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Chapter: 1734

Slaying Immortal Supremacy

Chapter 1734 Slaying Immortal Supremacy

"So what if it’s a Phoenix Immortal’s sword intent? You aren’t Phoenix Immortal after all. You are ultimately mortal without the phoenix’s tribulation. Even if I can’t completely use the power of the Nihility Calamity, killing you will be as easy as flipping my hand." The woman clasped the sword in one hand and raised her other hand to strike Zhou Wen’s head.

The suppression from the world intensified. If this continued, her body would probably not be able to withstand it.

Zhou Wen was alarmed. Such a powerful force was still easily resolved by the woman. The difference between the Calamity grade and the Apocalypse grade was greater than Zhou Wen imagined. It was already impossible to escape. Zhou Wen seemed to have no chance against the woman’s palm that carried the power of the Apocalypse.

Suddenly, the woman’s body paused as her palm that was striking at him came to a stop.

Teacher! Zhou Wen immediately understood something. He crazily activated the power in his body as he continued stabbing the immortal sword at the woman.

Zhou Wen had always guessed that Wang Mingyuan hadn’t really died. After he killed the white dragon under Dragon Gate Grotto, the white dragon had once existed in a state that humans couldn’t see. Furthermore, it possessed extremely terrifying death powers.

Back then, Zhou Wen had wondered if Wang Mingyuan had obtained the same power. However, he had only suspected it previously. Now that he saw the anomaly in the woman’s body, he immediately confirmed his previous guess.

The woman’s body was affected. At the instant her fingers that clasped the immortal sword relaxed, the immortal sword passed through her fingers and stabbed straight at her chest.

Her clothes tore as the sword plunged into her flesh. The rainbow sword beam tore through her crazily in a bid to fully penetrate her body. However, the sword beam was instantly restrained by the power of the Nihility Calamity. The immortal sword’s tip that had just stabbed in couldn’t continue forward as blood flowed down the sword.

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No matter how hard Zhou Wen exerted his strength, the immortal sword seemed to have taken root and didn’t budge.

"Wang Mingyuan, you sure are capable at scheming. You actually managed to hide from my eyes. Unfortunately, you still underestimate the power of the Apocalypse grade. No matter how you scheme, you are ultimately a clown in front of absolute strength," the woman said as she slowly raised her left hand and swatted at Zhou Wen.

It was obvious that Wang Mingyuan still had a certain influence on the woman’s body, but this influence was rapidly weakening.

If not for Wang Mingyuan’s strange and bizarre form and the fact that he was attached to the woman’s body, the woman would have long killed him with a slap.

However, this was only a matter of time. After resolving Zhou Wen and the immortal sword, even if Wang Mingyuan possessed the woman’s body, it would ultimately be difficult for him to escape death.


Just as the woman’s palm was about to strike Zhou Wen’s head and the power of the Nihility Calamity was about to finish him, a look of delight flashed in Zhou Wen’s eyes.

Teacher Domain had finally completed its analysis. It transformed into strange words that formed an Essence Energy Art-Nihility Sword Art. Almost at the same time, the Teacher Domain advanced from the Hell level to the Heaven level.

Zhou Wen unleashed the power of the Teacher Domain with all his might. At the same time, he threw away the Immortal Culling Sword in his other hand. He held the immortal sword with both hands and pushed it forward with all his might.

The nomological powers analyzed by the Teacher Domain could be completely screened, but that was only against powers below the Calamity grade. Zhou Wen didn’t know how useful the Teacher Domain was against powers at the Apocalypse grade.

However, he didn’t have the luxury of time to consider it. In this situation, either one of them died, so he could only take a gamble.

Although the power of the immortal sword had weakened the power of the Nihility Calamity, the latter still gave Zhou Wen immense pressure, greatly reducing the strength he could muster.

The moment the power of the Teacher Domain appeared, Zhou Wen immediately felt his body sink. The feeling of having nowhere to direct his force vanished without a trace. He was immediately delighted.

The woman was already confident of victory. Just as she was about to kill Zhou Wen, she suddenly felt an intense pain in her chest. The immortal sword penetrated her chest as the rainbow sword beam penetrated her body, causing rainbow patterns to appear over her body. It was like the cracks in a torn painting that had been reattached.

The woman’s palm struck Zhou Wen’s head almost at the same time, sending him flying. Great Brahma’s helmet caved in as he tumbled far away, nearly falling off the mountain.

"No… Impossible…" The woman looked down at the immortal sword that had penetrated her chest with a look of disbelief.

"I’ll take your life." A faint voice sounded from the woman’s body. It was cold and emotionless—Wang Mingyuan’s voice.

"Wang Mingyuan, don’t be too happy. This is only an avatar of my true body. Even if you kill the clone, you won’t obtain any substantial benefits. Death will only await you when you return to the dimension." The woman’s body disintegrated by the power of the immortal sword. Without the support of her body, the power of the Nihility Calamity quickly dissipated as the terrifying lightning in the sky gradually receded. "I don’t need to obtain any substantial benefits. I just need your experience and knowledge. Perhaps to you Immortals, strength is supreme, but to humans, knowledge is the greatest power. This is enough for me." Wang Mingyuan’s voice sounded again. "Furthermore, this is Earth, Kunlun Mountain. Even if you are Immortal Supremacy’s avatar, you can’t make contact with her, right?"

"So retrieving the immortal sword was your scheme from the beginning. You wanted to kill me from the beginning." The woman’s voice was filled with anger. She wished she could slap Wang Mingyuan into meat paste.

However, when she used her strength, the fine patterns on her body widened. Blood instantly dyed her clothes red. It looked like she had just been scooped out of a pool of blood.

"Why torture yourself? Phoenix Immortal’s sword slew all immortals. Having your heart pierced through and staining this sword gives you zero chance," Wang Mingyuan said with a sigh.

The woman was so angry that she wanted to say something, but when she opened her mouth, blood spewed out. Rainbow light seeped out of her mouth as her entire body cracked from a bursting rainbow light.

"If not for… Earth’s… suppression of strength… How could you… injure me… And that person… That person…" The woman looked at Zhou Wen and said in a daze. Before she could finish her sentence, her body had completely collapsed, turning into minced meat and broken bones.

A ghost-like figure walked out of the woman’s shattered body and went towards Wang Mingyuan’s corpse that Zhou Wen had thrown to the side. It transformed into crystals that resembled ice and jade and quickly condensed into Wang Mingyuan’s body.

"Little Wen, your growth is so fast that it far exceeds my expectations." Wang Mingyuan smiled at Zhou Wen.

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