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Chapter: 1621

Seeing Animal Can Make People Happy

July 28th, Sunday.

Li Shi and a few other investors came to Thriller Hostel to inspect the current situation.

"I haven’t seen such a completely full situation in a long time. This is not at all inferior to many large amusement parks."

An investor could not help but exclaim when he saw the crowd at the entrance of Thriller Hostel.

Thriller Hostel had been popular for a period of time in the past, but everyone had been playing these three haunted house projects for a long time. They had already recruited most of the tourists in Handong Province and the entire country. They had already played it.

One would eventually become tired of the project no matter how fun it was.

After Thriller Hostel opened the roller coaster project and the commercial area, it could stabilize the daily number of people at a relatively good level through Jingzhou’s local traffic. However, such fullness had not happened for a long time.

Li Shi smiled. "Would Boss Pei not be able to see the problems that we can see? The new project is about to arrive."

"Have you read the public opinion online yesterday? Everyone has unanimously praised these two new projects!"

The other investors nodded in agreement.

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Of course, the popularity of Thriller Hostel could not hide from these investors. After all, they had a direct investment relationship with Thriller Hostel. They could benefit from it.

Over the past two days, many revelations and comments had appeared online immediately after the Thriller Hostel’s new project, a foreign tourist, and a cold and warm zoo opened. After all, Thriller Hostel was considered a unique amusement park in China. Many Jingzhou local gamers were closely watching the birth of the new project.

These investors had been scrolling through the netizens’ comments. They were secretly happy!

"I heard that this new haunted house project is called a foreign tourist. It’s very interesting. The number of people is very loose. You can go there in groups. There are no fixed requirements. There are common scenes inside. However, there are cracked clues, there are ghosts and monsters, and many unexpected special gameplay. It’s much better than ordinary secret rooms!"

"I heard that Bao Xu and the people in charge personally tested it. It’s definitely worth experiencing!"

"What’s more, many people say that the horror level of this haunted house project is moderate. It’s not like other haunted houses that have many malicious designs like opening the door to kill!"

"That’s right! Other haunted houses would be so scared that they would not dare to open their eyes. However, the degree of fright of this haunted house has obviously been specially studied. It can allow some timid people to pluck up the courage to enter and experience it while maintaining the sense of horror. What’s more, it can adjust the degree of fright by adjusting the number of people in the team and the specific gameplay. That would maximize the number of players."

"In my opinion, this cold and warm zoo is also a stroke of genius! On one hand, it is related to the new haunted house project so that those who are frightened can go to the zoo to see the animals. On the other hand, the unique design of this zoo can easily form a marketing effect. It will naturally live!"

"I think it’s definitely a very wise choice for Boss Pei not to buy wild animals on a large scale. That’s because the conditions of wild animals are more harsh. What’s more, it’s repetitive with the positioning of the wildlife zoo in Jingzhou. The model of cold and warm animal parks now is unique."

"That’s right! I completely agree. Actually, many people have a strange mentality of wild animals. Even though it makes them buy tickets only to watch out of curiosity. After watching it once, very few people are willing to watch it every day. However, it would be different if it was an animal like a pet. Tourists are willing to watch it repeatedly as if they were old friends."

"That’s right. The Cold and Warm Zoo has also given these animals names and provided a two-dimensional code. You can see the dynamics of these animals at any time. They are all working hard to establish a connection between animals and tourists. Then, they will create some animals into internet celebrities so that they can become more recognizable and remember points, so that they can be distinguished from other wild animals."

"Let employees perform on stage to replace the animal stage performance. This idea is even more ruthless. I don’t know how he thought of it!"

"That’s right, these employees are so multi-talented. They can act in stage dramas, do crosstalk, and even sing. Where did they find them from?"

"Don’t tell me that Tengda’s employees are multi-talented?"

"That’s impossible. I think Boss Pei must have found it in secret. He must have hired these talented people to be animal breeders with a high salary. That would create a very good topic. It might be a marketing method but I think it’s very smart."

The people in charge praised him non-stop.

That was because the better Thriller Hostel was done, the greater their profits would be.

Two days ago, they had already repeatedly read the netizens’ comments online. They had even watched the recording of the crosstalk and stage show. They had slammed the table and praised it. They were emotional that Boss Pei often gave them surprises when they were not expected.

At the same time, he was even more impressed by Boss Li’s foresight!

Thinking back, when Boss Pei said that he wanted to build a paradise in the old industrial zone, no one except Boss Li thought highly of it.

Fortunately, these investors chose to trust Boss Li in the end. They gritted their teeth and followed behind.

Looking back, Thriller Hostel’s performance had not been good since the beginning. Later on, it became popular. Then, new projects continued to work. It might not be the biggest in China, but it must be the most unique amusement park. It seemed like every step had been exquisitely planned by Boss Pei. Every step could give people endless surprises.

An investor praised him. "Boss Li, you and Boss Pei are really friends. You’re simply like Yu Boya and Zhong Ziqi back then."

Li Shi smiled. "Hahahaha. You’re exaggerating. You’re trying to kill me with your praise.

"Boss Pei is the true genius. I just happened to see his outstanding talent."

"Alright, let’s not just talk about not practicing. I have VIP tickets. Let’s go in and walk around?"

"If you are willing, I can talk to Chen Kangtuo and ask him to arrange a separate foreign traveler project for us to experience?"

Several investors immediately turned pale with fright. "Boss Li, that’s not necessary. We know that the foreign traveler project is very fun, but it’s not suitable for us old bones to experience it."

The other investors chimed in. "That’s right, Boss Li. Leave such a good project to the young. We won’t snatch it from them."

"That’s right! Old people like us are suitable to go to the zoo to tease the cat, walk the dog, and look at the parakeets."

Li Shi joked. "Why is this a project that is directly related to your interests? Aren’t you going to experience it for yourself? Boss Pei must play every game he creates."

The investors shook their heads. "No need, no need. How can we be compared to Boss Pei?"

Someone else exposed Li Shi’s trick on the spot. "Boss Li, I think you’re just scaring us. Do you dare to experience the foreign traveler project? That means if you dare to go, I dare to follow! How about that?"

Li Shi laughed. "Hahaha, let’s go and see the animals then."

"Let’s see how animals can be happy and suitable for us old people to enjoy life."

The investors bypassed the entrance of the foreigners and looked at the automatic machine at the entrance. There were already many people in line.

This large-scale project could allow at most ten people to experience it together at a time. What’s more, most people would not be able to last until the end. They would escape after half an hour at most. Even so, there were still many people queuing.

The investors silently congratulated the warriors.

Everyone slipped to the cold and warm zoo and looked at the time. The stage show had not started yet. Thus, everyone dispersed and went to look at their favorite animals.

Li Shi walked around easily and comfortably, feeling the atmosphere of the cold and warm zoo.

He had to admit that this name was very suitable.

In fact, every zoo had its own unique atmosphere. However, most of the zoos were similar, so the atmosphere was similar.

However, the cold and warm zoo gave people a very warm and sweet feeling. Not only could they feel the vigorous vitality of animals, but they would also not feel like they were deep in the wild and eroded by wildness.

Perhaps this was the meaning of telling one’s own fate.

Li Shi walked around briefly and realized that the hairy animals were the ones that attracted tourists the most. There were some cute dogs, alpacas, Arctic foxes, and so on. A large number of tourists were gathered, and there were many girls.

He noticed a proud bird not far from him with a Fully-Automated Bickering Machine next to it. This place was rather deserted.

"Eh, this is such a huge zoo. Why are there not many people in the Parro?"

"I remember that the internet said that the bird in the zoo had to come and take a look. Did the people on the internet say something wrong?"

Li Shi was a little puzzled because he had seen some comments about the cold and warm homemade zoo online previously. Many netizens said that there was a very eloquent bird in this zoo. He must not miss it when he went!

However, how could it become popular now?

Of course, netizens did not say how the parakeet would speak or what it would say. Instead, they let the tourists feel it themselves.

Li Shi walked up to the bird and probed, "Hello?"

The parakeet asked, "Do you really think so?"

Li Shi was stunned. His mind was filled with question marks.

Before he could recover from the shock and answer the bird’s question, he heard it say, "Activate the bickering mode!"

After a while, the investors were almost done shopping for the animals they wanted to watch and were prepared to gather to watch the stage show.

Someone noticed that Li Shi’s face was flushed, and his chest was heaving. It was almost as if he had just had a heated argument.

An investor asked in surprise, "Boss Li, what’s wrong with you?"

In their impression, Li Shi had always been a cultured and easygoing person. It was rare to see him so angry.

Li Shi revealed a meaningful smile. "It’s nothing much. I just met a very eloquent bird by the side. I couldn’t help but debate with it. I gained something. Everyone, you might as well try it out."

The investors were very surprised. "A parakeet that speaks well? There’s such a strange thing! Why didn’t we notice it before? Quick, let’s take a look."

Li Shi could not help but smile with satisfaction as he watched the investors look for the cocktails called the bar.

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