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Chapter: 1327


Chapter 1327 Devour  The ninth floor has been paying attention. As for the people on the second floor, things are getting tenser. 

Azief look at Gabe that tries to remove his hand and tries to run away for him to no avail. And even though he did not look around he could still sense people are leaving the tavern

To him, this is even better. 

Azief on the other hand did not care whether people stay or go. After all, he wanted to draw out the people of this tavern.

In other words, he is like a Karen right now, wanting to see the manager and whining because the manager did not want to come out. 

Only this Karen is the strongest person in the world and there is no force on Earth that could afford not to listen to him whine. 

'Kneel' Azief said and there is a force pushing Gabe from above. When he spoke, it was like the entire world listen and obey. 

The other people could not feel this but Gabe felt this. 

The suppression is like someone had just put down a mountain on both of his shoulders.

It was the heavenly Wil.

After Azief confirms that he is still the strongest person in the world, he did not hesitate to use his power right now. 

Of course, to everybody they could not sense this oppression of the Heaven since this oppression is only focused on Gabe. 

Gabe immediately turns pale and he could feel the pressure even scattered all of his aura.

The thick red aura around him that represented his bloodlust was squashed like a hammer smashing onto a fragile glass.

His fist is still stuck to that finger like there is some powerful glue that stick them together. 

His shoulder felt like something had just hit him from above forcing him to kneel. He kneels so hard that the wooden surface of the floor cracks. 

His knee bones cracked almost in an instant and he coughed up golden blood. 

His knees smashed the wooden floor and reveals the granite-like floor underneath it

Most of the floor on the tavern is layered with wood. However, the floor is not really wood but a granite-like stones that is very shock absorbent.

The wooden layer is simply to add the atmosphere. 

But right now, even the wooden layer is breaking and even the granite seems to depressed two feet deep. 

Before Gabe was looking down on Azief because of his height but right now, even though Azief height is not as impressive as Gabe, he was looking down on Gabe who was kneeling on a depressed surface which makes Azief appears taller. 

Then Azief said


BOOOM! There is a shockwave that exploded around the finger. 

This shockwave did not affect Gabe or Azief. 

It was like a force tries to push back against Azief force and neutralized almost immediately

And Gabe could feel all of his energy is being drained right now. 

His entire face become pale and even when he wanted to yell stop, his throat feels hoarse and his entire body seems to be beating itself. 

Gabe was full of horrors when he could feel that his Disk is slowly being slammed by some absorbing force. 

Then this absorbing force slowly envelop his Disk and then Gabe could hear the sound of his Disk cracking. Gabe strength dipped tremendously in just one moment. 

Gabe only had a few Disk and some of this Disk properties even overlapped with each other. It is clear that Gabe did not pay attention to the quality of his Disk. 

The entire time Gabe tries to keep it together. He tries to pull his energy away from what he felt like a black hole that is devouring his energy

But no matter how hard he tries, he could feel that his energy could not help but be sucked into that black hole of energy. 

And with each second that passes, his body become weaker and weaker and one by one, Gabe could feel that his body is suffering some kind of extreme withdrawal of energy

The more he fights, the more it is sucked away. It is hard for him to explain it.,

'No!' he suddenly yelled. In that moment, Gabe suddenly felt like something is about to happen in his Inner World and the moment he yelled that Azief smirks. 

'Crumble!' he whispers 

And then the Disk exploded into pieces. 

Other people could not see others Inner World. 

But for Gabe, he could see his Inner World being destroyed. 

The Laws become dead and he could see that in the skies of his Inner World, there is a large hole in the sky, sucking everything away.

People who have reached Disk Formation could always maintain dual view, seeing the real world and the Inner World simultaneously.

But Gabe close his eyes as he felt his energy is leaking out from all over his orifice. 

The Disk exploded into clumps of energy. This clump of energy is bound together

This is actually the stage of energy clumping together to form a Disk. But his Disk had been destroyed and so he dropped down his level to Seed Formation. 

The suction energy grows even more and then Azief did not even let the Seed to have the chance to stabilize. 

Gave is right now in Seed Formation. But his Seed is quickly withering and all of the energy contained in his Seed is drained in almost a few second as Azief power grew stronger. 

Then as all of the Seeds wither, Azief slowly pull his finger away from Gabe fist. 

Gabe fist weakly falls down. There is wrinkle all over Gabe hands like even his youth was suck away.

Before Gabe could say anything else, his eyelids closed and he falls down to the ground


Azief smiles. Gabe fall unconscious almost immediately the moment Azief remove his finger

'I was going easy on you' Azief said. 

To others, it might sound as he was showing off but he was really going easy on Gabe

If he wanted to he could make Gabe demoted to the Pillar Forming stage. 

In the past he might not be able to do it so thoroughly like this but there were many things that he practices when he was in the Seresian world.

While he might not raise his realm even after six months in the Seresian world, he did improve all of his past abilities.

Azief stand there like an imposing mountain as he put his hand behind his back. Even though he is just standing there, he seems to emanate a presence of invincibility. 

The people that is looking at the old man many of them gulped in fear. The battle did not last long. It also did not create a large explosion or create a large damage. It did not even alert the tavern protection formation

But all of this served to only highlight the terrifyingness of the old man. 

With one finger suppressing a Disk Formation leveler. Some of the people on the second floor, they are also very powerful

Some of them could also win against Disk Formation levelers

But they sure as hell not capable of doing it like the old man, doing it so effortlessly. But they do not leave.

They all have their reason for being there. Azief stands there, his hand behind his back and a smile on his face.

He seems to be waiting. 

Standing beside him is Katarina who looks around and giggles. What some people could not see was that there is a white silver aura that is gathering in her fingertips. 

Katarina is prepared for any counterattack by the tavern. She knows that Azief didn't need backup. But she was also itching for some action.

The second floor was silenced. No one spoke anything. But there is a complicated expression on everyone face. 

'Who is this old man?' some of the people on the second floor whispered to each other

Everyone is looking at this old man, trying to match any of the powerful figure in the world to the face of the old man. 

'This is one terrifying skill' one of them said. Some nodded. Many of the people in the second floor did not make any sudden moves

They fear any move they make would be construed as being on the side of the enforcer of the tavern

They could not afford that right now. 

This old man is a veritable expert. And they shudder when they thought of what this man is capable of doing. 

they could see not only Gabe had been demoted to Energy Disperse Stage, he had also been drained of his vitality.

Instead the old man is now brimming with his energy. One plus one is two. It is not hard to make a conclusion on what happened

That old man had just sucked Gabe energy and vitality.

This makes people had a trace of fear when looking at Azief

One of them whispered

'This is not the first time I see people who could suck other people energies. But this is the first time, I see someone suck other people energy so thoroughly!' 

That person continues saying in whispery voice 

'What that old man did was to drain from Gabe is not only the energy that he had accumulated. He also sucks the Laws in the Disk.'

A shriller voice then said

'I didn't know that it is even possible? Doesn't he fear that the Laws is not incompatible? Or is there a workaround against that side effect?' one of the people on the second floor spoke to an older man

And the older man said 

'It is better not to be enemy with such a person' 

Azief could hear the words and even though he did not glace at these people, his Divine Sense, could see them.

Even though it is on the fritz, it is still useable. 

He could see that the one who is speaking that word is a middle aged man. Standing beside that man is a young boy.

Azief immediately understood the relationship between the two when the young boy called the middle age man, Master. This is a master-disciple relationship.

And that middle age man could see that Azief did not only drain Gabe energy but also drain his Laws. 

This could only be done if the Laws that Azief had practiced is a higher tier than what Gabe had practiced.

The fact he could see that means that the middle age man is also not some pushover. 

Azief could sense that the middle age man is already a pinnacle level Disk Formation leveler. 

That middle age man only need to take a step forward to reach Divine Comprehension. Azief was shocked at this.


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