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Chapter: 1624

Let s Get Fake Reviewers

In addition to that, he could switch to a first-person perspective and a third-person perspective in this game.

For VR games, a first-person perspective would usually bring a better sense of immersion. However, in this game, players had to check their beautiful fashion sense at all times. Thus, they still needed a third-person perspective.

Players were equivalent to outsiders in a third-person perspective. They could use any angle to observe the characters they created.

Pei Qian used the controller to make two simple circles in his space and experience the functions of the various modules. However, the game was not officially released after all. Some online functions were different from the official version.

After that, Pei Qian went to the workspace in the game and began to check on the most critical fashion design system of the game.

The professional game editor that Pei Qian had imagined did not appear. Instead, he saw a complicated face modification interface.

This interface had indeed added the face modification function. However, the face modification and costume design were two independent systems that did not interfere with each other. They could choose to do the design first before making adjustments to the face and make-up.

The first step of the design was to determine the model’s figure. All the models here were wearing underpants by default, dispelling players’ bold thoughts.

Players could choose the entry-level mode, regular mode, and professional mode.

This was mainly because gamers had different foundations. Their ability to use the game editor would also be different.

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The original intention of this software design was to allow ordinary people to participate in the design of costumes. However, he had to admit that professional designers were professional designers most of the time. Their beauty standards and design ability were higher than ordinary people.

Ordinary people might have genius big shots who surpassed professionals, but such people were very rare after all.

For professional fashion designers, their hand-drawn ability, aesthetic standards, and understanding of sizes and materials were far better than ordinary people. Naturally, the degree of freedom and professionalism required for this game editor would be higher.

On the other hand, ordinary people did not understand these things at all. They could only give a vague conclusion after seeing a piece of clothing. Thus, they would definitely not use the professional editor. It was enough to make the editor as good as a face.

Thus, the functions of the entry-level, regular, and professional models were different.

The entry mode could be understood as a high degree of freedom in dressing and matching gameplay. After players chose a template, they could match and piece together the various parts of the template, such as adjusting the length of the dress, material, style, color, and so on.

After adjusting every part of the clothes through a specific method, a more beautiful set could also be made.

Since it was done within a certain template, the operation was simple and easy to get used to. What’s more, the costumes designed would not be ugly.

On the other hand, the regular mode was some upgrades under the premise of the entry mode. A certain costume would be cut more finely through a more professional editing model.

For example, in the entry mode, players could only adjust the length, weight, and color of one pair of pants. However, under the regular mode, they could adjust the hole position, accessories, buttons, and other details of the pants.

Of course, the regular mode and entry mode would restrict some basic factors. For example, the waist of the pants and the legs of the pants could not be smaller than the model’s body size. After making adjustments to certain elements, the elements of other related leagues would also automatically adjust and change.

For gamers who did not have professional knowledge, it was enough to proficiently use the regular mode.

There was also a professional model above this. Under this model, the system completely released the restrictions and optimizations of the players. Even if players made some designs that the system thought were unreasonable, the system would not interfere or modify them. However, when they were worn in the end and did not fit the model, the system would give a hint for modification.

Other than that, players could also customize any color and design their own clothing, just like professional software.

Pei Qian played for a while with mixed feelings.

That was because it was hard to determine if this game was fun or not!

Strictly speaking, this should be a large face modification system. The difference was that it was more complicated than ordinary face modification systems. What’s more, it could even modify clothes.

Other than that, there were no other derivative gameplay. Players would only go online every day to pinch their clothes and buy clothes to try on. They would also meet friends or foreign netizens to show off the new clothes they had bought. That was all.

To Pei Qian, he was not addicted to making faces while playing games. Naturally, he could not deeply feel the joy of changing.

Therefore, it was difficult to feel the fun part of this game.

Logically speaking, the investment for this game was not small. It was very detailed from the game model to the surrounding scenes. If the game was not particularly popular after it was released, it would probably be very difficult to recoup its costs!

What’s more, the so-called popularity was not enough just because there were many people in the server. These people had to stay and continue to pay.

That was because the game itself was free, and gamers could log in to the game every day to collect game coins to buy some ready-made clothes. To gamers, there was actually not enough motivation to spend.

If players only tried on the clothes and did not spend money to buy them, they would naturally leave the game once they were tired of it. This was very difficult for Slow Movement Studio to recover the development cost.

All in all, Pei Qian felt that the quality of the game ‘Tailoring’ was indeed not bad. The real finished product was even better than he had imagined. However, overall, everything was still within Pei Qian’s calculations and was not out of his control.

At that thought, Pei Qian took off his VR glasses.

Cai Jiadong asked nervously, "How is it, Boss Pei? How does it feel?"

Pei Qian pondered for a moment and said, "I think it’s very good. It’s exactly as I expected."

Cai Jiadong said in surprise, "You mean it’s stable?"

Pei Qian nodded. "Yes, I can only say that it should be more stable if it is as I expected."

Cai Jiadong was overjoyed.

That was because he knew very well that Boss Pei could be said to be eloquent. If Boss Pei said that a game was stable, he would definitely make a huge profit!

However, he did not know that he had a different meaning from Pei Qian.

Cai Jiadong sent Boss Pei to the door of Slow Movement Studio. He was just about to go back when he heard Boss Pei ask, "That’s right, Old Cai, wait."

Cai Jiadong quickly turned around. "Boss Pei, do you have any other instructions?"

Pei Qian pondered for a moment and asked, "If someone wants to defame our game, the best entry point should be that the game is not good enough. Am I right?"

Cai Jiadong nodded. "That’s right, Boss Pei. Isn’t this the problem that we’ve already discussed previously? That’s because this game has spent all the funds on the game’s graphics and clothing editor functions, so we don’t have more resources to make other interesting gameplay for him."

"Boss Pei, are you saying that this is our game’s weakness and that we have to think of a way to improve it? For example, we have to consider this when we plan the new version?"

Pei Qian immediately waved his hand. "No, I mean that that’s good. There’s no need to change!"

Pei Qian left after obtaining the answer he wanted.

Cai Jiadong was left behind. He scratched his head in confusion, not knowing what Boss Pei meant by this question.

Pei Qian began to think about a strategy to save himself in the car.

The final product of this game was about the same as what he had expected. However, there was still a possibility of success for this game considering Tengda Corporation and Slow Movement Studio’s reputation and the enhancement of the VR glasses.

Thus, Pei Qian had to think of a way to minimize this possibility.

How should he reduce it?

Pei Qian wanted to hire fake reviewers to generate public opinion.

This method might be very low-class but he had to say that it was indeed very useful. What’s more, the applicability was wider. It was effective every time!

That was why Pei Qian had specially confirmed with Cai Jiadong. He thought that the best way to defame this game was to defame his game nature for fake reviewers.

As long as he could give this game a label that ‘this game is good in everything but not fun’, this matter would be half done.

That was because the investment for this game was huge. It required a large number of players and active players to support it. Once the impression of this game being ‘not fun’ by players in the beginning could be maximised to reduce the number of players.

All in all, this should be the best entry point!

Thus, Pei Qian decided to spend his own money to hire fake reviewers.

Even though he was a little pained, he went all out for the sake of losing money during settlement.

Of course, Pei Qian did not expect fake reviewers to be able to treat all diseases. If this game really had the potential to become popular, it would only be a matter of time before it became popular. Pei Qian only wanted to reduce the possibility of it becoming popular and delay the time.

He did not ask for anything else, as long as this game did not become popular before settlement and generate a lot of income.

At that thought, Pei Qian looked for his good friend, the leader of the fake reviewers – Hu Xiao. With a few words, he had decided on the cooperation.

After all, these fake reviewers were all paid to do things. As long as the requirements were clear and the price was suitable, everything could be negotiated.

Pei Qian’s request this time was not complicated. He wanted all the fake reviewers to grab onto the point of the game ‘Quantity Choice’ and beat it up.

It would be best if this concept could form a stereotype in players’ hearts. It would allow players to naturally feel that "everything is good, but it’s not fun" when they see this game.

As for the specific operation method, it would depend on the fake reviewers’ free play. Pei Qian felt that it was best not to set the rules too rigid.

As a person who gave orders, he should not be a micro-management master most of the time. It was very easy to limit the performance of the soldiers on the front line.

Pei Qian felt that this was not a very difficult task. The IQ of these fake reviewers were not high, but there were also some high-end fake reviewers. Under Hu Xiao’s guidance, their basic quality should not be a problem. They should be able to defame the point.

After settling everything, Pei Qian waited patiently for the game to be released.

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