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Chapter: 13

"Something important? What is that? Claire asked curiously.

The patriarch was silent for a moment: "… It is a treasure given to us by the Beast God Lord. In the early years, we did not have an absolute advantage in the confrontation with the beasts. The Beast God Gave us the treasure, so the sub-beast had spiritual power, and the force in the orc’s body was also stimulated. It can be said that it is because of that thing that our tribe will have such a powerful force. "

"But Pank said that in recent years it has been difficult to find sub-beasts and orcs with good qualifications, is it for this reason…" The Pank in Claire’s mouth is the old sub-orc who originally answered her questions.

"I don’t know if the decline of the clan is due to our failure to protect the gifts given to us by the Beast God Lord, I just know that since the bastard Jem appeared with the guards of the city of Floville, our clan has been plunged into an unprecedented disaster." He remembered the tragic death of his people, remembered his father’s sadness and unwillingness before his death, the hand on the table was tightly clasped, and the sharp nails fell into the flesh: "I will not let go of that guy, absolutely not!" "

"Jem can’t beat very well, but I have to admit that he’s too cunning. Every time I thought I could catch him and kill him, he always managed to slip away from me. What’s more, he still has my good uncle Serantte as a patron, and according to the current situation of the orc tribe, it is not so easy for you to seek revenge on Jem."

"Even if it’s not easy, I’m going to do it!" As the culprit who killed so many of our people, Jem must use his blood to give us an account! The patriarch looked at Pascal with a look of dismay: "Or are you, as the nephew of the Lord of Serantte, you intend to stop me?"

"Hey, don’t get me wrong, Serantte and I are not distant uncles and nephews. Instead, he was my enemy. He took away the position of lord of the city that originally belonged to me, destroyed my elemental power, and forcibly expelled me from the city of Floville, after which he still did not trust my existence, and sent people out to hunt me down several times. Between me and him, there was already a situation where he didn’t have me, and there was no situation where I didn’t have him. If I was misunderstood to be with him, I would be really nervous. "

Claire nodded at the side, "That’s right, I said before that we are here now because of the ambush of Lord Serantte." So Lord Pascal, he couldn’t have been all the way with the lord of the city. "

Hearing Claire’s help, the patriarch’s face was somehow not very good, and the change in his look was so obvious that Claire wondered if he had inadvertently said something wrong, and he stopped speaking in confusion.

"How can I be sure if what you’re saying is true or false?"

Pascal spread his hands: "Believe it or not, it’s up to you." But let me remind you that we can’t be sure if what you’re saying is true or not —you can’t prove it to us, so in this case, I think we’re even."

"At such a time, shouldn’t you prove your sincerity to me?"


"Sincerity, sincerity… Oh, from now on, we have a common enemy. We can form allies against Lords of Serantte and Jem, and I can take back my lordship, and you can avenge you and retrieve your lost treasures by the way—I don’t think there’s any better proof of my sincerity."

"I’m not sure if our tribe were allies with your people, we wouldn’t be held back." The patriarch looked at Pascal with disgust.

Claire thought that this guy had always had an inexplicable hostility toward people from the outside world, just like Lord Pascal now, just like himself at the beginning. It was really hard to be a member of the orc tribe, and it was necessary to put up with such a strange-tempered patriarch.

Faced with the patriarch’s questioning, Pascal unceremoniously countered: "Yes, yes, you reminded me. Judging from the performance of the so-called warriors in your race just now, I am afraid that I cannot expect too much from you. "

"You…" The patriarch narrowed his eyes, but did not know how to refute it. After all, just now so many of them came forward to deal with the person in front of them, but it was a fact that they all returned home.

But when Pascal faced someone he didn’t like, he didn’t mind poking at the other person’s sore spot, and now the patriarch had tasted the pain of being caught by him.

"Well, that’s it, I don’t want to argue with you for these meaningless things." Pascal, after taking advantage of the verbal advantage, said to the patriarch, "I don’t know why you have such a great hostility toward me—after I explained to you the hostile relationship between me and Serantte. I just want to remind you that it’s very difficult for you or me to deal with Serantte and Jem alone, but it’s something we both have to do, so why should we dwell on the minutiae? Can we get worse together than going it alone? "

When Pascal said this, it seemed that the one who was unreasonable and had nothing to do had become the patriarch… While this is a fact, no one likes to hear such a fact.

The patriarch always had a somber face and a very unpleasant look, but from his expression, Pascal knew that he had listened to what he had just said.

"I have agreed to the alliance for the time being." The patriarch finally relaxed, and the premeditated Pascal immediately climbed up the steps: "In this case, it is time for you to show your sincerity as an ally." As our allies, you wouldn’t mind doing us a small favor and sending me out with Claire and Gerald, right? You know, we also need to go back to the territory to prepare for the force."

The patriarch’s cold eyes swept over Pascal: "My words are not finished." Although I have promised to make an alliance with you for the time being, I have not yet fully believed in your character as an ally. So, until you are truly recognized by me and the wise men and elders of the tribe, you cannot leave our tribe, you must stay here for our observation. His eyes flashed again with the thick smile that Jem had when he was still in the tribe, and only then did his slightly gentle attitude harden again: "I will never let you leave here until I confirm that you are trustworthy."

"That sounds a little unfair to us. From the very beginning of the negotiations, it has been you who have been asking us of us. I think we are both equal, not an affiliation."


"Yes, you’re right. But I don’t trust you, I won’t entrust the safety of the tribe to people of unknown character, we have already suffered such losses!" The patriarch seemed to have expected Pascal to say this, and unhurriedly took up Pascal’s topic: "Of course, you can think of it from another angle, during your stay, you can also observe the people in our tribe." This expedition is mutual, and not only do we need it, but you need it too."

Pascal frowned, but he couldn’t say anything more, he could understand the concerns of the isolated tribe. If he wanted to ally with this tribe, he had to worry about their mood and make some compromises and concessions. While this may not be fair to them, what can be done?

After weighing the pros and cons in his mind, Pascal nodded to the patriarch.

Finally pulling back a round from Pascal, the patriarch revealed a faint smile: "He is very happy, it seems that we have reached a consensus on this point." "

"I agree that we will observe both sides, but even if it is observation, there must be a deadline, right?" We are not people here and cannot live here for long. "

"How about ten years? Ten years is enough time for us to get to know each other in depth. The patriarch said without thinking.

"Oh, very well, so all we have to do in this decade is to observe each other and not think about revenge on Salem at all, right?" Although he is now allyed with the patriarch, just as the patriarch is guarding him, he has no good feelings for the patriarch, so his tone is quite ironic: "Don’t you think that the time you set seems too insincere?" If I stay here for a long time and don’t go back, I won’t be able to get the latest news of Them, and the strength of my men may change."

"Lord Pascal, don’t tell him!" I think he’s a little abnormal today, he’s deliberately working against us! Let’s go to the wise men or the elders, who are able to do the things in the clan! Claire pulled Pascal and wanted to leave, without leaving a single look for the patriarch: "I don’t understand why he can be so willful, willful for granted!" I don’t want to put up with his waywardness anymore, not at all! "

Pascal looked at the patriarch’s face, and with a little thought in his heart, he said quietly, "You are right, I originally thought that I could sit on the position of patriarch at a young age, and should be a wise and far-sighted person, but I did not expect that the patriarch of the orc tribe really disappointed me." Let’s go and talk to someone who can be reasonable."

"Since ten years can’t work, let’s do it for five years." The patriarch stared firmly at Claire’s back: "How about this time?" "

"Are you bargaining with us?" Do you think we are in a free trade market? Claire looked at the patriarch in disbelief.

The patriarch looked at Claire a little dejectedly: "You said you were going to set a time, I just said what I thought was the right time." He still seemed a little aggrieved.

Claire stroked her forehead and fell down completely.

"If you want to set a boundary, I think three months is enough, we don’t need to know each other, we just need to see each other." Pascal said unceremoniously, "And, just as you orcs have the Force, we have the power that belongs to us." We can’t exert this power in orc territory, and staying here for a long time will make us stop."

The patriarch frowned, "I’ve never heard of anything like this." There was a slight suspicion in my heart that Pascal had deliberately deceived himself in order to leave earlier.

"You’ve never been out of orc territory, so how much do you know about us?" Pascal retorted, "Seriously, I think you should take your people out to see, you’ve been living here, you don’t know anything about the rest of the continent, the news is too closed."

In the end, the patriarch made a concession: "Two years, at least you have to stay here for two years, let me see if you are trustworthy people, I will make a decision whether to help you leave." And your little sub-beasts need to learn from us how to use psychic powers—I guess you didn’t teach them there, did you? For the small sub-beast, two years of spiritual power study is a must, and you should think more about it for your little sub-beast."

"If it’s necessary for Gerald, I don’t object. But –" Pascal turned his head. "I’ve been asking since just now, what’s a beast?"

"…" Claire looked at Pascal with an embarrassed smile: "this is the way it is, Lord Pascal, listen to me slowly, don’t be angry…"

"What did you do that would make me angry?" Pascal raised his eyebrows. This time, she even used the honorific title. It seems that she has made a lot of trouble.


"So you raised my son as a daughter?" Pascal sighed, "Claire, I trusted you so much that I left Gerald in your care, but who knows… You are like this, how can I rest assured that I will hand over Gerald to you in the future? "

"I’m sorry, Lord Pascal, it was my fault that I didn’t explain it to the orc tribe in time." Claire already felt weak-hearted, and as soon as Pascal said this, she immediately took the initiative to admit her mistake.

"I know you didn’t mean it, but I’m afraid That Gerald will have some psychological shadow because she was raised as a girl during this time." Well, for a while, you don’t get too close to Gerald. "

The solid-eyed girl Claire obediently apologized again, and felt that she was deeply sinful, not knowing that the little man in her heart of her good father, Lord Pascal, was already laughing arrogantly.

Let these lionesses always say that he is not a qualified breeder, let them always forbid him to go near Gerad’s side for various reasons, and now that he has grabbed Claire’s handle, he must of course take advantage of it.

At the thought of being able to be alone with Gerald, ah no, two lions to cultivate father-son feelings, Pascal felt that he seemed that the long two-year contract was not so long. I knew he should have booked one more year (╯□╰).

"Wait, according to what you mean, Gerald is not a sub-beast?" Looking at the guilt-ridden Claire and the generous-looking Pascal, the patriarch was still confused: "How is this possible?" I mean, Gerald obviously has the spiritual power that only sub-beasts can have, and its talent is quite high, I think, this is the most powerful proof! Moreover, he cannot turn into a beast! "

"I’ve already told you that the outside world and your tribe judge females and males differently." Pascal didn’t explain the meaning in detail to the patriarch: "Well, the process is not important, what matters is the result, you just need to know that Gerald is my son, a male cub, and he cannot produce offspring."

"Lord Pascal, if we can’t go back for the past two years, they will look for us everywhere because of worry?" After the parents’ criticism, Claire was relieved and worried about another problem.

"That’s what I said." Pascal thought a little and immediately turned his eyes to the patriarch.

The patriarch was a little chilly by his eyes, which reminded him of the eyes of the orcs when they looked at the prey bound by them and unable to resist.

"Patriarch, since you are so kind to invite us to stay, we can’t refuse. However, we have to send someone to inform our companions. It’s up to the hospitable patriarch. You orcs are best suited to do such errands. It’s just such a small thing. I’m sure you can do it well right, patriarch?"

Patriarch: "…" what do they mean that orcs are best suited to do such errands? Do they orcs run errands for others? Is it too late for him to go back and throw this man out! If he dies early in the past two years, it must be this man doing!

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