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Chapter: 1620

Crosstalk Performance

Everyone continued walking and arrived at the stage area.

"I heard that this cold and warm zoo’s stage performance is very good. You can’t miss it."

"However, I think I’ve already performed that stage show this afternoon. I think I’ve arranged for other programs to appear tonight."

"Is that so? That’s a pity. Once we complete the internal test of ‘Foreign Traveler’, we can choose a time to watch this stage show together."

"I wonder what’s the program tonight? It’s not written clearly on the program list."

"Quick, find a seat. It’ll be full in a while."

Everyone quickly sat down in the audience. There was still half an hour before the official opening but there were not many empty seats in the audience. It was enough to show the enthusiasm of the tourists for the zoo stage.

The event would probably start with a huge crowd.

It was the first time that some tourists who participated in the closed beta of ‘Foreign Traveler’ came. They felt that this scene was very fresh.

They had long heard that there were no animal performances in the cold and warm zoo. The most exciting was the stage show where the actors dressed in animal skin costumes performed on stage.

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However, this stage show had already acted in many shows, and they had just acted it this afternoon. Why were the other programs so popular among the audience?

There were even people who set up cameras behind.

Some tourists who did not know the truth asked each other. "Brother, what is the show tonight?"

The tourist who came often explained, "Crosstalk."

The tourist who asked the question was stunned. He almost thought that he had heard wrongly. "Crosstalk?"

The tourist who came often nodded. "The employees of this zoo are really filled with talents. Every employee has one or two hands of talent."

"Take the two people today for example. An elephant keeper who used to be in Jingzhou Zoo liked to do crosstalk. After that, he was poached by the Cold and Warm Zoo. Now, he’s performing as an amateur. In the end, the crosstalk was very good. There are more and more fans. Our place is almost becoming a commercial performance venue."

"Yes, I think there’s an employee who sings very well. Many of the people who come to the zoo often are his fans. I heard that Chen Lei knows about this. He’s going to sing with him next month. When he comes, remember to snatch tickets if he wants to listen. Otherwise, Chen Lei’s fans will snatch them all."

The tourist who asked the question was shocked. He felt like his worldview had been overturned.

Such an ordinary zoo was actually filled with crouching tigers and hidden dragons. These employees were all talented in body shape. Some knew Crosstalk, and some knew how to sing?

It was really something.

That alone beat the other zoos by a few streets.

On further thought, that was normal. After all, the work pressure of the Cold and Warm Zoo was very small. The task of these employees at work was to play with the small animals and clean up. They earned a lot of money and were in a full mental state every day.

On the other hand, there were no animal performances in the zoo. The director encouraged everyone to enthusiastically go on stage and perform. Those employees with hobbies would naturally participate enthusiastically.

What’s more, they could study their vices to their heart’s content because there was not much pressure from work. They could slowly improve themselves. There were one or two geniuses among them who quickly stood out.

These people were feeling emotional when they suddenly heard a "Eh—" sound from the crowd. Two crosstalk actors went on stage.

These two crosstalk actors were dressed in long robes and were dressed very professionally. It would be difficult to associate them with the employees in the zoo if they did not know in advance.

The entire stage seemed to have become a crosstalk show in a second.

The two actors’ performances were also very professional. They first bowed to the audience below the stage, and then began to perform slowly and controlled the rhythm very well.

The comedian’s actor had a round face. There was a natural and unique cheap smile on his face. "There seem to be more people today than the last time. Thank you everyone for your support. Both of us are amateur crosstalk actors. We are really overwhelmed by your kindness."

"The two of us will introduce ourselves briefly. We will mock the employees in the zoo…"

The tall, funny actor quickly stopped him. "Wait, wait. How can you mock the zoo?"

Both of them spoke one sentence each, and the rhythm was very natural.

"Aren’t they mocking the zoo?"

"Good lord, you can even remember the name of your own work unit wrongly. It’s not sarcasm, but self-awareness."

"Oh, you’ll know what’s cold and warm on your own. It’s alright, there’s not much difference. It’s just cold, hot, sour, and sweet."

"Good lord, you only know how to eat."

"We are employees of the cold and warm zoo. Our main job every day is to be animals here."

"Wait a minute. Would it be appropriate to treat it as an animal?"

"What else?"

"We are not treating them as animals. We are feeding them and acting as animals."

"Is there a difference?"

"The difference is huge. One is inside, and the other is outside."

"And you are?"

"Of course, I’m outside."

"Oh, I understand now. Disperse! I can tell. Animal of your size is usually more ferocious and can easily hurt people. That’s why I have to give you more space to move."

"How can I take it easy? I’m not an animal. I’m an animal keeper."

"Yes, yes, yes. Animal keeper. The thinner an animal is, the fatter you will become."

"It’s not that you can make it clear. There’s no causal connection between animals becoming thinner and fatter with me. I’m not greedy for food from an animal! What’s more, we know our own coldness and warmth. We have enough food for all the animals in the zoo. No animals become thinner."

"Yes, yes, yes. Look at these muscular animals. They are all full of energy. They have been nurtured by you. Your bones and blood are in their bodies."

"Is it appropriate for you to wait for a while?"

"That should be?"

"My hard work! My hard work!"

"There’s not much difference."

"That’s huge. The specific method is worlds apart on the biological level."

"In short, you’ve sacrificed a lot for the health of these animals."

"Actually, it’s just some internal matters. I train these animals sufficiently every day. That’s why they can be healthy and happy."

"That’s right, sufficient training. It’s just like why those large dogs are dismantling their homes. It’s mainly because they don’t have enough exercise. Therefore, in order to prevent these large animals in our zoo from becoming depressed, they dismantled our zoo. You fight these huge animals in the zoo every day with these birds, Arctic foxes, and otters. Sigh, you fight so badly every day. Sigh, the exercise is especially large…"

"Wait a moment. If you continue like this, someone will report us for abusive animals. There’s no such thing. I just have nothing to do. I’m just playing with the cat and walking the dog. I don’t do anything else."

"I don’t agree with what you’re saying. Yesterday, I saw you bickering with that Parrot called Bickering. Oh my, that was tragic. The two of you were fighting verbally and not giving in to each other. In the end, you could not even stand the automatic bickering machine at the side and came to stop the fight…"

"Good lord, I’m afraid I don’t know how to write the word ‘death’. These two are the Crouching Dragon and Phoenixes in the Bickering World. I won’t say that I’m bickering with them. Even if they bicker, I might be accidentally injured by the side…"

The two of them spoke one after another in a humorous and perfect rhythm, causing the audience to burst into laughter from time to time.

Crosstalk was a very strange thing. It had the same script and burden, but some crosstalk actors could make people laugh and cheer. Some crosstalk actors could only talk until they were sleepy. They could not produce any effect.

What’s more, different crosstalk actors had very strong personal styles. Some people made people want to laugh just by standing there, while others gave people a feeling of forcefully scratching an itch no matter how hard they tried to make people laugh.

These two crosstalk actors were very eloquent. They had a clear personal style. They were very cooperative. This crosstalk segment combined with many memes of cold and warm zoo. It could resonate with the live audience.

The audience did not forget to take out their cell phones to record while laughing.

"This crosstalk is too interesting. This trip was worthwhile!"

"That’s right. He bought a ticket to the zoo and was even given a crosstalk ticket. What a windfall!"

"The video recorded by the camera should be on Aili Island’s website, right? Go back and listen to it for my dormitory brothers. Call them over to play together someday!"

"This is indeed a good place for young people to organize a cohesion. It’s suitable for people with different flavors. No one would not like small, hairy animals, right?"

"I think the model of a warm and cold zoo is very good. There are no animal performances, only employee performances. What’s more, I can tell that these animals have been taken good care of. All of them are full of energy. This new zoo is more interesting than that old zoo."

"There’s another important point. The concept conveyed by this zoo is especially good, especially the stage show. It very well glorifies the spirit of ‘man and animal harmony’. It would be quite educational if you bring children over to play…"

"We can come to the concert someday. That employee sang quite well. I heard that Chen Lei is even interested in singing with him!"

"I suggest that everyone who comes out of the haunted house come to the zoo. Once they are stimulated, they can treat the animals directly. It’s perfect!"

"I hope that Thriller Hostel’s project will be released as soon as possible! That little Arctic fox is really too cute. It looks at me every time I come. I really want to bring it home. I feel terrible if I don’t see it for a day."

"You can scan the QR code. That way, you can observe its movements on the application for 24 hours."

"That won’t do. There’s no soul to look at the software. You have to look at it live or even touch it personally to satisfy yourself."

Everyone expressed one by one that there were so few tourists in such a fun zoo. Was there any justice?

He had to advertise on his own and let everyone in Jingzhou play it!

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