courage to experiment.

On the mountaintop, sword strikes sounded incessantly.

Not only could Zhou Wen block the woman’s attacks, but he could even occasionally counterattack.

"You are indeed very strong. You live up to your name as Human Sovereign. Unfortunately, you were born in the wrong place." The woman sighed as though she was feeling sorry for Zhou Wen.

"What do you mean?" Zhou Wen asked in puzzlement.

"If you were born in a large race in the dimension, you would definitely be an overlord with such talent. You would have great achievements. Unfortunately, you were born among humans and are only at the Calamity grade. It will probably take a long time to advance to the Apocalypse grade, but you don’t have the time," the woman said with a look of pity.

"So what? I’m still young. I have plenty of time. I can afford to wait," Zhou Wen said.

"No, you can’t wait any longer. This is because you have to die here today. Although I’m already beginning to admire you, you can’t be used by me. I ultimately can’t let you live in this world. Otherwise, you will definitely be a calamity for our Immortals in the future." The woman spoke sincerely as she recognized Zhou Wen’s talent and abilities. Even she was very afraid of him.

"Should I thank you for your praise or should I hate you for killing me?" Zhou Wen curled his lips.

"Neither. Death is like the extinguishing of a lamp. Apart from life, everything else is ephemeral. It’s like how the Buddha race talks about reincarnation. They are just fooling themselves. You don’t need to thank me, nor do you need to hate me. Cherish every second you live, even if it’s just an additional moment."

The woman paused for a moment before saying, "A person like you shouldn’t die like this, but you had to be human. Tell me, do you have any last wishes? Perhaps I can help you fulfill them."

"You make it sound as though I’m doomed." Zhou Wen wasn’t angry. As he spoke, he fought the woman, hoping to understand more about her movement techniques, sword techniques, and the Nihility Sword Aura.

"Yes, I’ve already decided to kill you, so you will definitely die." The woman suddenly retreated and stood there looking at Zhou Wen. She said with a serious expression, "Tell me your last wish."

"I don’t have any last wishes, nor do I need them. If there’s a need, you can tell me your last wishes," Zhou Wen said indifferently.

"Pity." The woman sighed and stopped looking at Zhou Wen. She even looked up at the Kunlun dome.

The sky above Kunlun Mountain looked no different from the sky outside. The scorching sun was high in the sky.

However, this sky wasn’t the real sky. Kunlun Mountain itself was a pocket world. Even if one had the ability to fly or burrow underground, they couldn’t rush out from Kunlun Mountain’s sky.

The sword intent on the woman’s body rose like a blade that pierced into the sky.

The entire Kunlun Mountain’s sky changed color. The originally sunny weather immediately became filled with dark clouds. Furthermore, there was a faint light brewing in the dark clouds, as though infinite lightning was gathering.

Zhou Wen’s expression changed drastically. From what the woman was doing she was probably going to forcefully break through the restrictions in Kunlun Mountain and use the power of the Apocalypse grade.

Zhou Wen had never seen how terrifying an Apocalypse-grade power was, but he knew that it was definitely overwhelming.

The Immortal Culling Sword and immortal sword slashed at the woman crazily. The woman stood there without any intention of dodging, allowing the two swords that could restrain Immortals to slash at her body.

However, the immortal sword that could even slice through the Nihility Sword Aura seemed to slash at an invisible steel wall. It stopped three feet away from the woman. No matter how Zhou Wen exerted strength or dealt a barrage of attacks, he couldn’t advance any further.

The two swords slashed down like an onslaught, but the woman didn’t even spare them a glance.

"Everything under Apocalypse is a mirage. It’s just an empty dream." The woman retracted her gaze from the sky and slowly looked at Zhou Wen.

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