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Chapter: 1736

Final Countdown

Chapter 1736 Final Countdown

Dripping a drop of blood to revive, he entered the garden again. After a few attempts, Zhou Wen realized that as long as he didn’t touch the strange flowers and grass in the garden, the strange root wouldn’t appear. As long as he damaged the flowers, the roots would immediately appear.

What was even more terrifying was that the number of roots was unimaginable. No matter how many roots Zhou Wen severed, he would ultimately be trapped by them. Furthermore, that thing could absorb any form of energy. As long as he was trapped, it was equivalent to death. No defensive skill could withstand it.

Zhou Wen temporarily gave up on the idea of benefiting from the garden and went to the canyon at Kunlun Mountain.

There were many spores in the canyon. These things were most suitable for Tai Sui and Primordial Spore’s growth. However, he didn’t know if Primordial Spore’s level was too low; he was afraid that it would end up being parasitized instead of being the parasite.

After releasing Tai Sui and Primordial Spore, Tai Sui immediately pounced towards the spot with the most spores like a glutton seeing a feast.

However, Primordial Spore wasn’t in a rush. It circled around the blood-colored avatar for a while before flying towards a fist-sized red fungus and burrowing in.

Su Yi and Professor Gu were doing a program, but this time, the program’s screen wasn’t a battle scene, but a countdown on the Cube.

The Big Dipper dimensional zone had already entered a countdown. There was less than an hour left.

"Professor Gu, there are less than fifty minutes left. Up to now, no one has challenged the North Pole Star Palace. Human Sovereign’s first ranking might very well last until the end," Su Yi said excitedly.

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"Don’t… Beauty Su, don’t ask the Sect Master such a question. If he jinxes it again, Human Sovereign will be in danger…" The comments were filled with wailing.

"Sect Master, please don’t jinx Human Sovereign."

"Beauty Su, are you trying to kill my Human Sovereign! What kind of grudge do you have with him?"

Professor Gu’s face nearly darkened as he looked at the screen that was filled with pleading. He cleared his throat and said, "Currently, the strongest representatives are Mohe and Karoman. However, their strength shouldn’t be enough to clear the hidden North Pole Palace dimensional zone. Unless a new expert appears, Human Sovereign’s first place should still be secured."

When Professor Gu said that, his heart raced. Human Sovereign, you have to hold the fort. Whether you can wipe away my title of Jinx is up to you.

Professor Gu had failed so many times in the past, but Human Sovereign had never been jinxed by him no matter how hard he tried. Now, he finally understood. He grabbed Human Sovereign and tried jinxing him as best as he could, hoping to rely on Human Sovereign to redeem himself.

Of course, his jinxing was actually just his normal analysis.

The more Professor Gu said such things, the more flustered the audience became. Many people who hoped that Human Sovereign could obtain first place were panicking.

Time ticked by. In the last ten minutes, no one entered the Cube to challenge it.


"From the looks of it, Human Sovereign’s first place is secured," Professor Gu said as he secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

However, just as he said that, the Cube’s screen suddenly changed. Someone had challenged the Big Dipper Palace by entering


"It’s over, it’s over. Sect Master has shown his might. Our Human Sovereign is in danger."

"Holy sh*t, the Sect Master doesn’t give up unless he kills our Human Sovereign!"

"Who’s challenging it now? I’m so flustered."

Professor Gu’s heart skipped a beat. He hurriedly took a closer look and realized that the person who had entered the Big Dipper Palace was surprisingly Mohe, who was ranked third.

"Although Mohe is very strong, it should still be a little difficult to challenge the hidden North Pole Star Palace. After all, he didn’t even clear the Army Breaker Star Palace before this," Professor Gu hurriedly said when he saw that it was Mohe.

"Sect Master, please stop talking!" The comments were begging for mercy; they almost occupied the entire screen.

"Why is Mohe challenging again at this moment? Is he confident of clearing the hidden North Pole Star Palace?" Su Yi was also uneasy.

Although Mohe was considered a human powerhouse, Su Yi still hoped that Human Sovereign could obtain first place.

After Mohe entered the Star Palace, he didn’t hesitate to quickly storm through one Star Palace after another. It looked like he really had the intention to head to the hidden North Pole Star Palace.

Everyone’s hearts were in their throats. Soon, they saw Mohe rush into the Army Breaker Star Palace. Furthermore, the stairs that could drain Essence Energy in front of the Star Palace didn’t have any effect on him.

After Mohe defeated Starlord Army Breaker, as everyone had expected, he did what Human Sovereign did and activated the teleportation nexus to head to the North Pole Star Palace.

"Heavens, is Mohe really going to fight Starlady Polestar!"

"Professor Gu’s mouth is really blessed. Whatever he says goes the other way."

"Human Sovereign’s first place is in danger. Mohe must have come prepared. It’s impossible for a powerhouse like him to tempt fate on impulse!"

"No way?" Professor Gu felt like crying. He was more nervous than anyone else.

He pretended to be calm, but he was shouting desperately in his heart, Please don’t… You have to hold on…

Just as people were guessing how Mohe would defeat Starlady Polestar, they were stunned when they saw the scene in the North Pole Star Palace.

The North Pole Star Palace remained the same, but Starlady Polestar wasn’t inside. It was actually an empty Star Palace.

"How did this happen?" Everyone, including Mohe and Professor Gu, was stunned.

Su Yi reacted quickly and immediately thought of a possibility. She said excitedly, "I get it. The hidden North Pole Star Palace is different from ordinary Star Palaces. The Starlady in this Star Palace will only appear once. Only the first person to defeat her will obtain benefits."

"That’s right. That’s it." Professor Gu also slapped his thigh in excitement. "There’s only one Starlady Polestar. In other words, the first person to defeat her will definitely be first. Human Sovereign has really secured his first place."

Mohe searched the Star Palace but didn’t find any traces of Starlady Polestar. He then understood what had happened and was extremely depressed.

It hadn’t been easy for him to think of a way to defeat Starlady Polestar. He had even spent a lot of money to borrow many powerful Companion Beasts, but he never expected such an outcome.

Although he was indignant, he had no choice but to leave the Star Palace.

The Cube’s countdown had already gone to zero by the time Mohe exited. The Cube’s screen revealed a starry sky.

In the Star Palace, one could see the Big Dipper emit light one after another. Furthermore, the light was extraordinary, so bright that it made one’s heart tremble.

Boom! The first star of the Big Dipper exploded. The dazzling light penetrated the Cube’s screen, blinding everyone.

Following that, the Big Dipper stars exploded one after another. Finally, the North Star emitted its final brilliance, drowning its screen in a light blast produced by the huge explosion.

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