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Chapter: 12

Although Claire quickly caught up, she was still half a step behind the patriarch and them. When she arrived, the three warriors in the clan had already been overturned to the ground, and the patriarch and the more than ten warriors around them also looked like they were facing a formidable enemy. Obviously, the opponent’s strength exceeded their expectations.

The patriarch stared at the enemy in front of him, and the sharpened spear in his hand stabbed straight up like a snake. Taking advantage of the opportunity, the other party was forced to take two steps back by him. The patriarch found a gap and stabbed towards the other party’s flaws. The other party’s response was also very fast. Almost at the moment when the patriarch attacked, he pulled out the short dagger from his waist. , collided with the opponent’s spear. In the confrontation of power and power, the four pairs of vertical pupils belonging to the beast looked at each other nervously, and no one would let anyone else, and they were at a stalemate for a while.

But this stalemate didn’t last long. The strengths of the two were almost the same, and the materials of the weapons used were different after all. Hearing a "click", the spear in the patriarch’s hand was broken into two pieces.

The patriarch lost the weapon in his hand and simply began to transform into a beast. A khaki light rose around him. This light was very similar to the light that appeared when Claire and the others transformed, but the color was much darker. One of his originally human face was gradually replaced by some kind of furry substance, and soon, he lowered his body, with sharp claws growing out of his hands, dragging a long tail behind him, plus With his huge size and thick mane, what appeared in front of everyone was a lion.

This is the first time that Claire has seen the patriarch’s beast shape, but now, she has no time to care about these, because she has already recognized who the intruder standing opposite the patriarch is: "No, you all Stop fighting, stop! Please!"

With the keen hearing of beasts, the patriarch and the invaders certainly did not fail to hear Claire’s words, but they still did not stop fighting with each other. If you want to end this battle, unless one of them loses, no one will quit, and no one will believe that the other party will let him go after he quits.

There will be a certain difference in strength between humanoid and beast-shaped, so when the patriarch changes into beast-shaped, the scale of victory tilts slightly in his favor. The intruder used a short dagger to block the attack of the patriarch male lion, while the patriarch male lion firmly held the dagger with his sharp claws, hurt his own palm, and grabbed the dagger from the intruder’s hand, Then toss it far away. A fierce light flashed in the vertical pupils of the patriarch male lion. From now on, they will be equal in all aspects.

"Invader, where did you know the entrance to our tribe? You’d better explain honestly, or I will kill you immediately!"

The patriarch leaped high, targeting the intruder’s fragile throat. He will dictate his fate by biting that man by the throat and forcing him to tell the truth.

"Why do you think I’ll tell you, eh? You rude fellow!" The intruder raised his head at this moment, a wild and handsome face full of fighting intent: "If you want to know the answer, defeat him first. I’ll say it again!"

That face, that voice, was obviously Pascal, who was chasing after Claire and Gerald.

As soon as the voice fell, a golden light rose from Pascal’s body, which represented his identity as a fire elementalist. He was bathed in pure and dazzling golden light, and with that seductive appearance, he was like a god.

The patriarch of the orc tribe was stagnant because of the sight in front of him. For him, this kind of mistake can be remedied most of the time. He quickly reacted and continued his offensive, but Pascal did not give him a chance to remedy. He seized his second of hesitation and pause, and rushed like a bolt of lightning to firmly suppress him to the ground. ——At this time, he has also become a strong adult male lion, no matter in terms of size or weight, he has no pressure to suppress the patriarch.

But when his neck was threateningly held back by the opponent’s sharp fangs, a trace of grief flashed in the patriarch’s eyes, and then, regardless of his own safety, he ordered the archer who finally arrived late: "The archer is ready to—"

"Patriarch…" Looking at the suppressed patriarch, the archers who were putting on their bows were hesitant. The intruder’s fangs were tightly attached to the patriarch’s neck, and their arrows were still quite a distance away from the two of them. If they make a move, before the invader is shot, their patriarch will probably be killed first; even if they are not killed by the invader, they may die under their arrows.

The patriarch’s eyes flashed with determination: "Don’t worry about me, shoot! This intruder is too threatening. If you let him go now, there will be endless troubles."

"Please wait, this intruder… Mr. Pascal is My companion!" Seeing the emergency, Claire hurriedly stopped in front of the two of them: "In order to ambush Lord Pascal, someone caught me and Gerald and lost the orc tribe’s territory. I think , Lord Pascal is coming here now, it should be just to find us, he has no ill will towards the orc tribe.



After a series of incidents, Pascal and his party – in fact, there are only two , ah no, the two and a half people – and the patriarch’s group, can finally sit down and have a good conversation.

The corner of the patriarch’s mouth was blue in the fight just now, which made his usual (so) prestige (old) image collapsed one by one like a weathered statue.

After Pascal and Claire sat down, the former began to look for the missing ‘half’ in his group: "Where’s Gerald? Where is he? Isn’t he with you?" Of course this was a question. Claire.

Claire smiled a little embarrassedly: "Gerald he… is now studying with the cubs in the tribe. Before you broke into the tribe, sir, I originally planned to go hunting with the warriors in the tribe. "In the process of explaining, she deliberately downplayed the words "orc" and "sub-beast".

Now she is facing Pascal, as if Pascal had entrusted her boy to her care, but she turned around and sent him to a girls’ school. Although the client also agreed to this decision, she could not help feeling guilty. Especially since the boy’s father is also her immediate boss.

The patriarch was a little surprised when he heard Pascal’s words: "Is that little Asian beast your cub?" He looked at Pascal and then at Claire, trying to see what the relationship was between them. , the hairs on Claire’s body stood up when he saw it. Uncomfortably, she turned her body to the side, trying to move the stone pier under her butt a little further, but found that the stone pier was directly connected to the ground ( ̄▽ ̄).

"Of course it’s my cub." Pascal said reluctantly: "Why, do you have any questions about this?"

The patriarch pointed at Claire: "But that little Asian beast is also her child."

"Claire is my subordinate, and usually helps me take care of Gerald when I’m busy (when I’m disgusted), so it’s not wrong to say that Gerald is her child."

"But she is a male, Why would you give your child to a male to take care of?" The more the patriarch looked at the two in front of him, the more suspicious he became.

The male Claire looked at Pascal even more embarrassedly, and silently wiped the sweat from her forehead. As for the patriarch, she didn’t have the courage to look…

Pascal raised an eyebrow: "You don’t know who she is a female?" He cast his scrutiny on Claire, and although he didn’t speak, Claire, with what she had known about Pascal over the years, could see that Pascal was asking, ‘What the hell are you hiding? I’, so the sweat on Claire’s head turned into mad sweat.

"Are you a female?" What the hell is going on here, and how didn’t I know this? The patriarch also locked his eyes on Claire’s body, and although Claire did not look up, she could feel the patriarch ask the same question as Pascal, so the sweat turned into waterfall sweat.

What was going on with her, it wasn’t that she deliberately concealed her identity, but that the orcs wishfully regarded her as their kind… Claire thought about it and began to straighten up again: "I was originally a female."

"But you can turn into a lion." The patriarch said quietly.

"I’ve said it all, I’m from outside, and we don’t measure females and males the same way we do here. It is you who do not believe in me. I never said I was a male."

At that time, she did not explain that she was a female, first, she felt that it was more difficult to explain, and second, she felt that it was unnecessary. Why does it matter if these orcs are seen as homosexual? Don’t you have to go hunting with you every day, this is her old job, it’s not a hassle at all. If she had been seen as a female here in the first place, she would not have been able to stand learning to sew and mend things every day and how to fall in love with the orcs. Besides, she confirmed that she didn’t have the mental strength, and from this point of view, she was still different from the female here.

"So Gerald was born to you and him?" The patriarch asked again.

"No ( ̄_ ̄|||)." Somehow, Claire always felt that their topic had a tendency to move in an increasingly eerie direction, and hurriedly pulled the topic back: "I think the patriarch should be more concerned about what is going on outside than my gender and my relationship with Lord Pascal and Gerald, right?"

Claire told the patriarch in detail how she and Gerald appeared in the orc territory. Once again, Pascal then adds to that part of his solo experience: "…in order to find Claire and Gerald, I defeated James the Panther and the men he brought to ambush me, and knew from him that This place."

"James…" The patriarch’s pupils shrank sharply: "That bastard, is he still alive?"

From the moment he heard the name, he believed Pascal’s words. No way, the name James had left a deep impression on him.

"He’s very cunning, I couldn’t kill him." Pascal crossed his fingers: "Now, James is one of the most trusted people around that guy at Serantte."

"Yeah, the trust gained by betraying the savior." The patriarch said with contempt and hatred.

"So, Black Panther James is the one you rescued?" Claire asked.

"That’s right! My father once said that the most regretful thing he ever did in his life was to save him! Not only did he bring the City Lord Serantte to kill our people, but he also took away important things from us!"

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