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Chapter: 1632

My Property

Everyone finally understood why Nie Yunsheng said this move. He could only use it at the end.

That was because ordinary people’s fear of Tengda growing into a new monopoly group would only rise to a threshold when Tengda Corporation gradually occupied a monopoly position and defeated the anti-Tengda Alliance!

Before this, Tengda Corporation had long established a good reputation. It was enough to support ordinary consumers on their side.

Perhaps this was what it meant to be revived from the dead!

Once Nie Yunsheng’s plan succeeded, the relationship between the anti-Tengda Alliance and Tengda Corporation would be easy to change.

If most consumers recognized the concept that Nie Yunsheng was spreading and thought that Tengda Corporation’s market monopoly position was already a danger, these consumers would not help either side when Tengda Corporation and the anti-Tengda Alliance launched commercial competitions.

They would stand by the side and watch the show because both sides were evil capital seeking to monopolize. What difference would it make who stood?

In the most optimistic case, Tengda Corporation would backfire because of its previous good reputation. Previously, people’s love for it would turn into greater hatred.

At that time, once Tengda’s undefeated golden body was exposed, it would be the time to counterattack the Tengda Alliance.

bosses like Nie Yunsheng and Zheng Hao were born at the end of the tunnel. They came up from the bottom step by step. They were not afraid of regular business competitions. They were afraid of companies like Tengda Corporation that did not follow common sense and did not care about morals.

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If he could pull both sides into the same starting line, he did not dare to say that he would definitely win against the business genius, Boss Pei. At the very least, the chances of success would greatly increase. The living space that his own company would obtain would also be significantly improved.

He would not be so suffocated like now.

A boss said, "Boss Nie, what a good plan! If this plan really succeeds, we will indeed have a chance to turn the tables. We might even completely collapse Tengda!"

"However, there’s a small problem now. A while ago, the net internet activity attacked the fake reviewers in the country. I’m afraid we won’t be able to find many fake reviewers as easily as before."

"How should we solve this?"

Nie Yunsheng said, "It doesn’t matter. There will always be brave people when there is a high reward. As long as the demand is still there, fake reviewers cannot be banned forever."

"Of course, this is a tough battle. We cannot count on fake reviewers. After all, the strength of fake reviewers is limited. They can only shout and cheer behind us to build momentum, but we cannot let them really enter the main battlefield."

"The real decisive battle still depends on us!"

He looked at Vice-President Lu Xiaoping of Vinci Media. "Boss Lu, I can tell everyone about the movie."

The others looked at Lu Xiaoping in unison with surprise on their faces.

Previously, Nie Yunsheng had gone against everyone’s wishes and insisted on pulling Vinci Media and other media companies into the anti-Tengda Alliance camp. He had even paid a lot of price for this, making some old companies unhappy.

However, from the looks of it now, Nie Yunsheng was actually taking precautions. He had long thought of today’s situation.

Vinci Media was a rather influential media entertainment group domestically. Its main business included film investment production announcement, television investment distribution, artist economy, and so on.

On top of that, Vinci Media would also take on some publicity work for overseas films in the mainland. What’s more, they would have a good say.

Previously, they were in charge of the publicity of the overseas blockbuster, Greyhound. However, they happened to bump into Tengda Corporation’s’ Mission and Choice ‘.

This painful failure had always been the pain in Lu Xiaoping’s heart!

As Tengda Corporation and Fei Huang Workspace developed rapidly, they produced many outstanding movies and web series. This made domestic audiences more and more picky, and they became less and less convinced of foreign blockbusters and popular works.

This undoubtedly cut off an important path for Vinci Media!

Vinci Media had ample reason to fight Tengda Corporation just because of this.

Lu Xiaoping looked around at everyone and said, "Actually, Boss Nie had already expected the current situation in advance. Even though it looked like the worst situation at that time, the facts have proven that it’s always right to plan ahead!"

"In fact, most of the support that the anti-Tengda Alliance has given to Vinci Media was used to invest in a movie. This movie has already been filmed and will be released at the end of this month."

"This movie will become our trump card against Tengda Corporation!"

Everyone could not help but feel excited when they heard that.

Obviously, if he wanted to defeat Tengda in the battle of public opinion, he had to have a medium.

It would not be very effective to rely on fake reviewers to create hype online. That was because there was no support point or intention to resonate with ordinary people. Relying on fake reviewers alone would not achieve much.

The reason why Tengda could have the upper hand in the battle of public opinion was because Tengda had various cultural products. Whether it was games or movies, they could accurately hit the hearts of ordinary audiences or players and resonate widely.

Thus, after the failures of various public opinion battles, everyone finally realized that they had to fight in Tengda’s area of expertise to defeat Tengda.

There were only two core areas that were most suitable: games and movies!

There was no need to talk about the game. At the moment, Tengda’s research and development level was the only one in the country. There might not even be anyone who would come after the two gaps. Looking for trouble with Tengda in this place was definitely suicidal.

Thus, the film industry was the only feasible breakthrough.

Vinci Media had been in this field for many years. It had a wide network and sufficient resources. If it could really launch a work that went straight to the soul with the help of the anti-Tengda Alliance, it would definitely bring a huge advantage to public opinion war!

Vinci Media might have been beaten by Fei Huang Workspace previously but the situation was different now.

Previously, Fei Huang Workspace had played against Vinci Media unintentionally. Now, the attack and defense of both sides had changed.

The bosses immediately became active and discussed.

"Boss Lu, Boss Nie, what is the specific content of this movie? Can you reveal it?"

"Yes, what theme is it?"

"In my opinion, it’s most likely a realistic theme. The process of starting an entrepreneur from scratch to becoming the leader of a monopoly group. During this process, he will slowly show that his words and actions are different. That will let everyone realize that once they obtain a monopoly status, all entrepreneurs will become the same in the end!"

"I think the theme of reality is too straightforward. If we want to film Boss Pei, we would probably have to use actors who have a similar image as Boss Pei in the end. That would be too obvious. It would easily backfire. It might be better to change the background."

"I think the background in the ancient times is not bad. There were many rich businessmen in the ancient times. After these businessmen expanded, they showed their attitude towards the rich and inhumane. Then, they compared them to the path that they traveled when they were young. It can also play a very good role in borrowing the past and present. What’s more, this would not easily cause widespread resistance!"

At the mention of movies, many bosses became excited.

After all, most people had watched movies before. They could roughly raise some ideas.

Even though they already knew that the movie was done, it did not affect their curiosity and enthusiasm for discussion.

Lu Xiaoping and Nie Yunsheng looked at each other and smiled.

Lu Xiaoping explained, "Everyone’s ideas are not bad, but they don’t meet our requirements!"

"Everyone, what you said is right. This film is too much and not enough. Therefore, we cannot film a realistic theme, let alone film Tengda Corporation too obviously. That would expose our intentions too much!"

"Once our intentions are exposed, public opinion would form a sense of sympathy for Tengda Corporation. Our goal would be completely impossible to achieve. Instead, we would counterattack."

"It’s indeed a method to borrow the past and present, but there are many restrictions in the background of ancient topics. If the hints are not good enough and the audience cannot understand that we are actually hinting at Tengda Corporation, wouldn’t it be a wasted effort?"

"Other than that, the most important point that everyone has neglected is the story and the outstanding level of the script itself."

"If we only wanted to film Tengda Corporation, we would have produced a very bad script. No matter how much money we invested, no matter how outstanding the director was, the audience would not have bought the final movie. How could a lousy film affect Tengda in public opinion?"

The bosses looked at each other and nodded. "Boss Lu, you’ve thought it through."

"Boss Lu, may I ask how to film this movie?"

Lu Xiaoping smiled. "Boss Nie and I have already considered this problem repeatedly previously. Our last solution is to buy the copyright of the novel of outstanding sci-fi authors."

Everyone could not help but nod, thinking that it made sense.

If he wanted to make a good movie, he had to first have a good script. The best way to obtain a good script was to buy a good story that had been successfully verified and then change it.

Even though the adaptation might still fail, it was much better than writing the story from scratch.

The development of domestic sci-fi novels was not bad. There was a batch of outstanding works. What’s more, sci-fi movies in recent years had shown signs of warming up.

If it was really as Lu Xiaoping said, he could buy an outstanding sci-fi novel, guide it appropriately during filming, and film Tengda Corporation. He might be able to achieve unexpected effects.

Someone asked, "Which sci-fi novel is it?"

Lu Xiaoping said, "My Property."

The bosses looked at each other. Some of them expressed that they had heard of it before, but they did not know what kind of story it was.

Lu Xiaoping smiled slightly and introduced. "This is a rather old sci-fi novel. It might be a short story but his reputation is very good. What’s more, it was created by a famous sci-fi author in our country."

"This novel uses one light and one dark clue to describe a bizarre future society.

"One of the two children from a poor family was developing in business. The business grew bigger and bigger, constantly swallowing other companies. In the end, more than 90% of the industry and wealth in the world were concentrated in his hands. The other child he knew when he was young became an ordinary worker when he was older. He was mediocre."

"Due to the wealth in the world, including the mineral water and air on the entire planet, the poor can only live in small cubicles and struggle for survival through the life cycle system. The protagonist can enjoy all the wealth in the world to his heart’s content. He is also known as the boss."

"The poor man’s child grew up and lost his job. His father and mother left the world one after another for some reason. Finally, one day, the child saw his boss walking outside. He vaguely recognized him as his childhood playmate. Thus, he risked being killed by the law enforcement unit and rushed out."

"In the end, the boss took out a portion of his wealth out of friendship and pity for this child. He created an interstellar spacecraft and sent all the poor people to another planet. The story ends here."

"But can this story really reflect Tengda Corporation and Boss Pei?" Someone asked, confused.

Lu Xiaoping smiled. "Even if all the corporations in the anti-Tengda Alliance monopolize it, they would only dominate the market in a certain industry."

"However, Tengda Corporation is different. It is a new company that spanned across many corporations and achieved success in countless fields!"

"Only Tengda Corporation fits this definition and concept!"

"Not only that, the boss in the story started from a small businessman step by step. He relied on his honest and legal labor, his talent in business, and his intelligence. It was precisely because every step of his was completely legal that the story was even more ironic."

"Think about it carefully, does this role fit Boss Pei better?"

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