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Chapter: 1638


The fans on the bullet screen scoffed.

"Old Qiao started again."

"Every time we meet Tengda Games, Old Qiao would start bootlicking crazily. He doesn’t care about the basic laws at all."

"I’m used to it! I’m used to it! In any case, Old Qiao’s evaluation of any game is quite objective. Only Boss Pei’s game can’t be objective. It’s impossible to criticize. He’s just bragging."

"I can only say that he is Boss Pei, the god of game design."

"I wonder what this game will be like. I heard that it’s a Cyberpunk theme. I’m looking forward to it."

"That’s right. What’s more, Tengda Corporation did not do much publicity this time. They relied on the popularity of the haters to increase the attention of the game."

"No, no, no. We also gained a lot of attention after the movie won the Golden Lion Award."

"At this point, there is indeed no need to do any marketing."

"That’s good as well. We can save on marketing funds to polish the game."

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The viewers in Teacher Qiao’s live-stream might be teasing him but they were also looking forward to this game.

After all, most of Teacher Qiao’s fans were loyal gamers of Tengda Games.

For game developers, game marketing had always accounted for a large part of the overall expenses of the game. Some game companies’ marketing funds were even equal to the development budget.

There was no helping it. After all, without these marketing funds games, it would be difficult to obtain high sales even if they were not famous.

However, if he could really spend all his marketing funds on research and development, the quality of the game would definitely improve. However, only Tengda dared to do such a unique thing.

Everyone was looking forward to the game ‘The Future You Choose’.

After chatting for a while, Teacher Qiao looked at the time and quickly refreshed the details page of Dawn Games platform.

Indeed, the game ‘The Future You Choose’ was officially released.

The purchase and download options had been opened yesterday. Of course, Teacher Qiao had already done all the preparation work in advance.

What’s more, ever since Dawn Games platform was exposed, Tengda Corporation seemed to stop pretending. They transplanted their classic games onto Dawn Games platform and brought a large number of users to this platform.

Qiao Liang was the first batch of game reviewers to move into Dawn Games platform. He naturally had no other reason to experience it on other platforms seeing that the friends on Tengda’s account had been moved to Dawn Games platform.

The data on Dawn Games platform and the game router were interconnected. However, Qiao Liang still planned to buy a physical disc for collection.

Of course, the prerequisite was that this game was indeed fun and classic.

If the quality of the game itself was stretched, Qiao Liang could only pretend that nothing had happened.

Qiao Liang started the game without saying anything else.

The logo of Tengda’s games industry appeared on the screen first, including Tengda Games, Shang Yang Games, Dawn Games platform, Otto Technologies’ game router, and so on.

This game was jointly developed by Tengda Games and Shang Yang Games. It was also released at the same time on Dawn Games platform and the game router.

Immediately after that, there were some noisy background music. A rock music in the style of Cyberpunk sounded.

A neon-like glow appeared on the black screen, as if it was an image that appeared in someone’s mind after he lost consciousness.

This scene gave people a feeling of chaos and confusion. At the same time, people were looking forward to the scene after the black screen disappeared.

The noise gradually grew further away, replaced by the sound of roaring wind and the distant background sound of the city.

The image gradually appeared.

This was a field of vision that overlooked the sky. Rows of future cities could be seen in front of him. Huge city groups extended into the distance, and he could not see the end.

There seemed to be smoke in several places in the city, fighting.

Accompanying the sound of the biting wind, it made people feel an inexplicable sense of sorrow.

As the camera zoomed out, Qiao Liang realized that he had just seen someone’s first person’s perspective.

This lonely back view stood on the rooftop of the highest building in the city. Through the torn and tattered combat uniform, one could see that part of his right arm, left leg, and back were flashing with metal luster. It should be a mechanical prosthetic limb.

On the other hand, ferocious scars could be seen on a few exposed muscles.

Suddenly, there were a few knocks on the door.

Dong dong dong.

It seemed like some metal was striking the safety door on the rooftop.

He turned around and took a look, revealing half of his face.

It was only then that Qiao Liang noticed that a huge area of his face had been modified. His metal chin and mechanical eyes emitted a long red glow, making him look ferocious like a mechanical skeleton.

On the other side of the relatively intact human face, his eyes revealed extremely complicated emotions. It was very difficult to describe them with words.

However, that was definitely not an optimistic feeling of happiness or relief.

The scene was set.

A new background music sounded. This time, it was still in the Cyberpunk style, but it was much more lively and much more compact.

A line of words appeared on the black screen.

Hope City, 10 years ago.

On the roof of a four-storey building at the border of the city, a few warriors were silently wiping their guns.

There was a figure in the middle of the screen, looking at the street in the distance with a long view mirror.

Qiao Liang immediately recognized that this figure was the protagonist who had appeared on the tall building previously.

A warrior beside him asked excitedly, "Captain Lu De, is the motorcade not here yet?"

At that moment, an introduction of the protagonist appeared beside the protagonist. It was the leader of the Resistance: Lu Desheng.

The camera panned to the protagonist’s face. Although it was covered by a pair of glasses, Qiao Liang could still recognize him as the face on the tall building. Ten years ago, there had not been so many mechanical modifications. He still looked like an ordinary human. However, he was muscular and muscular. Obviously, he was a warrior who had been through hundreds of battles.

Lu De’s voice was very stable and filled with confidence. "Prepare for battle."

Once he gave the order, the warriors of the Resistance beside him immediately became active and began to prepare for battle.

At that moment, the camera switched to the image in the mirror. He saw a train team from the distant wasteland era. It seemed to be driving into the city.

The train was about to enter the ambush location of the Resistance.

The magnification of the scope locked onto the logo on the car.

Upwind Logistics.

Qiao Liang was confused.

Upwind Logistics?

Something was amiss, right? Didn’t they say that it was a Cyberpunk theme, which included monopoly companies like Home Corporation and Shengyun Corporation?

If he wanted to be sarcastic, shouldn’t he modify Shengyun Corporation’s logo and put it up?

Or was this train team playing the role of a good person? The Resistance was the reverse.

Something was amiss.

The first two scenes depicted the scene 10 years later and 10 years ago. This person named Lu De was obviously the leader of the Resistance. At the same time, he was the protagonist that players had to control. They could not possibly let players control the opposite side, right?

What’s more, the Resistance was obviously a very positive meaning. It was even more so in Cyberpunk. Logically speaking, it should not be called the Resistance if this was a reverse organization.

What’s more, there was a suspense at the beginning of the first scene. There were two ways to interpret it.

Ten years later, Captain Loud stood on the highest building in the city, overlooking the city and found smoke everywhere, which meant that the battle was still coming to an end.

There were two possibilities. One was that the Resistance had won and finally seized the entire city. Captain Lu De was on the roof, welcoming victory.

The other was that the Resistance had completely failed, and the opposing forces of the Resistance were cleaning up the mess. Captain Rude became a general without an army and ran to the rooftop alone to welcome his fate.

Both explanations seemed to make sense.

At last, there was a knock on the rooftop. Perhaps one of the Resistance’s subordinates had reported the battle situation to Captain Loud.

Or perhaps the army that surrounded him had already found his way to the door. The knock on the door was only announcing his final fate.

All in all, just looking at this opening alone gave people a feeling that it was impossible to grasp.

In fact, Qiao Liang had roughly made a few guesses after hearing that ‘The Future You Choose’ was a Cyberpunk theme. He felt that he should be able to guess the plot of this game with his understanding of Boss Pei.

It was not just him. In fact, most players on the internet, including people from the anti-Tengda Alliance, had already guessed that the game and movie you chose would defame Tengda Alliance.

By describing a helpless Cyberpunk world, these companies finally monopolized the evil caused by the market and played a guiding role in reality, helping Tengda win this battle of public opinion.

However, Qiao Liang realized that he had guessed wrongly after entering the game.

Where was the anti-Tengda Alliance company?

In the first scene, players would destroy Upwind Logistics’ transport car.

However, the battle soon began. Qiao Liang had no time to think about these twists and turns. He quickly followed the instructions in the game and entered the battle.

After putting on the mechanical exoskeleton, the warriors of the Resistance displayed their magic and descended from the roof to charge at Upwind Logistics.

According to the background story, there was a higher level of technology after all. Thus, the weapons used and the armor on them were more advanced than ordinary gunfight games.

For example, the mechanical exoskeleton on the legs allowed players to jump and move quickly. The smart weapon in their hands could also achieve automatic aim and reduce the recoil.

The moment the Resistance approached Upwind Logistics, the motorcade announced a warning. Then, the heavy machine gun at the top of the motorcade fired.

However, the Resistance team had come prepared. First, they used heavy weapons to destroy a car and completely blocked the way of Upwind Logistics’ motorcade. Then, they focused their firepower and hit the drone fleet in front of the motorcade.

During this process, Qiao Liang kept adapting to the hand sensitivity of the game. He had to say that it was a little similar to the downloadable content that Ocean Stronghold and Mission and Choice had combined. That was the process where the Skylark Team had decapitated the Zerg Queen.

This combat method was similar to wearing the Skylark combat uniform, but the technology level was lower.

The protection of the motorcade was not weak, but these warriors of the Resistance were all experienced in battles. What’s more, they had strong firepower. Qiao Liang controlled the protagonist to kill in all directions. He felt like an impressive, lonely hero. He suddenly played a good game.

However, just as he was feeling happy, he heard the slightly anxious voice of another Resistance soldier through the communication device.

"Captain Lu De, we have to destroy this batch of goods as soon as possible. Tengda Corporation’s reinforcements are already rushing over!"


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