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Chapter: 1325

The Ninth Floor

Chapter 1325 The Ninth Floor  And the creepier thing was that the old man did not seem to emanate any kind of aura at all. It was like he is a normal person

But the fact that he stops that fist with one finger is kind of like an obvious slap to the face to people who thought that the old man is just a normal old man

When Gabe unleashes his fist, even the bar was affected and all the glass on the counter, behind it, inside the cupboard, all of them exploded at the same time because of the pressure. 

Even the one stored inside a reinforced runic cupboard was smashed by the force

When the bartender sees this scene of the old man stopping his fist with one finger, he was shocked beyond belief

If before he treated this old man as simply just some out of towner who does not know to measure his own ability, right now, the bartender is quite sure that this old man is not an ordinary person at all.

'One disagreement and you want to kill me? Really a rogue. That would not do at all' Azief said as he chuckles

There is a smile on his face. Gabe also knows that something is wrong right now. So, he quickly tries to take back his fist.

But then to his horror, he found out that he could not take back his fist. 

It was like the finger that is touching his fist, is forcing it to stay. He then wanted to move his feet and then he found out that his entire body could not move

It was like there is a force that pulls him toward the old man finger, like it is a black hole sucking him in

This pulling force did not appear when he did not move. But as long as he tries to move away from the old man, the pulling force would force him to stay there.

'What did you do to me!' he shouted. 

Even though his body could not move he could still speak. 

The horror in his voice quickly informs everyone in the second floor that something is wrong with the Enforcer. 

At first some of the pirate on the second floor is just looking at this scuffle as something to pass their time. 

This was not the first time someone made a problem in Hanging Head. 

Most of the time, they would be killed or tortured to serve as a warning. They thought they could see a battle here.

And while they pity the old man, it is the old man fault for not recognizing the kindness that the bartender and the enforcer had extended to him.

It is brutal but it is something that they have been accustomed with

But the reason why people still come to such place is because even though Hanging head conduct is a little overbearing and over the top. 

Most of the people that came here knows that unless you did something to provoke the Hanging Head, they would not find problems with you. 

This is the reason why some of the city guards just close one eye when it is related to the activities of the Hanging Head.

However, it seems that today, Hanging Head tavern had kicked a hard plate. Some of them sighed and some of them look at this with intent eyes

Some whispers with each other. Gabe notice the whispers and the look. All of the people on the second floor is only looking at him and the old man

But while some are confident that they could stay here, some are not. They could tell something big is going to happen.

'I'm leaving' someone said and he jumped down from the second floor to the first floor and he probably run far away from the tavern

Some people follows that person. 

They could tell that this is a prelude to a trouble. It is fine if the old man dies in that first attack 

But since the old man survives, and also seems capable enough to make Gabe so terrified, some people knows that this would lead to a battle. 

Those who are not confident of themselves would quickly exit the area of fearing to be a collateral damage.

The fact that the old man could force Gabe to such a situation using only one finger must mean that he is also Disk Formation realm. 

And everyone knows that Disk Formation leveler is like a walking nuclear weapons. 

In the past, any duels or fight of the Disk Formation leveler would be supervised by the Seven Great Powers. 

And if it is not some duels and instead a fight it is better to fight outside of the city or you would be hunted down by the Seven Great Powers for the damages done and the casualties that is inflicted.

The incident in Bhutan and in Vietnam has demonstrated that Disk Formation leveler is a nuclear weapon walking. 

Hence, the control the Seven Great Power enacted over the Disk Formation levelers all over the world. 

At that time, it was very easy to get caught by the Seven Great Powers

This have something to do with the fact that when a Disk Formation leveler fights or uses their powers, the emanation of their energy is so obvious that it could hardly be hidden. 

There is also the fact that Earth is small. 

And any fight of that level would be hard to miss. So, in the past, before a Disk Formation levelers fought against each other, they would either go to some deserted island or deserts to fight

Some would even leave the Earth atmosphere to fight in space. 

This however changed after the Multiversal Convergence

Earth expanded almost every day. New continents form and there is a surge of energy rising from the ground and coming from the Heavens, filling Heaven and Earth

It is harder not only to determine the location of a fight, it is also harder to pinpoint energy as the distance become further away.

And usually Disk Formation leveler right now always pick another place to fight. There is a lot of empty land all over the world. There is probably millions of island all over the world.

Hardly one would miss one or two island in the vast land that is now Earth.

Basically, the Seven Great Powers do not have the resources necessary or the ability to surveil all over the whole world like they used to before. 

Since the Multiversal Convergence ended, things have begun to become like the early beginning chaotic period after the Fall. 

Of course, this did not mean that a Disk Formation leveler could just went amuck and destroy cities and towns. 

After all, people had learned from the past. Cities now is different form the cities of the past. 

Most cities that are not under the rule of the Seven Great Power would usually hires all kinds of formation and array master to put up protection arrays so that when a Disk formation leveler fight each other, the damage would be isolated into some kind of other dimension. 

But that is not the case for this pirate city. To create such a powerful and mystical formation, only the top tier cities could afford it.

This is a pirate city on the route of the Turbulent Sea. Not even the Seven Great Powers knows where this place is. 

And some pirates only heard the name of this city and had never gone to it.

How could it have such a complicated and mystical formation when even array master did not dare to sail this sea?

There are of course a few protection formations but that is not against Disk Formation leveler. All of this information is widely known for the people inside the tavern

And because they know it, some of them are sweating cold sweat. It was like an involuntary response. Many of them were anxious. 

So, they could tell that if these two people fought against each other and this fight went out of control, then they, the small fry would probably be the collateral damage of these two people

So, they jump down. And ran as fast as their feet could run

When the people from the second floor jump to the first floor, it was not long before the news spread out to the first floor. 

And just like the second floor, some people quickly run for the exit and some people jump up to the second floor. 

Some people are confident of themselves and wanted to see the fight. 

Some people just wanted to be a witness to some great moments. After all, there would always be some brave ones. 

The third floor and the above did not know what is happening but there is a ruckus in the first and second floor. 

The moment they heard the ruckus, they know something is wrong. There is a noise neutralization rune on each floor. 

That way, the sound is separated. So, it would not be too noisy. 

As many of them are pirates, they are loud and boisterous. 

But the noise from above does not travel to below and vice versa. 

While the people are running away from the tavern, on the ninth floor, a powerful aura began to rise. It rises only for a second before it dissipates. 


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