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Chapter: 1504

The Meaning Of The First Aid Plan

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

In the afternoon, at the nameless restaurant

Li Shi, Zhou Muyan, Che Rong from Star Bird Fitness, and a few other local investors in Jingzhou gathered together and were drinking and chatting in the biggest private room.

"Boss Zhou came on Friday and met Boss Pei?" Li Shi asked.

Zhou Muyan nodded. "That’s right. I’ve already had a meal with Boss Pei at the nameless restaurant over the weekend. I didn’t expect to be able to freeload off Boss Li again. I’ve earned a lot from coming to Jingzhou this time. I’m feasting!"

Li Shi smiled. "I made a reservation a month in advance for today’s meal. I only made a routine appointment to satisfy my own cravings. I did not expect Boss Zhou to come to Jingzhou. Of course, we have to go together!"

"The only flaw is that Boss Pei did not come today. It’s a pity."

Zhou Muyan nodded. "Boss Pei is too busy, right? Recently, he has been dealing with Shengyun Express and buying Finger Games with a billion US dollars. He has been doing earth-shaking things and indeed doesn’t have time to participate in these gatherings."

"However, after this time, I’m finally completely convinced of Pei!"

"Don’t you see how Boss Pei looked like back then at Sun Strike Studios?"

"At first, we agreed that the three companies would develop a game together. At first, we had no clue. After Boss Pei went, we cut the Gordian knot and decided on a few general directions, including the name Bullet Hole 2. Immediately after, Min Jingchao interpreted Boss Pei’s thoughts and created the

explosive game Bullet Hole 2!"

"Thave been working on games for so many years, but I have never seen such a popular game. I would never have thought that such a design would be so easy for Boss Pei. It’s so simple!"

Everyone looked at Zhou Muyan with envy and congratulated him.

Everyone might be sharing their soup with Boss Pei but it was not as satisfying as Zhou Muyan!

‘The return on investment was very different from the return on a popular game.

However, most of the people present were investors. They did not have Zhou Muyan’s superior conditions. Once they entered the game industry, Boss Pei would not be able to take it.

He could only say that it was a pity.

"However, Boss Pei is really fierce. Previously, Tengda was relatively small and could not be seen. He even wanted to keep a low profile. Now, he is staring at those large companies that are worth tens of billions of yuan and attacking them!" Che Rong sighed.

Until now, the conflict between Tengda and many large companies was getting more and more intense.

For example, Home Corporation and Shengyun Express, which one of them were not domestic giants?

Che Rong only felt that these giants were unreachable and had no interaction with him. However, Boss Pei’s attitude seemed to be saying: giants? Tengda was fighting giants!

Such execution and boldness were really amazing.

Of course, it did not mean that other entrepreneurs did not have such boldness at all. In fact, even if there was a huge difference in the size of the two companies, since the weaker side might have a strong position in a certain field, both sides might explode in an intense conflict and not give in.

However, if other entrepreneurs wanted to fight, they would often have to be cautious and think carefully.

And Boss Pei… seemed too decisive, so decisive that it made people feel a little rash.

Of course, Boss Pei was also constantly making peace with some large companies. For example, Long Yu Corporation had always been in a state of tit-for-tat and mutual hostility. Boss Pei’s game had directly tied Long Yu Corporation to his own war chariot.

On top of that, Tengda had maintained a good relationship with some large companies, such as Shenhua Corporation and Jinding Corporation. It was not a big deal to attract hatred like this.

However, anyone could tell that Tengda was almost putting a knife to the necks of these large companies. Even if they looked indifferent now, they were probably preparing for something.

This was especially so for Tengda’s targeted poaching. They had publicly poached Shengyun Express and even AOE all the internet platform companies in the country in the debate. It was indeed a little unreasonable not to be counterattacked.

He just hoped that Boss Pei could take it!

At such a critical juncture, everyone was indeed embarrassed to ask Boss Pei to come over for a meal.

Compared to Boss Pei, everyone felt that they did not have any fighting spirit. They were all waiting to die.

On the other hand, Boss Pei was obviously more successful than everyone else, but he could still maintain such a strong fighting spirit. It was really admirable!

Li Shi took a bite of his food and said, "By the way, has everyone joined Tengda’s’ plan’?"

Zhou Muyan and the other investors looked at each other, confused. "Which plan?"

Li Shi cleared his throat. "Hehe, that plan… Sigh, this person who signed the confidentiality agreement cannot be said! How about this? I’ll call for a few agreements. Sign them. You can join us now if you’re interested."

Zhou Muyan was extremely concerned.

Good lord, what kind of secret plan was it that made Boss Zhou so secretive?

This level of confidentiality was very high. It couldn’t be some major development strategy of Tengda, right?

Li Shi made a call. Not long after, an employee sent the relevant materials over.

Everyone present received two sets of materials: one was a confidentiality agreement and the other was a detailed plan.

Other than that, he also very considerately provided signboards, mud, and other items.

Zhou Muyan was even more concerned now.

So formal!

‘The key was that he had not heard anything about this previously. This meant that it was very confidential and important!

Zhou Muyan took the two sets of materials with a somber mood and read the confidentiality agreement first.

"First Aid Plan? That sounds like an impressive plan."

"However… There’s only one name. There’s no detailed plan. It should be on the plan. If you want to read the plan, sign the confidentiality agreement first."

"It’s quite formal."

Zhou Muyan took a look. There was nothing special about this confidentiality agreement. Thus, he quickly signed it and looked at the plan.

‘There were not many pages in the proposal. He finished reading it in no time.

After reading it, Zhou Muyan looked up at Che Rong and the other investors, at Li Shi, and then at the proposal in his hand.

There was a short period of silence.

He only had one feeling now. He really wanted to smash the proposal on the table and shout: Crazy!

Wasn’t this a f*cking charity proposal in the end?

Those who did not know would think that it was some confidential document and important plan!

‘What’s more, this charity plan was indeed not worth mentioning. It was nothing more than giving some meat and egg milk to the students in the poor area so that they could subsidize their home use.

Compared to Tengda’s other huge projects, this was not worth mentioning.

Of course, doing charity was a good thing. The scale of this preliminary plan seemed to be not small. However, the key was… It was very different from Zhou Muyan’s initial expectations.

The other investors had similar expressions.

‘That was it?!

Good lord, it was just a charity event. Was there a need to specially sign a confidentiality agreement?

‘Was he afraid that everyone would rush to participate and give money if the charity event was exposed?

‘They did not know to laugh or to cry.

Seeing everyone’s expressions, Li Shi became serious. "Don’t think that this is just an ordinary charity plan!"

"Think about it carefully. If it was just a simple charity plan, would Boss Pei have to go through so much trouble to keep it a secret? Would he have asked everyone participating to sign a confidentiality agreement?"

"If it’s just to donate some living supplies like meat, eggs, and milk to needy students, why isn’t it donating? Could Tengda not have enough money?"

"From all aspects, Boss Pei values this project more than some of Tengda’s core industries. Have you thought about the reason for this?"

Zhou Muyan and the others were stumped by Li Shi’s question.

On further thought, that was true!

According to normal people’s thinking, why should they hide a charity event? There was no need!

Did he think that his reputation was too good and he earned too much money?

That can’t be!

It was definitely not too much to have a good reputation. Even if Tengda’s reputation was good to begin with, so what if it was better?

Zhou Muyan asked, "Then… Boss Li, why do you think so?"

Li Shi said with a serious expression, "There is only one explanation. This charity plan looks simple, but it is actually intricate and complicated. It is very important! Not only does it have many hidden tricks, but it might also have many follow-up arrangements. It is the cornerstone of the entire system.

That is why it is so important to Boss Pei!"

The investors exchanged confused looks. Obviously, their first reaction was disbelief.

It was just a charity event. How could it be ‘complicated’ and ‘important’?

There was also a ‘follow-up plan’? Or the ‘cornerstone of the entire system’?

It was… quite ridiculous.

Boss Li, you can brag about Tengda, but you have to pay attention to the basic laws?

Zhou Muyan had a complicated expression. "Boss Li, this is just a charity plan.

Li Shi retorted, "Could Boss Pei’s charity plan be an ordinary charity plan? Think about it carefully. Boss Pei directly used his sword on large companies like Home Corporation and Shengyun Express. He never thought of keeping a low profile. Why would a harmless charity plan have to be painstakingly

kept a secret?"

Li Shi’s words stumped everyone.


‘The matter between Tengda and Shengyun Express had caused a lot of discussion. Lu Mingliang showed his edge in the live-stream and refuted Nie Yunsheng until he was speechless. Everyone could see this.

What’s more, everyone had felt that Boss Pei was indeed very bold in this matter. It seemed like he was targeting these big companies.

In that case, did Boss Pei have to keep a simple charity event a secret?

Who should he show it to?

Keep it a secret from consumers and earn less reputation?

Or should he keep it a secret from his partners and collect less charity funds?

That was impossible. He would not have thought of something like that without ten years of cerebral hemorrhage.

The only explanation was to keep it a secret from his competitors!

After a moment of silence, Li Shi said, "Obviously, this is not just a charity plan, but a ‘stand’ plan!"

"On one hand, it is screening the companies that are really on the same side as Tengda to confirm how close they are to each other. On the other hand, it has to keep it a secret from its competitors to prevent them from noticing the formation of this hidden alliance and let them relax their vigilance!"

"This is the vow before the battle starts!"

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