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Chapter: 1737

Mystic Thearch

Chapter 1737 Mystic Thearch

When the Cube’s screen dimmed again, the screen had already turned into the Cube’s ranking

Under the gaze of everyone, the last name on the Cube’s ranking turned into fragments of light and dissipated. Then, from bottom to top, the names shattered and vanished.

Moments later, there was only one name left on the rankings—Human Sovereignshimmering eternally like the sun.

"We ultimately failed." In front of the dimension’s Cube, a non-human creature that looked human stared at the shimmering words "Human Sovereign" and sighed.

As for most humans on Earth, they fell into a euphoric revelry. Although they didn’t know who Human Sovereign was or if he was even human, most humans seemed to gain something in their hearts. It was indescribable, but it made their hearts feel weightier and less restless.

Zhou Wen had been gaming on his phone and hadn’t left his room in days. At that moment, he was pulled to the Cube by Li Xuan as he looked at the glorious words "Human Sovereign."

"Old Zhou, why do I find these words so pleasing to the eye?" Li Xuan felt as though something was stirring in his body. He wished he could do something, but there was no place for him to vent.

"These words are a little ugly," Zhou Wen said after looking at the words for a long time.

"Ugly? Why don’t I think so?" Li Xuan tilted his head and sized it up for a moment before shaking his head.

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"It’s a little ugly," Zhou Wen said as he walked to the Cube and reached out to touch it.

The Cube immediately lit up as Zhou Wen’s body was sucked into it. However, this time, he didn’t teleport to any dimensional zone. Instead, he appeared in an empty darkness.

In the darkness, there were seven blobs of light shimmering. On careful look, they represented seven different Companion Eggs.

Are these the Big Dipper Companion Eggs? Zhou Wen looked at the seven Companion Eggs. Although he knew that they were already his, he couldn’t feel happy.

The Big Dipper stars shattered, producing these Companion Beasts. If Earth’s Companion Beast were to appear in the future, Earth would share the same outcome as the Big Dipper stars.

As Zhou Wen was pondering over it, the seven Companion Eggs lit up at the same time. They trembled as though they were about to fly towards Zhou Wen.

However, when they really moved, they didn’t fly towards Zhou Wen. They seemed to be attracted by an invisible vortex as they spun around the center of the void.

As the spinning speed increased, the light on them transformed into meteors that flew towards the center of the vortex. The light also weakened.

Despite devouring so much light, the middle of the vortex became darker and darker as though the darkness had transformed into something corporeal that condensed into a black Companion Egg.

When the light on the seven Companion Eggs completely vanished, they also vanished, leaving only the extremely black Companion Egg floating in the void.

The Companion Beasts of the Big Dipper were actually absorbed by the Companion Beast of the North Star. What kind of Companion Beast is it? A sword? Or is it armor? Or could it be… Before Zhou Wen could finish his thoughts, the Companion Beast of absolute darkness rushed towards him and instantly shot into his forehead.

A black tattoo gradually appeared on Zhou Wen’s forehead. The tattoo’s style was strange as though it wasn’t static. It constantly changed every second, making it difficult to see its true appearance.

With a thought, the constantly changing black tattoo tore out of his body and transformed into a Companion Beast.

This is… Starlady Polestar… Zhou Wen looked at the Companion Beast in surprise.

The Companion Beast was wearing Absolute Darkness armor. As it was too dark, light couldn’t even reflect. At a glance, it looked like a black silhouette. However, its figure resembled Starlady Polestar, but it gave Zhou Wen a different feeling.

Although Zhou Wen had already received the information on the Companion Beast, he habitually took out his phone to take a look.

Mystic Thearch: Calamity (Evolvable)

Life Providence: Emperor

Life Soul: Mystic

Wheel of Destiny: Birth (S-grade)

Terror Form: Nirvana

Calamity Zone: Sovereign of the Universe (Heaven level)

Strength: 999

Speed: 999

Constitution: 999

Essence Energy: 999

Talent Skill: None

Companion Form: Soul

Holy sh*t! What the hell is this! Zhou Wen looked at the Mystic Thearch’s stats and didn’t close his mouth for a long time.

In terms of stats, it was really the best among the best. It was directly at the Heaven level and had 999 stats. Zhou Wen had only seen such stats on Truth Listener before. This was the second one.

However, this thing didn’t even have a single skill. It had to be known that the seven Starlords had special skills. Furthermore, every special skill had their unique characteristic. As long as one used it well, it would be a powerful killing machine.

There was no need to mention Starlady Polestar. Just the Major Heavenly Cycle Stellar Array was infinitely profound.

This thing gathered the characteristics of eight celestial bodies’ Companion Beasts, but it didn’t have a single skill. Wouldn’t that make it a pure Strength-type Companion Beast?

Zhou Wen already had Truth Listener as a Strength-type Companion Beast. No one would mind having another top-notch Companion Beast, but it was repeated after all. Furthermore, no matter how strong a Strength-type Companion Beast was, it was probably not as strong as Truth Listener that was invulnerable to everything. This thing didn’t have that ability, so it was easily affected by all sorts of taboo powers. It might not be able to unleash its mighty powers in actual combat.

You should at least get me two skills. Even without the Major Heavenly Cycle Stellar Array, at least give me two of the other Starlords’ powers like reflective damage and forming prisons with books! Zhou Wen was somewhat depressed, but he knew that the Mystic Thearch definitely had his advantage.

As Zhou Wen received the Mystic Thearch Companion Beast, the words "Human Sovereign" on the Cube’s screen finally dissipated. The Cube’s screen gradually turned black and returned to a dead silence.

Everyone believed that the matter was over. Some people had already planned on switching off their phones to do something else. Even the livestream program was prepared to switch to the host and guest’s commentary.

However, to their surprise, the Cube that had just turned black suddenly lit up again.

Everyone looked at the scene in shock, unsure what had happened. They imagined that something hadn’t ended, but when they saw the scene on the Cube, they realized that a new dimensional zone had appeared on the Cube, launching a new Cube battle.

"Why would a new dimensional zone appear so quickly?"

"The Cube actually activated a Cube battle back to back. Has this ever happened before?"

"What is this place? It doesn’t look like a planet, right?"

"I don’t think I’ve seen it before."

The people on Earth looked at the scene on the Cube, but no one recognized what dimensional zone it was.

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