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Chapter: 14

After the initial cooperation agreement was established, the patriarch invited Pascal to go hunting together. Claire habitually wanted to follow as usual, but was stopped by the patriarch: "You don’t need to participate in the hunt, just stay in the tribe and wait for us to come back. If you want, you can talk to the tribe. The other people here learn to sew and cook."

"Why?" Claire looked at the patriarch strangely: "We went hunting together yesterday, wasn’t it good?" The

patriarch coughed: "At that time, neither of us did. I know you’re a female." He felt ashamed to say that he had to rely on females to accompany him to hunt to increase the amount of prey.

"As I said, don’t confuse me with the Asian beasts of your tribe, I’m not that delicate." Claire flexibly dodged and came to Pascal’s side: "In our place, all females are responsible for hunting. , the male is responsible for driving away foreign enemies and patrolling the territory, understand?"

"Shouldn’t driving away foreign enemies and hunting both be male tasks?" Outside they actually let you go hunting? The patriarch was taken aback and then looked at Pascal with a condemning look.

"All said and done, we are not the same as you here, don’t measure me by your standards… It’s really dead-headed, and that’s why I’m impatient to talk with you orcs. Claire waved her claws impatiently at the patriarch: "With this spare time, it is better to go hunting with us earlier, today we have wasted a lot of time, and we are not grasping it!"

After saying this, Claire did not give the patriarch another chance to argue, and transformed into a lion with beautiful lines, and disappeared in a few jumps. She was very good at recognizing the way, and had walked with the patriarch yesterday and already knew where it was easiest to catch prey.

Pascal exhorted the patriarch, "The most favorite thing for the girls of our tribe is to run freely on the prairie and enjoy the thrill of catching prey, they are all natural warriors." So, don’t say anything to Claire about not getting involved in the hunt, it will make her unhappy."

"But…" The patriarch frowned, he was accustomed to the weakness of the sub-beasts, and obviously there was still some fierceness that could not adapt to the external females.

"The protection you think of as a kind of confinement for Claire, treating her in the way claire is used to, is also a kind of respect for her." Pascal walked to the door of the cave, "Well, I’m hungry too, so I’ll go hunting with Claire." Although most of our male lions hunt by females, I am not in this routine."

Pascal disappeared into view like a wind, chasing away Claire’s scent. After they left, the orc tribe’s hunting squad also poked their heads into the cave: "Patriarch, Claire and the man have gone hunting, should we also leave?" Leaving the two of them there, there might be danger."

The patriarch shook his head and decided not to think about the questions that bothered him: "Let’s go."


I don’t know if it is the bad luck of today’s hunters, although Pascal, a strong man, has joined the hunting team, but they have hunted less prey than yesterday.

With the assistance of Pascal and Claire, the hunt was significantly reduced and the process became easier, but they encountered fewer prey.

The patriarch looked at the food in his hand worriedly: "The food hunted today may not be enough for everyone in the tribe to eat for a day."

They wanted to wait for a few more prey, but they waited left and right, not to mention the large prey, but even a single rabbit did not appear.

Snow fell from mid-air and fell on the faces and bodies of everyone, and although everyone was a thickly hairy animal, they also felt the cold. Claire shook her body and threw down the snowflakes that had become white and transparent after falling on her. The big cat didn’t like its fur to get wet, and the feeling of the snow turning into water and then sticking to her body made Claire feel terrible.

The Patriarch aimed his hand at Claire, and a slight wind blew from his palm, which did not make Claire feel cold, but was able to blow the snow off her body. The patriarch’s expression in doing this action was very serious, and there was a softness in his eyes that he himself did not perceive.

Claire, who had just fallen to the bottom of her impression of the patriarch, saw him so carefully, and her impression of him rose a little.

The Patriarch sensed Claire’s gaze, facing her four eyes, and then… There was no more, because he said another sentence that made Claire want to flatten him to death: "Just now in the tribe should listen to me, the female really should not come out, is this not self-inflicted guilt?"

Claire slapped the patriarch away with a black face.

The onlookers dropped their jaws in shock.

Words of concern can also be said so awkwardly, the patriarch is also absolutely desperate, his mouth is so cheap, he deserves to be beaten.

"It’s not going to work like this, there’s no bait, and the prey probably won’t risk running out." Lord Pascal, why don’t we lay some traps to catch our prey, as we used to do on the prairie."

"You can give it a try." Pascal looked at a warthog he was carrying, "Just use this as bait."

"What are you discussing?" The patriarch came together as if nothing had happened—if you ignored his blackened lid-like face and the distinct slap mark on the left side of his face, he might as well pretend that nothing had happened.

"Didn’t you set a trap, didn’t you do it, Patriarch?" Claire, who was busy on the sidelines, had no time to deal with a guy with a negative emotional intelligence: "It seems that you have always been accustomed to catching prey with brute force, no wonder it is so inefficient." "

"…"The orcs lay innocently with their guns.

"Need help?"

"No, you just have to stand where you are, don’t add to the chaos."

The orcs quietly wiped their sweat, and with the blessing of the patriarch, they suddenly felt that they had become an eyesore in the process of Claire’s hunting.

"When the traps are set, hide behind the tree with me and don’t make any noise. Find the air outlet and try not to send out your smell."

More than an hour later, the first prey fell into the trap, which was a hyena. Picky eaters all said that this thing could not be used as food. They picked up the hyena, killed it, threw it aside and began to wait for the second prey. The second prey is a leopard. It has a shriveled abdomen and looks hungry for a long time. The moment he fell into the trap, he was killed by the hidden people and put away as a new prey.

After that, it was a long time before they saw the third prey….

"I don’t know if it’s my delusion, I always feel that there are fewer prey these days than in previous days." One of the orcs looked at today’s harvest and said with emotion. It took them half the time today to barely catch as much prey as yesterday.

"It’s winter and the prey isn’t coming out, it’s normal."

On the way to the tribal territory, Claire and Pascal also found a few hibernating non-venomous snakes, and they strangled the long guys to death, intending to take them back to the territory to roast or cook soup to drink, making snake soup is also a good choice.

When Pascal and the Patriarch and the others returned to the territory, Gerald and the other had just finished class, and a group of small sub-beasts and a pseudo-sub-beast surged out of the cave. Every time the hunting party returns, it is the happiest time for everyone, because it means that they can get their share of food.

Pascal had been looking for a small figure at the moment when the small sub-beasts poured out, but there were too many people, and he couldn’t find it for a while, and his mood was a little irritable. In these days of separation, only he himself knows how much he misses the little one.

It wasn’t until he saw the small figure in his memory being pulled forward by a baby bear that his mood began to relax. It seemed that the little one still had to be put under his nose, Pascal thought.

The little guy has gained some weight and become round, like a ball, but it is still very young, so even if it is fat, it is not ugly, it only makes people feel cute. It is pulled by the baby bear and shuttled through the crowd, and the small face of the round beep is deformed from time to time by the squeeze of the crowd, which makes people feel very funny.

In order for the little guy to be able to see him smoothly, he could also stand in the direction of the little guy’s progress.

Who knows, after looking at him, the little guy actually ignored him very calmly?

Pascal felt that his mood was beginning to become unhappy again, who said that the little lion would miss his father after a period of separation? It was rare that he opened his arms and posed, just waiting for the little guy to pounce into his arms, but it actually didn’t exist?!

Pascal gritted his teeth, very good, he will teach the adopted son of the ‘long farewell’ how to respect his father!

Gerald, who was passing by Pascal, rubbed his eyes and shivered strangely: "Just now, I seem to have seen Pascal?" Illusion, must be an illusion… How could Pascal be here. Gerald brushed off her jumbled thoughts and walked joyfully towards Claire again: "Claire, what prey did you hit today, let me see…"

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