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Chapter: 1735

I ll Wait for You at the Immortals

Chapter 1735 I’ll Wait for You at the Immortals

"Teacher, are you still you?" Zhou Wen looked into Wang Mingyuan’s eyes and asked slowly.

"What am I?" Wang Mingyuan picked up the sword on the ground and handed it to Zhou Wen. He continued, "In different environments, there will be a different me. Born in a remote mountain village, I’m a villager. In school, I’m a student. In the military, I’m a soldier. After becoming a commander, I’m a leader. These can all be me, but me in every period of time has different thoughts and views. It can also be said that every stage of me is no longer the same me as before."

"What are you now?" Zhou Wen asked as he took the sword.

Up to now, Zhou Wen still remembered the question Wang Mingyuan had asked him and his students. Zhou Wen already knew Wang Mingyuan’s choice, but just as Wang Mingyuan had said, people had different thoughts in different environments. Was the present Wang Mingyuan still the same Wang Mingyuan?

Zhou Wen couldn’t be sure. He felt that he knew less and less about Wang Mingyuan.

"I’m me. At least nothing can change me now," Wang Mingyuan said with a smile.

"Then I’m relieved." Zhou Wen nodded.

"I’ll wait for you at the Immortals." Wang Mingyuan looked at Zhou Wen with a glazed look. It was unknown what he was thinking.

"I’ve already decided not to become the representative of the Immortals," Zhou Wen said.

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However, Wang Mingyuan only smiled and said, "That’s not important. I’ll wait for you."

With that said, Wang Mingyuan didn’t wait for Zhou Wen to say anything else before heading down the mountain.

Zhou Wen looked at Wang Mingyuan’s back and seemed to have many things to say, but he didn’t seem to have anything to say. He opened his mouth but didn’t say a word in the end. All he did was watch Wang Mingyuan disappear down the mountain.

I hope Earth’s seal will last longer. Zhou Wen had already acutely sensed the power of the Apocalypse grade.

Just the power unleashed by an Apocalypse-grade powerhouse’s avatar nearly killed him. Furthermore, this was under the suppression of Earth’s power. The avatar failed to unleash the full might of the Apocalypse.

Zhou Wen couldn’t believe what a disaster would be if Earth completely lost its seal and a true Apocalypse-grade powerhouse descended.

Before Earth completely lost its seal, he had to obtain the power to fight an Apocalypse-grade existence no matter what. Otherwise, it would be a calamity.

I have to quickly advance to the Calamity grade. Zhou Wen sheathed the Immortal Culling Sword. Just as he was thinking about where to place the immortal sword, it flew towards its scabbard.

The Immortal Culling Sword’s scabbard could only accommodate the Immortal Culling Sword and didn’t have any excess space. However, when the immortal sword flew over, it strangely inserted itself into the scabbard and stuck tightly to it.

When the immortal sword was sheathed, the hilt seemed to undergo some strange changes. Two ancient words, "Immortal Peril," appeared on the hilt.

It’s indeed the Immortal Peril Sword. Zhou Wen had long guessed it, but he was still somewhat delighted when he saw the name.

The Immortal Peril Sword and Immortal Culling Sword had a powerful restraining effect on the Immortals. And now, the strongest race in the dimension was the Immortals. In the future, if he could find the Immortal Vanquishing Sword and the Immortal Entrapment Sword, he might be able to fight them even if he couldn’t reach the Apocalypse grade.

I wonder where the other two immortal swords are. Zhou Wen also knew that it was too difficult to gather all four immortal swords.

Unwilling to stay on Kunlun Mountain any longer, Zhou Wen packed his things and left the mountain. He saw Liu Yun at the exit. Liu Yun didn’t seem to know anything as he asked Zhou Wen if he had obtained the immortal sword.

"Didn’t you see Teacher?" Zhou Wen asked in puzzlement. If Liu Yun had seen Wang Mingyuan, he probably wouldn’t have asked such a question.

"No." Liu Yun shook his head.

"I’ve got it. Let’s head back now." Zhou Wen didn’t know if the Immortals would send anyone over now that an Apocalypse-grade avatar had been destroyed here. It was best to leave as soon as possible.

"It’s good that you got it. I still have something to do, so I won’t be returning with you." Liu Yun heaved a sigh of relief and waved goodbye to Zhou Wen.

Zhou Wen wasn’t in the mood to keep him around as he returned to Guide Ancient City alone.

After returning to the ancient city, Zhou Wen got Li Xuan to help him gather information about the dimensional zones, hoping to find a dimensional zone that matched the Godfiend


He himself was studying the Kunlun Mountain dimensional zone on the mysterious phone. He entered the strange stone chamber through the familiar door, but he didn’t see the metal container or the white bird.

However, there were many grass fruit babies in the garden.

Speaking of grass fruit babies, the grass fruit baby that followed Zhou Wen had actually followed him back to Guide Ancient City. It followed Zhou Wen all day without any intention of leaving.

He attempted to enter the garden to pluck the grass fruit babies. They grew on grass vines and couldn’t escape at will. Zhou Wen easily plucked them.

However, before he could think of a way to deal with the grass fruit baby in his hand, he suddenly felt the entire garden shake. Roots that resembled dragons drilled out of the ground and swept towards the blood-colored avatar with a demonic glow.

Zhou Wen condensed Great Brahma’s power and blasted at the dragon-like root, forcefully snapping it. However, the root blotted out the sky and enveloped him from all directions, preventing him from even instant transmitting.

Great Brahma’s power bombarded the layers of roots crazily, but the roots seemed endless. In the end, he was trapped inside and could only use the Chaos Egg to defend.

The roots enveloped the Chaos Egg, but they were unable to burst it. Just as Zhou Wen was about to carefully observe the roots, he realized that the Chaos Egg was shrinking.

Soon, Zhou Wen realized that after the roots enveloped the Chaos Egg, many tiny roots attached to it as though they were rooted in the ground as they absorbed the Chaos Egg’s power.

Not only did the Chaos Egg not produce any Essence Energy Crystals, but it also had quite a bit of energy sucked away. The Chaos Egg’s strength was weakening.

What’s this? It can actually restrain the Chaos Egg! Why didn’t I see it when I entered the garden in reality? Zhou Wen ignored the Chaos Egg and scanned the source of the root.

However, he didn’t see the source of the roots from as far as he could sense. The roots came from underground; he didn’t know if they came from the same plant.

Before long, the Chaos Egg was sucked dry. The blood-colored avatar’s body was also exposed as it was bound by the roots. The roots were like blood-sucking leeches that sucked dry the Great Brahma armor and the blood-colored avatar’s body. The game screen then went black.

This thing is at the Apocalypse grade, right? Zhou Wen was alarmed.

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