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Chapter: 1636

Tengda s Own Game

Nie Yunsheng immediately understood. He could not help but be praised by Lu Xiaoping.

Indeed, the content of the movie was obvious combined with all sorts of clues.

The name of the movie was "The Future You Choose", and it was a Cyberpunk theme. Zhu Xiaoce also clearly said in the award speech that a portion of the content was based on reality. That meant that Boss Pei must have used his personal goods to use the war between Tengda Corporation and the Tengda Alliance in the movie to win the battle of public opinion.

Needless to say, the companies against Tengda Alliance must have appeared as negative images.

Previously, many people had attacked Shengyun Corporation and Home Corporation, which meant that they were monopolizing them. An important characteristic of the Cyberpunk theme was the control of large monopoly companies on ordinary people.

Wouldn’t it be natural to put Shengyun Corporation and Home Corporation into the background of Cyberpunk and play them in the dark?

Of course, Boss Pei would definitely not brazenly list the names of Shengyun Corporation and Home Corporation in it. However, he just had to make a slight change to show the audience who he was talking about, right?

Nie Yunsheng could not help but feel excited because he and Lu Xiaoping felt that they had successfully caught Boss Pei’s next step.

What’s more, from the exquisiteness of the moves, the anti-Tengda Alliance was even higher.

After all, one was a clear hint, and the other was a hint. Tengda’s actions might be more direct, but it would more or less give people a sense of urgency and not be reserved enough.

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Not only that, after thinking about Boss Pei’s next move, he could also make a series of countermeasures in advance.

After some consideration, Nie Yunsheng said, "In that case, we can start a public opinion war again."

"We’ll make use of the movie ‘The Future You Choose’ to deal a huge blow."

"We want to publicize on the internet that Tengda Corporation is brainwashing everyone through the movie ‘The Future You Choose’. They are making a speech, suppressing dissidents, and maliciously discrediting other companies."

"Shengyun Corporation, Home Corporation, Home Take-Out, and other companies are all law-abiding companies. They have been cautiously creating jobs for society and seriously paying taxes. Why does Tengda Corporation think that they are superior to others and use the big companies in Cyberpunk to mock us? This is slander and slander us."

"Tengda Corporation has raised normal business competition to the scope of personal attacks. It has already violated the reputation of our companies."

Lu Xiaoping nodded in agreement.

However, he thought for a while and said, "It’s best if you don’t go down personally. You can use some indirect methods to lead the way. After all, the names and logos of our companies will definitely not appear directly in this movie. If you make it too high profile, we won’t be reasonable."

"We have to do this indeed, but we have to do it perfectly. Whoever is anxious about this public opinion battle will be at a disadvantage."

Nie Yunsheng said confidently, "Don’t worry, I know my limits."

"As long as this step is successful, we can build a solid foundation for our next public opinion battle. Once the movie ‘My Property’ is released, it will be a fatal blow. It will kill Boss Pei directly without leaving a single piece behind."

Both of them looked at each other and smiled, seeing the light of victory in each other’s eyes.

Finally, he had the perfect opportunity to win against Boss Pei.

September 9th, Monday.

Pei Qian was in his own office, yawning as he browsed the webpage in boredom.

The discussions about ‘The Future You Choose’ on the internet had not completely calmed down. What’s more, the popularity was still continuing.

Many people were waiting for the movie to be released. They expressed that they would die if they did not see the movie ‘The Future You Choose’.

Pei Qian was a little worried: this popularity would not continue until the movie is released, right? That would be too ridiculous.

Suddenly, Pei Qian noticed many discordant voices among the netizens.

"Hmm, could it be that the competitors are finally starting to show their strength?"

Pei Qian could not help but be pleasantly surprised. In his opinion, the timing, place, and people were all gathered for ‘You Choose The Future’. It would be very difficult to fail without some external pressure.

After waiting for so long, there was finally a rhythm.

Pei Qian did not dare to have any more thoughts about fake reviewers after the netizens’ activities in the past few months had dealt a blow to many online fake reviewers. However, there were bound to be brave people when rewards are given.

What’s more, many self-media people took money to do things. It was very difficult to define them as fake reviewers. Such behavior could not be endless.

To Pei Qian, this was good news. He happily clicked on these discussions.

"Tengda Corporation is a little too much, isn’t it? Really? Are they using a Cyberpunk movie to criticize other companies in the country?"

"Where did this news come from? Isn’t this movie not released yet?"

"Can’t you tell what’s so obvious? The name is ‘The Future You Choose’. That’s obviously hinting. The process of users choosing companies directly affected the development of the future world, and the movie is a Cyberpunk theme. What Director Zhu said in the award speech is obviously referring to the commercial battle between Tengda Corporation and the anti-Tengda Alliance in reality."

"It doesn’t matter if that’s the case. Tengda Corporation is the righteous side."

"What are you saying? Is there a need to distinguish between a righteous side and an evil side in a commercial war? Those companies might not do anything but they are also legitimate companies. It’s not like they are illegal and committing crime. They are also creating jobs and taxes. Why are they mocking Cyberpunk as a villain?"

"Now that you mention it, I think there’s a problem as well. Doesn’t that mean that ‘The Future You Choose’ is actually a movie with smuggled goods?"

"It would indeed make people feel uncomfortable if there were smuggled goods. Business problems can be solved in business. Posting a movie to secretly mock others would not be about morals."

"I think Tengda’s actions are too overbearing. They say that others are monopolizing companies, but what is the difference between what Tengda is doing now and those other monopoly companies? Aren’t they all making empty promises to others and not letting others speak?"

"In my opinion, if Tengda Corporation really defeats the companies that are against Tengda Alliance and achieve a monopoly position in all fields, they would probably be more terrifying than other companies. After all, other companies only monopolize one industry, and Tengda is now pursuing the monopoly of the entire industry."

"That’s a little far-fetched. However, I also agree that it’s indeed not good to use movies to mock other companies. If that’s the case, ‘The Future You Choose’ will be deducted from me. I don’t accept a movie with such serious smuggling goods to win the Golden Lion Award."

Pei Qian was confused and confused as he read the netizens’ discussions.

What the hell was happening?

The manipulation of these fake reviewers was too psychedelic. Pei Qian could not understand them at all.

Since when did the movie ‘The Future You Choose’ attack other companies? It had obviously been attacking Tengda itself.

Pei Qian changed his mind and understood. This must be because the movie had been too well-hidden. No one outside knew the true content of this movie. They had only guessed based on the name of the movie and some details. That was why they mistakenly thought that Tengda Corporation was using this movie to attack other competitors.

Wasn’t everything messed up?

Wouldn’t you be exposing your flaws and attacking the future that you chose from this angle?

The more rhythm there was now, the harder it would be when the movie was released.

Pei Qian could almost foresee the other party’s tragic fate.

While he did not know who did these things, to be able to create such a trend, there must be a large company adding fuel to the fire behind it. It was most likely done by the anti-Tengda Alliance.

"What should I do? I can’t watch my good brother jump into the fire pit."

Pei Qian was a little flustered. According to the current plot development, the anti-Tengda alliance was simply shooting himself in the foot.

Pei Qian could not take it anymore.

He did not know what to do. After much consideration, he finally decided to let the official statement.

Strictly speaking, this statement made no sense.

That was because the rumors online looked like spontaneous discussions by netizens. They did not have a wide influence, nor did they have any negative consequences.

Was Tengda refuting rumors now? Or was it aggravating the spread?

For the company’s public relations, if a certain rumor was only spreading within a very small area, the best way was to ignore it. That was because the official platform would appear to refute it and let more people know. Wouldn’t that be counterproductive?

However, Pei Qian could not care so much now because he knew that other companies were adding fuel to the fire behind this matter.

The popularity would eventually rise evn if he didn’t say anything.

Everything would go out of control when the popularity accumulates until the movie is released.

Pei Qian could not watch his good brothers jump into the pit of fire. Thus, he had to quickly clarify and cut off their thoughts.

In the afternoon, in Shanghai…

Nie Yunsheng was bidding Lu Xiaoping farewell in a high-end restaurant.

Lu Xiaoping had flown from Beijing to Shanghai to have a simple meeting with the bosses of the anti-Tengda Alliance. He wanted to discuss the subsequent series of public opinion battles. Now, he had achieved his goal. He could almost return to Beijing.

Lu Xiaoping would invest all his energy into ‘My Property’ when he returned. He would strive to obtain the dual revenue of the box office and public opinion battle.

The bosses of Nie Yunsheng and the other companies in the anti-Tengda Alliance also had high hopes for this matter.

The two of them were eating when Nie Yunsheng swiped his cell phone and suddenly laughed.

Lu Xiaoping was a little surprised. "Why is Boss Nie laughing?"

Nie Yunsheng laughed and handed his cell phone over. "Boss Lu, look. Tengda is admitting defeat!"

"It looks like we have hit Tengda Corporation and Boss Pei’s soft spots this time. Otherwise, they would not be so anxious."

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