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Chapter: 1733

Calamity of the Apocalypse

Chapter 1733 Calamity of the Apocalypse

Is the power at the Apocalypse grade really that invincible? Zhou Wen was alarmed. The Immortal Culling Sword and immortal sword had the effect of restraining Immortals. With his full-powered attack, he couldn’t even approach the woman.


This was the only thought Zhou Wen had. He wanted to rush down the mountain, but his body seemed to sink into the void as he found it difficult to use any strength.

The feeling was very strange. It was as though everything around him had turned into an empty vacuum. There was no place to act his strength on, so there was naturally no way to move.

No, it should be said that it was a state even more terrifying than a vacuum. Even he seemed to have turned into an unreal existence.

"Everything under the Apocalypse will return to nothingness. To be able to die under the power of the Nihility Calamity makes you the number one human in the world. You shouldn’t have any regrets." The woman looked at Zhou Wen like a god. Although the two of them were standing at almost the same height, it felt like the woman was looking down at him.

Nihility Calamity? Zhou Wen stared at the woman without a word as he looked at the lightning in the sky from the corner of his eye.

He knew that the woman definitely wouldn’t be able to maintain such power for long. Using an Apocalypse-grade power on Earth’s Kunlun Mountain would definitely put immense pressure on her. If time passed, even if Zhou Wen didn’t take action, the woman would be destroyed by the restriction’s power.

The problem was if he could last until then. The power of the Apocalypse already made him find it redoubtable. He switched several Essence Energy Arts, but he was unable to escape the restraints of the Nihility power.

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The face of the grass fruit baby lying on Zhou Wen flushed red as though it was trying its best to use an escape technique. However, it was the same as Zhou Wen. No matter how hard it tried, it couldn’t escape, much less escape with Zhou Wen.

The restrictions on Earth are more powerful than I imagined. It looks like I don’t have much time left. It’s time to end this. The woman looked at the lightning in the sky and couldn’t help but frown slightly.

"It’s time to send you on your way." The woman looked at Zhou Wen and was about to kill him when she suddenly heard a phoenix’s cry from the side of the mountain.

The phoenix that had been sent retreating by the woman flew up the mountain like a rainbow. It instantly arrived at the mountaintop and charged at Zhou Wen, who was standing there motionless.

The woman watched as the phoenix charged at Zhou Wen without stopping it. It was as though she had the intention of finishing the phoenix off as well.

The phoenix on the mountain isn’t dead? What does it want? Does it want to take the opportunity to kick me while I’m down? Several thoughts flashed through Zhou Wen’s mind.

Before Zhou Wen could figure it out, the phoenix had already rushed in front of him. However, the phoenix’s target wasn’t Zhou Wen, but the immortal sword in his hand.

"You still want to snatch the immortal sword at a time like this? Even if you snatch the immortal sword, will that woman let you off?" Zhou Wen imagined that the phoenix was trying to snatch the sword.

However, what happened next surprised Zhou Wen. The phoenix slammed into the immortal sword as its entire body seemed to melt while it rushed into it.

The blood-stained immortal sword immediately emitted a rainbow glow due to the fusion of the phoenix. When the phoenix completely fused with the immortal sword, the immortal sword emitted Rainbow Divine Light like a sun emitting rainbow beams.

I see. It’s no wonder I didn’t see the sword’s glint from this sword before. So the immortal sword’s glint had actually transformed into a phoenix. The woman wasn’t alarmed when she saw this scene. Instead, she was delighted

It was useless even if the immortal sword had a glint. The owner of the immortal sword was no longer the Immortal who had killed all the immortals. A Calamity-grade creature holding the immortal sword with a glint couldn’t produce much power.

This ended up benefiting the woman. A complete immortal sword was naturally more valuable than an immortal sword without its glint.

Just as the woman was feeling delighted, she heard a strange cry. In the distant sea of clouds, a strange white bird rushed towards the mountain peak.

The woman was slightly surprised when she saw the strange bird. She didn’t recognize what it was.

Zhou Wen was taken aback when he saw the white bird. It was clearly the phoenix he had encountered in the Kunlun Mountain garden, but it was still in the form of a white chicken.

As the white bird charged towards the mountain peak, the white feathers on its body gradually turned rainbow-colored. Its body was rapidly transforming into a phoenix.

It’s actually a phoenix? The woman was somewhat surprised as she carefully sized up the white bird that was transforming into a phoenix. She seemed to notice something and muttered to herself, "This is a little strange. This phoenix seems to be somewhat similar to the phoenix formed by the immortal sword’s glint, but it’s also somewhat different. It’s not a pure manifestation of the sword glint…"

As the woman pondered, the white bird had already transformed into its rainbow phoenix form. It charged at Zhou Wen like the previous phoenix.

Don’t tell me it wants to rush into the immortal sword as well? Zhou Wen was secretly delighted.

The more strength he had, the more hope he had. Although he didn’t know if he could resist the power of the Apocalypse, it was better to have more help.

To his surprise, the phoenix didn’t charge at the immortal sword. Instead, it charged at Zhou Wen and slammed into his chest.

The rainbow beam imprinted on Zhou Wen’s chest like a colorful phoenix tattoo.

At the same time, Zhou Wen felt a force surge into his body and instantly fill it. Even the dark-gold Great Brahma armor turned colorful.

"So that’s how it is." The woman seemed to come to a realization as a sneer suffused the corners of her mouth. "Phoenix Immortal, oh Phoenix Immortal, so you have long perished. Even your sword intent has turned mortal. Fine by me. Today, I’ll vanquish your will and snatch your sword. When the Immortals return to this world, it would be eternal merit."

After the phoenix fused with Zhou Wen’s body, not only did Zhou Wen feel that his body was filled with sword intent as though it was about to explode, but he also felt that he had formed an indescribable connection with the immortal sword.

Previously, although he could borrow the power of the immortal sword with it in hand, it was ultimately a relationship between a human and a tool. Now, he felt as though he was connected to the immortal sword by blood.

With the augmentation of the two phoenixes and Zhou Wen’s own strength, it seemed to weaken the Apocalypse power. His body regained some mobility.

Without any hesitation, he thrust the immortal sword that emitted a rainbow-colored glassy glow at the woman in front of him.

Zhou Wen seemed to fuse with the immortal sword as he transformed into a rainbow beam that charged at the woman.

The sword beam tore through the Nihilistic power of the Apocalypse and went for the woman’s chest.

The unparalleled sword beam tore through the layers of Nihility and arrived in front of the woman. Just as it was about to pierce her chest, it suddenly stopped.

The woman raised her right hand in front of her chest and clamped the blade of the immortal sword with her index and middle fingers, preventing it from advancing an inch.

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