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Chapter: 1741

Wang Lu s Request

Chapter 1741 Wang Lu’s Request

Over the next few days, alien races plucked the golden apples and appeared on the rankings, but there wasn’t a single human on the rankings. Even human representatives didn’t enter the Cube’s rankings, much less manage to pluck the golden apple.

Even powerful representatives like Mohe didn’t challenge the Cube.

Ordinary people only hoped that humans could enter the rankings, but they didn’t know that the representatives had basically received a warning from the alien races not to challenge the Cube.

There were a total of 37 golden apples on the tree. As the number of golden apples decreased, more and more people hoped that Human Sovereign could challenge it and occupy a spot on the Cube.

Zhou Wen couldn’t hear their summoning. He followed Wang Lu and company into the strange Lop Nur. The electronic devices here had no signal, so he had no idea what was happening outside.

The boundless desert was a forbidden zone for humans in ancient times. Once one was lost in it, they would die in a few days without having any food or water.

Their group had water-elemental Terror-grade experts, so it wasn’t difficult for them to draw water. They also had plenty of food, so they didn’t need to worry about this. However, this didn’t mean that they could do anything they wanted. Lop Nur became far more terrifying after the dimensional storms, so the group proceeded carefully.

It was unknown if it was because of Wang Lu’s existence, but they encountered zero danger along the way. However, after walking for a few days, they failed to find the dimensional zone the Wang family member mentioned.

"Third Uncle, where should we go now?" Looking at the endless salt plains, Wang Lu frowned and asked the middle-aged man beside her.

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The middle-aged man’s name was Wang Huaiduan. In terms of seniority, he was Wang Lu’s third uncle. He was in his forties and was only at the Mythical stage after using the Mythical Serum. He was the one who had discovered the dimensional zone back then.

"Sorry, Family Head. Back then, I accidentally walked into that dimensional zone. I only know that it’s probably in this area. As for where it exactly is, I really have no clue," Wang Huaiduan said in embarrassment.

Wang Lu had no intention of reprimanding him. It wasn’t surprising that Wang Huaiduan didn’t know the location of the dimensional zone back then. She didn’t expect Wang Huaiduan to remember much. All he needed to do was confirm that it was this area.

"It’s fine. It’s in this area, right?" Wang Lu asked again.

"It should be," Wang Huaiduan said.

Wang Lu nodded and looked at Zhou Wen who was playing with his phone. "Zhou Wen, lend me one of your shoes."

"What for?" Sitting on the Great Might Vajra Bull’s back, Zhou Wen took off his shoe and threw it to Wang Lu while asking her.

"Trying my luck." Wang Lu took Zhou Wen’s shoe and tossed it out. She looked at the tip of the shoe and said, "Let’s go that way."

With that said, Wang Lu picked up the shoe and returned it to Zhou Wen.

The Wang family didn’t doubt Wang Lu’s seemingly childish actions as they walked in the direction she had mentioned.

Zhou Wen took the shoe and put it on. He looked at Wang Lu curiously and asked, "Why didn’t you use this method previously?"

"Humans can’t have too many extravagant hopes. If they wish for too much fortune that doesn’t belong to them, it might not be a good thing even if they obtain it in the end," Wang Lu said ambiguously. Zhou Wen nodded. He had some understanding of that.

Although Wang Lu’s luck was amazingly lucky, she wasn’t the Goddess of Luck with boundless divine strength. There was probably a limit to her luck. She might not be able to resolve everything with luck.

If anything could be resolved by luck, Wang Lu would have long become the strongest human. In fact, Wang Lu had yet to advance to the Calamity grade.

The group continued on their way. After walking for less than half a day, Wang Huaiduan suddenly pointed ahead and shouted, "There it is. That’s the entrance to the dimensional zone."

Zhou Wen looked in the direction he was pointing and saw a lake appear on the endless salt plains. The lake wasn’t big, and the water surface was calm like a mirror.

Wang Huaiduan continued excitedly, "See that strange-shaped boulder by the lake? As long as we step past it, we can enter that strange dimensional zone."

The strange-shaped boulder that Wang Huaiduan mentioned stood more than ten meters tall. Perhaps due to the ravages of the sandstorm, there was a huge crack in the middle of the boulder that could accommodate two people walking side by side.

Zhou Wen glanced at the crack on the boulder. Through the crack, he saw the lake behind it. It didn’t seem different.

"Stay here and rest for the night. We’ll explore the dimensional zone tomorrow." Wang Lu led everyone to the boulder, but she didn’t immediately enter. Looking at the sun that was about to set, she instructed everyone to pitch tents and set up a temporary camp.

Zhou Wen circled the vicinity but didn’t find the tiny palm symbol. All he could do was return to the camp resentfully.

Zhou Wen had brought his own tent. While resting at night, he saw Wang Lu pull open the curtain and enter.

"Having problems sleeping?" Zhou Wen asked with a smile.

Wang Lu sat down and shook her head. "I need your help with something."

"What is it?" The reason Zhou Wen didn’t immediately agree wasn’t because he wanted to consider the pros and cons, but because he felt that if Wang Lu were to look for him now, the matter of asking him for help was probably no trifling matter. He had to treat it seriously and not let down Wang Lu’s request.

Wang Lu took out a box and placed it in front of Zhou Wen. "Help me hold this. After entering the dimensional zone tomorrow, if everything goes smoothly, you can place it somewhere suitable."

"Could the thing inside be…" Before Zhou Wen could finish his sentence, Wang Lu pressed his lips with her finger.

"You just need to know. I’ll leave the item to you." With that said, Wang Lu got up and left the tent without staying any longer.

Zhou Wen looked at the box in front of him and couldn’t help but frown.

If his guess was right, the box likely contained an important treasure prepared by Wang Lu. It was very likely a high-level Companion Egg. As Companion Beasts couldn’t be too far from their masters, they couldn’t be placed in dimensional zones to replicate them. This was also why Wang Huaiduan hadn’t experimented back then. It was because he didn’t have any Companion Eggs on him, preventing him from experimenting.

The Wang family had come prepared. They had definitely prepared a very high-level Companion Egg or other treasures. However, he didn’t know why Wang Lu had placed the item in the box with him.

Zhou Wen didn’t open the box to see what it was. He put it away and continued grinding his game dungeons.

The night passed uneventfully. The next morning, the Wang family packed their things and marched through the boulder. Zhou Wen followed the team. At the instant he passed through the crack, the scene in front of him didn’t seem much different from what he had seen before.

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