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Chapter: 1508

Let s Join Forces

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

These core employees generally did not sign any anti-competition agreements.

The reason was simple, there were too many people.

Competition agreements were not something that could be signed at will. The employees were not stupid. They would weigh the pros and cons when entering the company.

Signing an anti-competition agreement meant that the difficulty of jumping ship in the future would be greatly increased. They might even directly cut off the path of jumping ship. Therefore, these people would only choose to sign the anti-competition agreement unless some top companies with

excellent treatment offered difficult to reject salary.

Shengyun Corporation would sign with the higher-ups at most. How could they take care of the mid and low-level employees?

What’s more, even though mid-tier employees looked important, they were not that important.

That was because if only one or two mid-tier employees left, they could always take over from the bottom tier for a while. At the same time, they could recruit directionally. There would not be any big problems.

However, the problem now was that the mid-tier employees had been poached in batches!

Generally speaking, this situation was unlikely to happen because there was no reason for such a huge demand gap to suddenly appear in the market. There should not be a company that could completely crush other companies in terms of treatment and benefits.

Everyone had similar business models. Why could you push the usage cost so high?

However, this situation had happened.

The logic behind this was not complicated.

Upwind Logistics was one of Tengda’s businesses. It could incur losses at will because Tengda Corporation was continuously transfusing blood to it. However, Shengyun Corporation only had a delivery business and no other business. If the delivery business was not profitable, there was no need for the

entire corporation to exist!

Of course, the consequences of mid-tier employees being poached in batches were very serious.

If he lacked one or two mid-tier employees, he could transfer the low-tier ones to fill in the gaps and make urgent moves.

However, how could he fill in the gap with so many people?

Of course, theoretically speaking, Shengyun Corporation could request these employees to hand over their work. However, the problem was that the law stated that the official employees could leave directly 30 days after they resigned. There was no need to approve with human singles.

To fill up all the vacancies within 30 days? That was obviously a rather difficult task.

Force them to stay? They had to hand over their work successfully before they could leave? Deduct their salary?

In the past, it might have been useful. However, now, these employees probably could not wait to apply for labor arbitration.

Nie Yunsheng even suspected that many employees who had not resigned were also thinking of ways to accumulate evidence and find ways to seek labor arbitration. That was because they could enter Tengda through the special recruitment examinations after the arbitration was successful!

Nie Yunsheng slammed the table in anger. "Tengda Corporation is going too far!"

"I think that Boss Pei must have been behind this Lu Mingliang! Otherwise, he would not have been so cooperative. The special recruitment exam, the targeted poaching and delivery war started at the same time!"

"The tiger did not show its might. It really treated us as sick cats!"

Li Meng could not help but shiver. In his impression, he had rarely seen Nie Yunsheng so angry.

Nie Yunsheng could not be blamed for not being cultured. This time, many factors had indeed been gathered together. It was too infuriating!

First of all, Shengyun Express had started the delivery war. They had decided to cut ties with Upwind Logistics in the second and third-tier cities first. That was why Upwind Logistics had resolutely counterattacked.

It was indeed very easy to break through his defense to be beaten up badly when he was the first to cause trouble.

Secondly, the turning point in the public opinion of this express delivery war should be the live-stream argument. Nie Yunsheng was immediately rendered speechless by Lu Mingliang’s retort. Of course, this was unacceptable and completely embarrassing for Nie Yunsheng.

Every time he thought about this, he would feel uncomfortable and regretful.

Both of these things were his wrong judgment. He could not push the blame away even if he wanted to. That was very uncomfortable!

Lastly, it was Upwind Logistics’ aggressive posture, looking like they were going to wipe out Shengyun Corporation.

In the past, battles between express delivery companies were limited. After all, everyone’s business model was similar. They might have more advantages in some fields, but it would not look good if they really fell out.

What’s more, Shengyun Express had always occupied the dominant position in the market. Others did not have the qualifications to fall out with it.

Everyone squeezed the deliverymen. The service level was similar to maintain a profit margin that everyone was more comfortable. The money was very satisfying.

However, now, Upwind Logistics was not talking about morals. They looked like they wanted the entire express delivery industry to wash their cards and destroy the pot for food. How could Nie Yunsheng not be angry?

Li Mengmeng probed, "Then… Boss Nie, what should we do?"

This question discouraged Nie Yunsheng.

That was because there was really no good solution

The current situation, be it in terms of timing, location, or manpower, was all on Upwind Logistics’ side. On all the battlefields, Shengyun Express was beaten to the ground and retreating. What could they do even if they were useless and furious?

Nie Yunsheng was silent for a long time. "It’s definitely not enough to rely on our company alone."

"Tengda Corporation made enemies everywhere and affected the interests of various industries. We were beaten up the most, but the companies in other fields were also suffering deeply!"

"It’s definitely not possible to rely on one company, but there’s still hope if we can work with other companies."

"The more companies there are, the greater the hope!"

"For example, Home Corporation, which had suffered a huge setback in its share price because of Sloth Apartments and Slow Movement Studio, must have the same demands as us."

"It’s not just in the fields of express delivery and rental. Tengda is in the fields of take-out, live-stream, games, and movies. Which field doesn’t have enemies? If Tengda’s enemies are calculated based on valuations, they might be tens of millions or hundreds of millions of yuan!"

"Now, Tengda can focus all the departments’ strengths on supporting Upwind Logistics. Of course, it would be difficult for us to resist. However, if all the companies attack Tengda’s various departments together and leave them unable to take care of themselves, the situation would naturally reverse!"

Realization dawned on Li Meng. "Boss Nie is wise!"

"However… It would be difficult for these companies to lend a helping hand. After all, their own interests might be affected by Tengda but they are not as urgent as us. Is it realistic to count on them to help? The chances of success don’t seem to be high."

Nie Yunsheng said firmly, "No, the chances are very high!"

"What Lu Mingliang said in the live-stream can be regarded as a declaration of war against most big companies in the country. Shengyun Corporation’s business model is the model adopted by many large companies in the country, including emerging companies that obtained a lot of financing during

their initial stages."

"Tengda’s goal is to completely dismantle this model. Naturally, it is declaring war on all other companies of this type!"

"If it was for other purposes, it might be difficult for these companies to work together. However, now that it is to protect their own interests, these companies have no reason to be indifferent!"

"As long as we can convince Home Corporation to work with a few big companies to take the lead, some small companies will naturally join under the push of some large investment firms. Once the general trend appears, it will be extremely difficult to reverse this situation!"

"No matter how strong Boss Pei is, he is still a human. Humans cannot compete with capital."

At that thought, Nie Yunsheng immediately stood up. "Leave the job as it is. There’s no need to deliberately stay or create more negative effects for ourselves. Our main battlefield will not be here but elsewhere.

"TIl go to Home Corporation now!"

March 7th, Thursday.

Pei Qian was in his office. He looked at the thesis that had just written a summary and thought about the new game project.

He had no idea at all!

At that moment, Pei Qian looked like he was at a fork in the road. He looked left and right, but could not seem to get through. He looked right, but could not get through either!

That was quite uncomfortable.

The key was that both of these things were quite urgent.

The thesis had to be submitted on April 10th. There was only one month left. Pei Qian’s thesis was basically still at the embryonic stage of concept.

As for the game project, he would definitely have to complete the design concept draft this month. Otherwise, he would be a little nervous when he thought about the design and production time.

There was still more than half a year to the end of the year. However, Pei Qian wanted to create a huge production this time. It would be best if he could get rid of Tengda Games and Shang Yang Games at once.

It would be even better if he could get rid of Fei Huang Workspace while he was at it.

If he were to let these two games departments create a smaller game each, he would be able to guarantee that the development would be complete. However, the possibility of losing money would be greatly reduced. Even if he lost money, he would not lose much. It would be a little wasteful.

However, what theme should such a hugely invested AAA game be?

That was very confusing.

"Should I think about the thesis or the game first?"

"Hmm… Ihave to arrange the game before next Tuesday at the latest. Then, I have to work hard on the thesis."

"However, I have no clue about the game…"

Pei Qian felt helpless.

At that moment, someone knocked on the door.

He looked up and saw Wu Bin.

‘Wu Bin was all smiles as he handed a report over. "Boss Pei, I’m here to report the situation of this special recruitment exam to you. Overall, the response was very enthusiastic. It completely exceeded my imagination!"

"Many mid-tier companies are eagerly registering. Some of them have good resumes and are capable. Some people would rather reduce their salaries to join because they admire our company’s working environment, atmosphere, prospects, and other comprehensive benefits!"

"We might have limited the applicants’ conditions but the talents that were selected in the end were even stronger than the talents that were selected for our regular examinations!"

"Of course, this strength mainly refers to the real ability. After all, the ratio of the written examination results in the regular examinations is very high. Some core employees of companies cannot compete with the students in the written examination results. In the special recruitment exam, the overall

level of the written examination has been reduced, but the real ability has been improved!"

"The regular examinations mainly recruit young people with potential. The special examinations recruit mature mid-tier core members. Two recruitment drives are done side by side. In addition, the various departments are aiming to poach people. Tengda’s personnel structure is quickly adjusting in a

very healthy manner!"

"Everything went smoothly for this special recruitment exam.. Boss Pei, the transformation plan that you thought of is a huge success!"

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