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Chapter: 1507

Tengda Is Going Too Far

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

March 6th, Wednesday.

Shanghai, Shengyun Corporation headquarters.

Nie Yunsheng had not been happy recently.

That was because Upwind Logistics’ offensive was too aggressive and difficult to manage!

The live-stream debate with Lu Mingliang that day gave Upwind Logistics a huge advantage in public opinion online. It also exposed the problems that Shengyun Express had accumulated on a large scale. It had a posture of "ten thousand people push down the wall, ten thousand people beat the drum’.

Many express deliverymen who were working at Shengyun Express or had worked before stood up one by one, accusing Shengyun Express of being unreasonable and exploiting the express deliverymen;

Some customers who had used Shengyun Express to throw away items, bad items, or after-sales had not been satisfied. They also stood up one by one, criticizing Shengyun Express for its poor service, poor attitude, and not paying enough attention to customers;

Some employees of Shengyun Express even revealed on the internet that the internal management of Shengyun Express was chaotic, overtime was very serious, formalism, and so on. Even the matter of Nie Yunsheng wanting to use the Apple incident to divert the conflict was exposed. It was made very


There might be no evidence but netizens immediately believed 80% of it when they compared the post with the situation in reality.

Those who posted anonymously were basically employees who were working. Those who were generous and did not remain anonymous were basically employees who had left Shengyun Corporation.

Obviously, these employees were also preparing to leave, waiting to find a suitable next company. The employees who had already left were completely indifferent. They did not consider the possibility of "returning to Shengyun Express" in the future.

In the past month or so, more negative news had been released online than in the past year!

Nie Yunsheng felt very wronged. Upwind Logistics must have hired fake reviewers to create hype and deliberately cause public opinion to defame us!

He wanted the public relations department to find evidence of Upwind Logistics hiring fake reviewers to discredit Shengyun Express so that he could make a comeback. Or at the very least, he could salvage his huge disadvantage in public opinion. However… he had undoubtedly failed all of them.

That was because Upwind Logistics had not considered this at all.

As for why Shengyun Express released so much negative news? Why weren’t there so many negative news in the past?

‘The reason was simple. There had not been enough social attention in the past!

In fact, both the delivery men and customers had complaints about Shengyun Express previously. However, so what if they had complaints?

A person’s posts and criticisms on the internet were not influential at all. Soon, they were drowned in the sea of information on the internet.

Even if these people wanted to expose the inside story of Shengyun Express, they could not do it at all. Most posts could not attract the netizens’ attention at all. Those posts that had finally accumulated some popularity would be quickly handed over to the public relations.

However, the situation was different now!

After Lu Mingliang and Nie Yunsheng’s live-stream debate, there was a heated discussion online. Netizens were closely watching the progress of the matter.

In such an environment, the voices of the delivery men and customers of Shengyun Express were more likely to be heard.

Thus, they naturally would not miss this excellent opportunity. They had to think of all ways to speak for themselves!

‘The dissatisfaction that had accumulated previously exploded in a short period of time. Of course, it would give Nie Yunsheng the illusion that someone was targeting us.

However, in fact, it was not a targeted measure. It was completely because there was too much dissatisfaction accumulated in the past. If such an outlet was found, it would naturally collapse.

‘The public affairs department could not suppress such a huge public scandal.

‘That was because if there was only one negative, he could still use delete posts, reduce popularity, or divert attention. However, there were too many negative now. He could not deal with them at all. Even if he spent a lot of resources to deal with one or two, more negative would quickly appear.

‘What’s more, public relations would generate new negative materials. It was simply a fire that could not be extinguished.

Even though the public relations department had been working overtime continuously, this situation did not improve.

‘What worried Nie Yunsheng even more was that this public sentiment crisis had already affected Shengyun Corporation’s business.

At the same time as the battle of public opinion began, Lu Mingliang had already made arrangements. Under Boss Pei’s guidance to ‘expand losses’, Lu Mingliang had established a cooperative relationship with the shops on the main shopping platform. Of course, these shops would not directly cancel

their cooperation with Shengyun Express. However, once they provided two choices, many customers would choose Upwind Logistics.

The small express delivery companies were not affected and even benefited from it. That was because Upwind Courier stations were still open to these small express delivery companies. They were happy to see the delivery cabinets and courier stations of Shengyun Express piled up like a mountain.

Customers could not help but choose Upwind Logistics and their own small express delivery companies. They were overjoyed. Naturally, they could not stand on Shengyun Express’s side.

On top of that, Upwind Logistics continued to spend money. They increased the service quality while subsidizing the delivery fees. They also poached many customers from Shengyun Express.

Even if Shengyun Express gritted their teeth and opened more overtime pay for the delivery men, hired temporary workers, whether it was to encourage customers to collect parts or force the courier stations to send them to their doorstep to digest the accumulated packages, the losses caused by this

incident had already been formed.

Many customers no longer trusted Shengyun Express’s logistics ability and were more inclined to choose Upwind Logistics or other small express delivery companies.

Of course, Shengyun Express would not collapse because of this matter, but the business volume would definitely shrink.

This caused the stock price of Shengyun Express to plummet, causing Home Corporation to collapse.

Not only that, many low-level express delivery men had also resigned. This was a very bad signal.

Obviously, Upwind Logistics had poached them!

‘The benefits of the delivery men at Upwind Logistics were naturally high. There might not be a big gap in their salaries, but the problem was that Upwind Logistics also had insurance, funds, and various benefits. They also strictly implemented their shifts. With this comparison, there was naturally a gap

between the two sides!

Upwind Logistics was still expanding at a high speed. Apart from first-tier cities, there was a lot of room for expansion in second- and third-tier cities and county cities. There was a huge gap in manpower to poach from Shengyun Express. Often, one person would take away half of the express delivery

men at the station. The efficiency was simply not high.

‘What’s more, Upwind Logistics had poached skilled workers from Shengyun Express.

Shengyun Express had no choice. In order to fill this gap, they could only continue to recruit inexperienced express deliverymen.

However, there were two new problems this way. First, these express deliverymen were not proficient enough, causing the already poor service quality to decrease further. Second, once these express deliverymen became proficient enough, they might be poached by Upwind Logistics

Shengyun Express had become Upwind Logistics’ express delivery training base. How could that be?

Nie Yunsheng was very helpless. Upwind Logistics was closing in on him. Shengyun Express was really difficult to deal with. He did not know how to fight back at all!

This combination attack stunned everyone.

Nie Yunsheng sat paralyzed in his office, frowning. The current predicament had exceeded his understanding.

‘Asa self-made entrepreneur, Nie Yunsheng had encountered many difficulties during the development of Shengyun Corporation, but most of them were resolved appropriately.

This time was different from before.

‘That was because Nie Yunsheng would be able to find the crux of the problem every time he encountered a predicament in the past. He would be able to solve it as long as he treated the problem well.

However, this time, he only felt a deep sense of helplessness.

At that moment, there was a knock on the office door.

Nie Yunsheng looked up. It was the director of the HR department of Shengyun Corporation, Li Meng.

"Boss Nie, something’s wrong! Something big has happened!" Li Meng looked very flustered.

Nie Yunsheng frowned. "What happened, why are you so flustered?"

Nie Yunsheng could not be clearer about Shengyun Corporation’s current situation. However, the director of the HR department had come to say that something was amiss. What was going on?

What could have gone wrong with the HR department?

Li Meng said, "Boss Nie, five core employees of the public relations department have resigned. Apart from that, the marketing department, comprehensive management department, data center, client department, employee affairs department, and so on have also had core employees who have suggested


"There are more than 40 employees who are going to leave this time. What’s more, they are all core employees of the company!"

Nie Yunsheng was stunned. "What? More than 40 people!"

No wonder the HR department felt that something had happened. That was indeed abnormal!

‘That was because it was not a peak recruitment season. Even if there was a flow of people, it should not be such a large-scale and frequent situation.

It would not matter if interns left on a large scale. In any case, interns were dispensable.

However, the core employees occupied key positions. They had a certain amount of accumulation of experience in the industry. At the same time, it also meant that they had higher requirements for salary, treatment, and development platforms. Normally, they would only jump ship after they found a

very suitable job.

There was only one possibility for such a large-scale resignation.

‘They had been poached in batches!

There was no need to think about who had poached them away.

Nie Yunsheng gritted his teeth and said, "Upwind Logistics again?"

Li Meng nodded. "Yes, it must be Upwind Logistics!"

"Tengda set up a special recruitment exam previously. Many people should have participated in this exam."

"Not only that, Tengda wants to poach people directly from our company!"

"I realized that these people usually have better personal relationships. For example, five people from the public relations department have resigned. They have good personal relationships. What’s more, they seem to have a close relationship with the Vice Manager Wei who resigned previously.

Nie Yunsheng was trembling in anger… "Upwind Logistics, Lu Mingliang, do you have to be so ruthless?!"

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