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Chapter: 64

Chen Changdong: …

Chen Changdong felt like he is defeated by this team. People want life not money, but they want money instead of life, a’ight?! Everyone in that team, the moment they opened their mouth is to talk about points, why don't they go out and rob instead?! No, this is a robbery, or should he say a daylight robbery! But, so what? He still has to obediently pull out his wallet and let others take it. Moreover, he has to say, "How much do you want? Just to take at will. If it's not enough, I still have some here."

Bah, why is his situation so pitiful?

Lou Fan quietly gave Chen Shuyang a thumbs up. He did a beautiful job. For their first business, they need to leave a good impression and not ask for too high a price. After all, their business reputation is not up there yet, so they can do this slowly. They can't scare away their customers. These are long-term businesses.

Chen Changdong didn't know what Lou Fan was thinking. But if he knew, he would probably vomit blood. Chen Shuyang's asking price is not high indeed. It’s only 1,000 points. What can he buy with 1,000 points at Lazuli? Those items are nothing usable at moments like this, okay? So, with 1,000 points to buy a Yang Gathering Amulet, it can be considered that they got a bargain.

Chen Changdong accepted the offer and transferred the payment. Upon receiving the goods, he put the Yang Gathering Amulet in his bag. After thinking about it, he bought a few other amulets from Chen Shuyang. He wanted to keep them around just in case.

Chen Shuyang smiled so widely that his eyes cannot be seen anymore. Inside, he is secretly calculating the points he had earned. Now, he is also someone who can earn points. Selling charms to earns points, and he can draw a lot to sell too.

Earlier, Chen Shuyang was immersed in the great joy of the Lou Fan’s spirit weapon being upgraded, and now he has earned points for the team. Chen Shuyang can't wait to act like a rich person, waving his hand and taking his teammates to eat a nice meal in a restaurant. But the reality is that they are trapped in the mall and can't get out. Moreover, the people in the mall are very weird, and they don't want to risk eating here. Chen Shuyang had a sense of melancholy that he suddenly made a fortune, but didn't know how to spend it. It is really frustrating him to death.

On the 10th day of coming here, the 7th person who fell from the building died. He died in a tragic and terrifying state. During this period, Lou Fan has adapted to his upgraded bow and could shoot up to 3 spiritual arrows at a time, which he could control them. Moreover, every time he dealt with evil spirits, he could feel that the spiritual arrows had the function of purifying the spirits. Not sure if it is because he had an epiphany by relying on the master's chanting of Buddhist scriptures, so that’s why there is a power of purification in it.

On the other hand, Lou Fan found 4 sets of attribute crystals, several other crystals, and 5 white crystals in the shopping mall, which can be said to be quite rewarding. And although the amulet drawn by Chen Shuyang is not as good as the one he exchanged with other passengers in Lazuli, it can be considered a substitute nonetheless.

After the 7th person fell from the building, the Level 10 team sealed the 7th evil spirit that appeared, and both teams began to nervously prepare for the final battle. Chen Changdong felt that his team is actually lucky this time. The fact that the junior team had 2 members with intermediate spirit weapons helped them a lot. It gave him a little more confidence to pass this mission world.

The master carried a bunch of his own things and followed both teams out of the staff lounge. They planned to go to the 5th floor and wait for the final evil spirit. After all, the yin aura is the thickest there every time.

Following behind, Lou Fan looked at the master’s casual and easy attitude. Then he remembered the master’s indifferent face before going out of the staff lounge. There seems to be an unusual feeling to it. He inadvertently glanced at the black watch on his wrist and suddenly paused. Looking at the back of the master's head, Lou Fan got frightened by the unbelievable thought that came to his mind.

Their task is to prevent the death of the 8th person to fall and protect the eminent monk. Could it be that the master is the 8th person who is about to fall from the building? Therefore, their tasks seem to be made up of 2 different tasks, but they are actually the same task. If this is the case, then the importance of the master is self-evident.

Lou Fan shivered inexplicably from head to toe and his heart trembled from the chill. What happens when the master dies? Lou Fan didn't dare to think about it, and immediately took a few steps forward, pulling Qin Tan back to speak. His serious expression made the other three members nervously lean over. After hearing Lou Fan’s thoughts, everyone broke out in a cold sweat.

Wen Lang and Jiang Dong immediately walked up to the master’s side to stand guard.

Lou Fan discussed with Qin Tan that no matter what happens, protecting the master is the first priority. The evil ghost king is, in a sense, the Level 10 team’s task and they can help as much as they can if needed. However, the premise is that the evil ghost king will not seek trouble with the master. As long as they successfully prevent the evil ghost king from killing the master before the mission time ends, their task is completed.

Lou Fan silently counted in his heart that there are still 2 days left to go back to Lazuli. If they can't kill the ghost king within these 2 days, will they be able to survive until the time to go back? If the ghost king is not killed, then the Level 10 team’s mission will definitely not be completed...

Lou Fan looked at the Level 10 team with a complicated gaze. This world is so cruel and one could only speak with their strength. If not enough strength, then their ending is to be obliterated.

While speaking, the group of people reached the circular atrium in the middle. Instantly, a thick yin aura burst out.

It’s coming!

With the weapons in their hands, everyone looked around vigilantly. The thick bloody smell blew out from all directions, making people feel like fainting from the stink. It is almost impossible to imagine how many people died to have such a strong bloody smell.

Chen Shuyang drew a lot of Yang Gathering Amulet, and everyone got one to stick on themselves. The white crystal lit up, and the surrounding area that was originally pitch black suddenly lit up. Everyone looked around, only to feel a sour sensation coming out of their chests, almost uncontrollably vomiting out.

It’s not an exaggeration to describe the surrounding scene as a bloody field. The mountain of corpses, the sea of blood, and the layers of corpses piled up on each other. It is almost impossible to make up a complete human shape (due to the corpse stacking up tightly).

"Have we arrived at the evil ghost’s lair?"

The master's expression is calm, and he quickly puts up a setting. A yellow cloth is spread out on the ground. The fingernails and hair of the 7 dead people collected are put on it, as well as the glutinous rice from the 8 shops. With a shake of his plain robe, the eminent monk sat down. He clasped his hands together and started reciting Buddhist scriptures.

At that moment, everyone's mind suddenly became much clearer, and ripples of power began to spread out in the air. One could even see the ripples as they hit something in the air and then disappeared.

They are trapped by the evil ghost king.

Lou Fan also shot a few spirit arrows to check and saw that the spirit arrows encountered the same obstacles. The ripples spread out, and the spirit arrows disappeared.

As if feeling their resistance, the corpses around them began to stagger and stand up. Then, they moved toward their group with bared teeth and claws.

"Be vigilant! Everyone spread out and don't let these corpses injure you." As the leader of the Level 10 team, Chen Changdong is one of the most experienced people here.

After a few quick reminders, Chen Changdong swung out with a flick of the fishing rod. It is hooked on a walking corpse, and the fishing line is wrapped around its neck. With a slight force, the head fell from the shoulder, and the walking corpse slowly fell down. One corpse down.

Seeing Chen Changdong’s movements, the other members of the team are not to be outdone. They quickly waved the spirit weapon in their hands and attacked the walking corpse.

Qin Tan whispered to his team members, "Don’t separate and try to stay together as much as possible. The most important thing is to protect the master. Pay attention to the situation around, the evil ghost king should appear soon."

Everyone nodded. Wen Lang, Jiang Dong, and Chen Shuyang tightly surrounded the master who is sitting on the ground motionless as a mountain. Qin Tan and Lou Fan wandered around their team, dealing with the slowly approaching walking corpse.

Both their spirit weapons are intermediate level so it is easy for Qin Tan and Lou Fan to deal with this kind of walking corpse. Lou Fan's spirit arrows are always shot 3 at a time. After the arrows are released, 3 walking corpses will fall to the ground at the same time. Lou Fan is like a reaper. Before the walking corpse is near, all of them got resolved by him. Qin Tan had no chance to act at all, so his attention turned to the master.

The group of people killed the corpse until their hands and feet felt weak but the walking corpses continued to stand up and approach from the back. The surroundings that were still bright earlier suddenly darkened. Next, the white crystal also declared the end of its usability. Suddenly, everyone fell into darkness.

For no reason, a gust of wind that caused palpitations blew, and Chen Shuyang’s hand that is going to stick a new Yang Gathering Amulet trembled. Immediately afterward, a slight 'puchi' sound can be heard and something fell to the ground. When he can see his surroundings clearly again, Chen Shuyang heard Liu Xing's cry.

"Sister, sister... open your eyes! Team leader, please save my sister!" Liu Xing hugged Liu Yue's body, which kept sliding down, and cried so hard.

Earlier, a gust of wind blew, and Liu Xing suddenly sensed something beside her. Then, before she could react, her elder sister beside her threw herself into her arms. Next, Liu Xing heard her sister gro.a.ned in pain, and her body fell limply.

"Live..." The voice as thin as a whisper said.

A big hole appeared in Liu Yue's chest, and gushes of blood flowed out, staining her clothes red. Liu Xing cried as she tried to cover Liu Yue’s wound with her hand and her pale hand quickly get covered with blood. She only had one hand at the moment so she is supporting Liu Yue with her body, while her other injured arm helplessly wanted to do something.

"Sister, elder sister...Why do you want to save me?! Why are you always like this?!"

Chen Changdong stepped over in a few steps and took Liu Yue into his arms. This calm man had a dazed expression on his face at the moment. He hurriedly took out the medicine from his bag, but he couldn't open it because his hands are shaking uncontrollably. After repeating it a few times, he finally opened it and desperately sprinkled the powder on Liu Yue's chest.

Liu Yue struggled to open her eyes and saw the man's pursed lips and tightened chin. She wanted to laugh and touch it with her hand, but she didn't have the strength to raise her hand at all. She is so tired of struggling to live in this world, and she really wants to have a good night's sleep. But she is reluctant, reluctant to part with Liu Xing. Liu Xing’s character is naive and reckless. Without her by her side, will it be difficult for Liu Xing to live on in the future? Also, Liu Yue is reluctant to part with this man. This man has a broad back and she always follows behind him. She does not feel afraid at all. However, she is so tired now that she wanted to close her eyes and sleep.

"Liu Yue, I won't allow you to die!" Chen Changdong's low voice seemed to be squeezed from between his gritted teeth.

Liu Yue looked at Chen Changdong and her lips moved, but she didn't make a sound. She could only use all her strength to move her gaze to look at Liu Xing.

Chen Changdong's face is terrifyingly gloomy, and he finally nodded, "I will help you to take care of Liu Xing."

Liu Yue seemed to put down the most important thing from her shoulders. The corners of her mouth curved up. Closing her eyes, Liu Yue tilted her head and buried her head in Chen Changdong’s arms.

Chen Changdong's arms hugged Liu Yue tightly. He lowered his head and touched her forehead with his own. He could feel her body temperature dropping slowly, and there seemed to be a metallic taste in his mouth.

He hasn't told her yet that he has always liked her.

The author has something to say:

Poor Team leader Chen, your wife is gone... I'm so sorry to you!

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