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Chapter: 1639

Tengda Never Had A Real President

Qiao Liang was controlling the protagonist, Captain Lu De, to slaughter everyone and take down several drone. He could not help but be stunned when he heard this. He turned around and was stunned.

Tengda Corporation’s army was overwhelming and approaching.

There were densely packed drone and law enforcement units in the sky, and many combat vehicles and soldiers in Tengda Corporation’s combat uniform on the ground. The firepower suppression instantly covered the entire scene.

"F*ck! Are you cheating?"

"There are less than 10 people in the Resistance. You can’t wait to mobilize an entire army."

Qiao Liang was stunned. This was akin to shooting at a mosquito. It was making a mountain out of a molehill.

Upwind Logistics’ motorcade was swallowed by the fire with a violent explosion. The Resistance immediately evacuated.

The drone and the law enforcement unit quickly caught up. Even if the warriors of the Resistance blocked a hundred attacks and shot down a large number of drone, it was still a drop in the ocean.

His teammates kept losing out and leaving the battle.

Qiao Liang controlled the protagonist to retreat as he fought. Soon, he started the animation.

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A super strong man dressed in a mechanical exoskeleton descended from the sky. Half of his body had been modified into a machine. Coupled with the special exoskeleton, he looked like a mountain of steel.

Qiao Liang was stunned because he felt that this burly man’s face was vaguely similar to Guo Licheng’s.

Before he could react, the protagonist was grabbed by the strong mechanical arm and thrown out.

The protagonist’s surroundings were chaotic as the world spun. It seemed like he had experienced a rather tragic battle. His vision gradually darkened.

The camera extended upwards from the protagonist’s tightly shut eyes. The protagonist was covered in blood and his mechanical exoskeleton was completely damaged. There were many wounds on his body, and his entire right leg was missing.

He was surrounded by the corpses of many Tengda Corporation’s combat robots and drone.

Further away was the city background of Cyberpunk. Countless cars were shuttling back and forth in the periphery of Hope City.

The destroyed motorcade was just an insignificant resource of Tengda Corporation.

The entire Cyberpunk-style city was still operating in an orderly manner. It was as if the intense battle that had happened previously was an insignificant interlude. No one paid attention to it at all.

With the huge city as the background, the game’s name appeared on the screen.

The Cyberpunk style font was displayed.

The Future You Choose

After a short black screen, he heard the sound of mechanical welding.

Captain Ludd opened his eyes and found himself lying on the operating table. A volunteer doctor was installing mechanical prosthetic limbs for him.

His right leg had been destroyed in the previous battle. He had to replace it with a mechanical prosthetic limb. The other wounds on his body had been dressed up.

The volunteer doctor sighed. "You actually managed to escape from that war machine and only lost a leg. That’s really a blessing in disguise. You might not be so lucky next time."

Captain Lude was silent for a moment, as if recalling the tragic battle and the sacrificed teammates.

After a long time, he heaved a long sigh. "Tengda Corporation is too powerful. I have to obtain greater strength to fight them."

The doctor reached out and pulled down a display screen in front of Captain Loud. He said, "I might be able to help you with this, but you have to remember."

The opening part of the game was over. After undergoing basic combat guidance, he could modify his body at the volunteer doctor.

The modified right leg was necessary for the plot, but other than that, players could also freely choose to modify other parts of the body.

For example, the mechanical prosthetic eye, head chip, body, arms, and even internal organs could be modified.

What’s more, he would obtain new abilities every time he completed the transformation.

Of course, he could not turn his entire body into a robot at once. He could only have a new opportunity to modify as the plot progressed. However, the process of modification was relatively free. It was completely up to the players to decide which one to modify first.

Modifying different parts would obtain some derivative ability. In the subsequent stages of the plot, players had to know how to use this special ability to assist in clearing.

According to the settings in the game, the Resistance did not only have the protagonist’s team. There were also a large number of other branches and various secretly helping the Resistance in the city or in the wild. This volunteer doctor was one of them.

What players had to do was very simple. They had to participate in one battle after another and make various choices. They had to increase the protagonist’s combat power and finally overthrow the world’s biggest monopoly, the corporation’s dark reign.

There were many scenes of Hope City at the beginning but it was just a background.

There was no huge city in the game. It was too difficult to create a city of this scale after all. What’s more, it was not closely related to the main gameplay of the game.

The game still followed the usual methods and created many high precision scenes. It followed the game’s plot strictly and strung these scenes together.

The protagonist was more like a lone ranger. He came from one scene to another. His comrades around him fell or parted ways. However, during this process, the protagonist kept winning battles and obtaining results one after another. His military rank kept increasing and gradually became the spiritual leader of the Resistance.

Of course, the protagonist’s body was becoming more and more like the war machine that defeated him.

However, all these were worth it in the eyes of the protagonist. More and more people were beckoned by the Resistance and joined in.

At first, only small companies secretly helped the Resistance. For example, the volunteer doctor who had been treating and modifying Captain Lu De. Slowly, more and more large companies and corporations joined the ranks of the Resistance.

These companies had money and strength to contribute. They could also provide material assistance or military equipment directly, increasing the influence of the Resistance.

On the other hand, the low-level people, the hooligans, and even those who broke the law and sin were encouraged by the revolution army and joined the Justice Alliance that resisted Tengda Corporation’s rule.

The entire world was on fire, resisting Tengda Corporation.

The Resistance began to launch counterattacks all over the world like a tide. The battle that the protagonist participated in became larger and larger, and the battle became more and more intense.

Captain Lu De was always a tall flag in the battlefield. He was invincible. In everyone’s hearts, he was glorious and righteous. It was as if as long as they fought with Captain Lu De, this battle would definitely win.

The plot of the entire story climbed steadily after some setbacks at the beginning. Captain Lu De kept obtaining new abilities and became more courageous as he fought. He also kept fighting for new results. He rescued cities from the tyrannical rule of Tengda Corporation.

At the same time, those large companies that had helped the Resistance began to actively participate in the post-war reconstruction work. As they fought on the front line, these large companies replaced Tengda Corporation’s industries in the back through new technologies and continued to provide powerful army weapons and soldiers to the front line.

However, as the game continued, Qiao Liang gradually felt that something was amiss when it reached the later stages.

Some large corporations had undergone a transformation and became influential people in the Resistance. The warriors of the Resistance, like these large corporations, not only used more and more exquisite equipment, but they also wore more luxurious clothes and more expensive luxury goods.

His true friends who knew Captain Lu De were all dead in battle. Players in the later stages of the game could not even find a familiar face next to the protagonist.

Captain Lude looked around when he was participating in a celebration party and realized that the only people he knew were the bosses or higher-ups of large companies. The warriors of the Resistance came to him to ask for autographs and photos, but the protagonist did not know their names at all. He only knew that they had fought side by side with him on a battlefield.

He felt like a high and mighty god, being held up high by everyone, even above the clouds. However, when he turned around and looked down, he realized that there was no one beside him.

The world was indeed constantly changing, but Captain Lu De was becoming more and more uncertain as to whether this was the change he had expected.

The taste of the last battle could be said to be logical or boring.

This scene was called the City of Origin. Obviously, it was based on Jingzhou in reality. In the game’s settings, this was the place where Tengda Corporation became famous and also where Tengda Corporation’s headquarters was.

The Resistance army finally arrived at Tengda Corporation’s headquarters after the various cities in the world fought and destroyed Tengda’s branches.

After a long and intense battle, Captain Lu De finally successfully entered Tengda Corporation’s headquarters and won the final battle with the war machine.

He decided to pursue the victory and find the culprit who caused all of this. The real culprit was Tengda Corporation’s current leader.

However, when Captain Lu De took the lead and rushed into Tengda Corporation’s President’s office, he realized that the entire space was empty. There was nothing. There were no office tables, chairs, computers, or any other personal equipment. It was as if the place had never been empty.

Captain Lu De was indignant. He firmly believed that there must be a secret door or other mechanisms in the entire space. However, no matter how he searched, the entire space seemed to be empty.

Captain Lu De could not accept this fact. He could not figure out how Tengda Corporation, as the world’s biggest monopoly, could rule the entire world for so long without a President. What had they been fighting against all this time?

Lu De left the president’s office and searched the entire floor. During the process, he eliminated many law enforcement units.

Fortunately, he had not achieved nothing. He chased all the way and caught up to the person-in-charge of Tengda’s HR department, whose surname was Wu, who was preparing to jump off the rooftop of the building.

After Tengda was captured by the Resistance, the people in charge had different reactions. Some of the people in charge had switched to the Resistance and became the guides. Some of the people in charge had run away in advance. There were also some people in charge, like the war machine, who picked up their guns and fought to the end. Only a very small number of people in charge came to the rooftop like the person in charge of the HR department with the surname Wu and were prepared to jump down to spend the rest of their lives.

However, he was still a step slower. Captain Lu De arrived in time to stop his suicide plan and questioned him about who had been giving orders as the President of Tengda Corporation to maintain the authoritarian rule of the entire Tengda Corporation.

Captain Lude had to determine who the final war criminal was. What motive did he have to commit such a serious crime against mankind?

The HR department head with the surname Wu told the truth with a bitter smile.

"Tengda Corporation has never had a true President who controlled everything."

"All the heads of Tengda Corporation will jointly decide. If there are any differences in opinions, the most advanced artificial intelligence system, AEEIS, will analyze the content of the resolution and finally come to the most advantageous decision for the entire Tengda Corporation."

"This decision will be expressed again. If it does not pass, the artificial intelligence will have to adjust again until more than 80% of the person-in-charge pass."

"You can think that all the people in charge played the role of the war criminal in your mind. However, you can also say that there is no specific person in this world who you think is a war criminal."

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