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Chapter: 1623


Pei Qian’s first impression was that the field of vision had widened and the image had become much clearer after wearing the new VR glasses.

The clarity could not be compared to what he saw in reality, but it was relatively clear in the cartoonish world.

It was not realistic but it was definitely much more immersive than before.

Apart from that, the most obvious change was the change in the viewing angle.

The previous VR glasses had a vision of 125 degrees. This was the compromise plan at that time. The effect was still alright but it could not completely eliminate the surrounding frame.

The new VR glasses had a vision of 200 degrees. That was the highest angle that could be reached at the moment. Under this vision, players would not be able to see any black sides. The immersion would naturally be greatly enhanced.

Obviously, many previous games would have a brand new experience under the improvement of the configurations.

Pei Qian was not in the mood to look at the old games from before for the time being. He went straight to this new game to change into.

Cai Jiadong introduced. "Boss Pei, our final name for this game is ‘Tailoring’."

"Even though this name sounds ordinary, there are two main considerations."

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"First, this idiom is more well-known. What’s more, most people can easily understand its meaning. That way, they would have a good psychological expectation of the gameplay. The spread of the game would be better."

"Second, the story behind this idiom can actually represent a concept of our game."

Pei Qian was a little curious. "What story is behind this idiom?"

Cai Jiadong explained, "Actually, we only knew about this after we checked online. Legend has it that there was a seamstress who was very famous. The length, fat, and skinny of the clothes he cut were compatible. Thus, an official asked him to create a set of imperial robes."

"After the tailor measured his body size, he asked him how many years he had been an official for. This official was very strange. He only needed a body size to make clothes. Why did he ask him how many years he had been an official for?"

"This tailor answered that he had been given a high position for the first time and was full of energy. He walked with his chest puffed up and his belly bloated. His clothes had to be short before long. When he was an official, he had a certain amount of money. He was calm and his clothes should be average length before and after. When he was an official for a long time, he would leave. When he was old, he would feel worried and depressed. When he walked, he would lower his head and bend down. The clothes he made should be short and long."

"In other words, the word ‘mass-produced clothes’ not only says that clothes have to be made based on everyone’s figure and size, but also takes into account everyone’s mental state. The different mental states will also affect the production process of clothes!"

"We all think that this story is in line with the concept that our game wants to advocate. Whether our game’s players have a professional background or not, they can be said to be fashion designers. Every fashion designer should have the concept of mass-producing clothes!"

Pei Qian nodded slightly. This name was quite appropriate.

On the surface, it looked ordinary. Compared to a naming genius like him, the name that he had come up with was completely incomparable. However, it still highlighted the connotation of the game.

Pei Qian clicked on the game icon with the controller and entered the game graphics.

The first part was a CG animation.

This was a new theme song for the game ‘Tailoring’. The entire theme song was in Chinese style. The dancing lady in the middle was dressed in traditional Chinese clothing. She was dancing gracefully like a butterfly.

The dance was probably completed by motion capture. The movements were beautiful and precise. Coupled with the extremely detailed model, it was enough to give people the feeling that it was fake.

As she danced, her skirt and sleeves flapped in the wind as she changed into various styles of clothing.

The style changed midway, from ancient Chinese style to modern style, from the dancing style to the dressing style to the song style.

The theme song was a hodgepodge of different styles, but it blended the different styles together very well through the music.

The beautiful face and lively dance posture of the exceptional dancing lady coupled with the changes in the surrounding environment allowed the most elegant and perfect side of these different costumes to be clearly displayed in front of players.

Pei Qian was a little surprised as he asked, "Didn’t you say that this is just a tailoring simulator?"

In other words, he meant that there should not be these fancy things since it was a tailoring simulator!

Why did they create such a complicated opening animation?

Cai Jiadong explained, "Boss Pei, actually, it did not take much effort for this opening animation. That’s because the model and costumes are readily available in the game. We only went to arrange a theme song and chose a suitable costume scene in the game to match it with this theme song. Our main time and resources are still invested in the development of the game itself."

For some reason, Pei Qian felt like something was amiss. This beautiful opening animation made him sense danger.

After officially entering the game, Pei Qian found himself in a very wide space. There were mirrors all around him that could check his appearance.

In addition, they could also use the controller to zoom in or adjust the perspective, change clothes or pinch the face.

He could choose to check his own appearance in the mirror from the first person’s perspective, or he could choose to choose a third person’s perspective. He could directly see the entire person from a higher perspective.

Pei Qian took a simple look. The theoretical function of this face modification system was very powerful. There were many adjustable options be it eyebrows, eyes, nose, ears, cheeks, and so on.

Many players would pinch their faces for two hours and experience it for five minutes. However, Pei Qian did not have the hobby of pinching their faces. The main reason was that the faces he created were not good.

Thus, Pei Qian was already used to using ready-made ones.

Such a function was also reserved in this game. The official platform would give a few reserved faces, and players could use them directly. On top of that, players could also link to the internet to check other players’ popular face modification plan. They could also replicate it on a key.

Apart from that, there was another interesting function. Players’ photos could be uploaded, and the system would automatically create faces based on the photos.

The usage was very simple. As long as the picture was uploaded and the clear picture of the face and body were uploaded to the system separately, it would be aimed at the silhouette of the body. Then, he would simply input data such as height and weight. The system would automatically generate a model player. He just had to make minor changes on this basis.

Of course, he could not rule out the possibility that some people were more vain and deliberately uploaded photos or celebrity photos. There were no restrictions on these games. Instead, they very considerately prepared many character slots for players.

Pei Qian randomly chose a male template and entered the game.

Even though this male template was handsome and had a perfect body, Pei Qian still felt that it was not even a ten-thousandth of his own. He had no choice since the template was of this standard. He could only make do with it!

After entering the game, Pei Qian realized that it was as simple as he had planned.

Every player had a gaming space that belonged exclusively to them. There were many backgrounds in this gaming space: there was a garden style background, a brightly-lit city background, and even a futuristic sci-fi background.

They could choose different costumes based on different backgrounds.

Apart from common decorations such as tables, chairs, and wardrobes, there were also a large number of clothes racks. Players could hang their collected clothes on the clothes racks and display them.

There was also a dressing room and changing room in the resting area. The changing room was used to refine the face. There was a possibility that some people would determine the character’s make-up based on the costume. It was very necessary to refine the face at this time. The changing room was where to change the costume.

On the other side was the guest room and clothing shopping mall.

In the guest room, players could invite their friends to their own space or visit their friends’ space. However, there was a limit to the number of people each space could accommodate at the same time. If they wanted to hold a huge party, they had to apply for a special gathering space in advance.

In the clothing shopping mall, players could see the latest standard set by the official platform and also the high-value clothing designed by other players.

If one wanted to buy these costumes, they would have to pay a fee. Some costumes would cost in game coins, and some costumes would require real money. The specific method of charging depended on the attitude of the official and designer.

If he felt that this costume was insignificant, he would use the game currency to charge. If he felt that this costume was very outstanding and was worth players buying it with real money, he would use the real currency to charge.

There were three main ways for players to obtain game tokens.

The first was to log in to the game every day and there would be low insurance.

The second was to earn game coins by completing certain tasks. For example, players could choose a mature design plan and try their best to use their own clothing production system to restore this plan. The final product would be compared to the original plan. The higher the completion rate, the more money they would earn.

This was to encourage players to design more and allow players to gradually improve their design standards and the operation of the tailoring function.

The third was to create a brand new plan for some big shots in fashion design. They would compare it with the plan in the warehouse. As long as they did not plagiarize openly, they could put it up in the shopping mall and judge other players according to a certain system rule.

If a player were to purchase it, after deducting the official commission, the designer would be able to obtain the corresponding game currency reward.

Even if no players bought it, there would be a certain amount of game tokens as long as players liked it.

The official commission was only a means to recycle game coins. In fact, due to the low insurance mechanism and various other forms of game coins, it was only a matter of time before the game coins flooded. Most people could quickly obtain game coins through normal games and buy the clothes that they liked.

However, the obtaining of game tokens could not be too restricted. That would cause the dissatisfaction of most ordinary players. Thus, they could only make game tokens lose their meaning after exceeding a certain threshold. That would also limit the workspace’s behavior.

Other than that, the truly valuable designs had to be transacted with cash.

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