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Chapter: 1328

Seeking Trouble

Chapter 1328 Seeking Trouble  He thought he had known all the people who was about to reach Divine Comprehension. 

But then he did leave Earth for six months. Probably a lot of things had happened when he was not on Earth

Azief then retract his Divine Sense from that pair of master-disciple and spread it out all over the tavern and his forehead frowned a bit.

His Divine Sense in that brief moment, scans the entire tavern. 

But, no one had the sensation of being scanned.

Azief imbue the attribute of Stealth in his Divine Sense and so unless someone is in the same level as him or stronger than him in terms of Divine Sense, they could not sense his Divine Sense.

Azief could sense that in this tavern alone, there is a few dozens of Disk Formation leveler. 

But most of these people had brittle foundation. 

If they met any of the Disk Formation leveler of the Great Powers, they would easily be planted on the ground

All of this happens in just a few second. To other, Azief is still just standing there, looking down at Gabe. 

Azief smiles. He rarely uses this kind of skill because there was never a need to. 

But, since he was careful before to not draw attention to himself, he did not devour the energy of Heaven and Earth too much. 

And then when he finds out that he is only six months forward, he always wanted to devour the energy of Heaven and Earth to quickly rise to his optimal state.

Now that someone deliberately try to attack him, he simply devours that person energy.

It is a lot like the martial arts skill that could suck other people inner energy. 

If Azief take it further, he probably could even suck someone soul if he combines it with his Destruction Concepts

For a few moments, there was only silence. A second pass and then two second passes. Azief then said

'I said I want to buy information. Is this the way the tavern treats its customer?' he said with a relaxed tone. Everyone on the second floor narrowed their eyes. 

They felt like this old man is provoking the tavern. 

Then a voice sounded

'Your Excellency does not seem like someone is looking for information' This voice echoes all over the tavern. 

By now, all the floors in the tavern had known that there is a trouble in the second floor.

Some people from the upper floors jumped down from their floor and fly downwards and floats around the second floor to see the person who is doing trouble to the tavern.

In the beginning everyone thought that the troublemaker would easily be dispatched. 

To many of the regular of this tavern, they all knows that there is an enforcer of the tavern called Gabe that usually deals with the troublemaker. 

But when all of the floors heard the voice that echoes all over the tavern, they know that this troublemaker might not be a normal troublemaker that it even provokes the existence on the ninth floor. 

And some felt that this would be a battle between titans and it is not good to hang around in such places. 

When these titans fought, shrimps like them would be trampled under the titan's foot

So while some seek adventure and jump down to the second floor to see the confrontation, some just flew downward or outside the window and quickly exited the tavern

On the second floor there is already a whole crowd, looking at the old man. 

Some people from the upper floor who did not know what had happened would ask the people in the second floor to give them to summary of what happened. 

Azief sees the crowd but he seems to ignore them. Instead he was smirking and then he said to the voice

'Then what do you think that I am looking for right now?' he asks that disembodied voice. 

The voice seems to be coming from all directions of the tavern. 

Like some kind of surround stereo system. Azief might be impressed if not for the fact that he could sense that this voice simply was amplified by the runes on the wall.

So, he was not that impressed actually. 

The voice then said

'I think Your Excellency wanted to seek trouble' Azief laughed. 

'I said I wanted information. But you said I wanted to seek trouble. Maybe, it is you that wanted to seek trouble.' Azief said. 

His tone is challenging the authority of the tavern 

Some people however agree more with the voice.

This old man had just asked information about the Ten Pirate Lords and the ten pirate cities. What is this if not trying to seek problems?

To them, this old man had guts. Not even the city lord dares to confront the hanging Head tavern. 

In the eyes of some people, that old man seems very brave and powerful. Pirates like strong people. 

Some even thought of recruiting the old man to their pirate crew later. To them, it looks like a valiant effort.

But to Azief, he felt no awe at all 

To the people of this city, when they spoke of the Hanging Head, there is awe and fear. To them, this is a big organization feared by many people and because it is feared by many people, they also fear it.

But if they wanted to sue that prestige to make Azief scared, they might be overestimating themselves. 

When Azief was alone, even before he found Pandemonium, the World Government still had to gauge his intentions and his desire before doing something. 

He alone had fought against the Word Government and won and win a reputation of the strongest man in the world 

In the years that he sat down on the title of the strongest person in the world, there was nobody that dares to challenge him. 

It is not because that there is no brave people in the world.

It is just that there is not stupid person. 

Brave people are not necessarily stupid.  Azief prowess is obvious to everyone. 

Azief to many people is a wall. And for some it is a mountain that they do not dare climb and even more impossible to conquer 

So, what does Azief felt when this tavern tries to push him down using their reputation? He would only smirks, laughs and chuckles. 

How could he… afraid of a tavern?

he could hear people whispers with each other, telling each other that the tavern had many other backers

If this was anyone else, they would at least compromise with the tavern. But Azief really, truly don't care. Whoever their backer was…. could they fight the strongest person in the world?

Could they afford being stared down by Pandemonium? In the world, pandemonium is a lion that stares everybody down.

It did not need to roar. It did not need to move. They just have to stare them down to make them hesitate to move.

Because when the lion roars, all the noise stopped. 

And now there is silence in the second floor right now. Only the bravest of them dares to whisper. 

They wanted to know who is this old man that he dares make such a problem in the establishment of Hanging Head.

Azief on the other hand is looking left and right while smiling

'You would not show yourself?'

There is silence.

'This is very rude' Katarina suddenly said. 

But the moment she said those word everyone on the second floor look at her. Everybody forgot that beside the old man is a child. 

But then many people frowned because they found that there is something that they have overlooked. 

That child… could she be so calm? And it isn't until now that the people on the second floor feel weird that they did not see the child

They were so focused on the old man that they forgot that there is the child there. However, this child also does not seem normal

In the top floor, that person who is shrouded in darkness frowned.

'What is the identity of these two people?' 

Azief look at Katarina and said

'You want to force this person out or should I?'

The word uttered by Azief sounds like a thunderbolt in the ears of others. 

Even though there is no confirmation, everyone believes that the voice echoing asking the old man was the elusive owner of the Hanging Head.

Some people on the second floor that have seen the entire fight and seeing Gabe being so easily suppressed become pale in their face and got up from their seat. 

'This is not good' some of them said and they lock eyes with the others that got up. They all seem to share the same emotions right now

In the beginning they were very brave but now things are truly getting out of control. It seems that this old man power might not be below the Hanging Head.

If that is the case, this case would involve even the city officials. 

Some pirates got up and then quickly jump down to the first floor. Some was even faster as they jump from the windows.

They did not even say a word, did not explain anything, they just simply exited the tavern as fast as they could

From the first floor to the ninth floor, there is this scene of evacuation. 

All of this takes a long time to describe but from the moment Azief and Katrina provoke that existence, almost all the people that decided to stay in the beginning had already went out from the tavern

Some of them would probably report to their leaders. 

Some would report it to the officials and some probably would bring some friends to help prop up the Hanging Head.

Because some of them had recognized the danger. 

Hanging Head might not have that good of a business practice. 

But its interest is tied with many groups in the city from the city officials, to the pirate crew in the sea and even to some extent to the world powers.

So, if there is a force powerful enough to uproot this power, then it would create chaos. Those that exited the tavern all wanted to inform the force behind the tavern

Hanging Head must not be destroyed. 


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