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Chapter: 1640

The Throne Is Empty

When Captain Lu De interrogated the HR department head named Wu on the rooftop of Tengda’s headquarters building, the other Resistance troops finally invaded Tengda’s headquarters building.

A company army, under the banner of the Resistance, led everyone into the deepest underground internet unit of Tengda Corporation’s headquarters.

The commander led all the soldiers of the Enterprise to carefully destroy the few remaining defense forces in the computer room. After destroying them all, he immediately asked the soldiers to block all the passageways to the computer room and entered it alone.

He turned on the holographic projection and spoke to a person who was dressed simply but in a spacious and luxurious office.

Obviously, this person should be the actual controller behind the business army, the President of a large financial group who supported the Resistance.

The unsmiling President laughed to his heart’s content seeing the scene in the underground computer room.


"Those fools did not know that Tengda Corporation’s most precious wealth is in this computer room."

"Tengda Corporation does have a lot of wealth, but those are all dead riches. Even if you snatch them, you can’t keep them. All the assets in Tengda Corporation’s accounts will be taken away, but only a little will be distributed to everyone."

"However, all of Tengda Corporation’s monopolies hold a huge amount of data, including everyone’s daily behavior data, personal preference data, and so on. With these data, they have the power to dominate the entire world."

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"Not only that, the AEEIS artificial intelligence system within Tengda can integrate the opinions of the entire company from top to bottom. It can combine with the specific analysis of the person-in-charge to formulate the most beneficial strategy for the development of the entire company. As long as we can obtain this artificial intelligence system, we can promote a group of pigs in the person-in-charge and allow the entire company to continue developing."

"However, the upper echelons of Tengda were really pedantic. They did not let AEEIS completely take over Tengda Corporation’s business army and defense plan. They also did not set the company’s safety as the highest priority of AEEIS, causing them to not be able to kill the Resistance when they were rising."

"But it doesn’t matter. I would never make such a mistake."

"Carry the data back immediately."

The commander immediately nodded and said, "Yes, Boss. However, the hacker in the team said that the entire system is very complicated and has a certain level of defense mechanism. I’m afraid it’ll be very difficult to crack it in a short period of time. We can only move the entire system back."

The President in the holographic projection smiled. "It doesn’t matter. I’ve already secretly recruited a few people in charge of Tengda Corporation. As long as they are around, the system can operate smoothly again."

After ending the holographic projection call, the commander gave the orders to the soldiers.

At the same time, on the rooftop.

The conversation between Captain Lu De and the person-in-charge of the HR department with the surname Wu had ended.

The person-in-charge with the surname Wu stood on the edge of the rooftop again.

Captain Lu De saved him previously because he wanted to obtain more clues and truth from him. However, at that moment, he lost the motivation to stop him. He only asked, "You will not be sentenced to death. You can be released after a few years at most. There’s no need to kill yourself."

The person-in-charge smiled in relief. "No, actually, I won’t sit in jail for a day because some large companies will think of all ways to get me out. They will use various methods to absolve me of my crime and then let me continue to hold a high position in their company."

"I died to repay Tengda Corporation’s kindness, and also because my dreams were shattered."

With that, the person-in-charge with the surname Wu jumped off the rooftop of the tall building.

Captain Ludd could have saved him, but he did nothing now.

Finally, Captain Lude came to the rooftop of the building and returned to the scene at the beginning.

The entire city was filled with smoke. The war seemed to have reached its end. The forces of the Resistance had already completely taken over Tengda’s headquarters building. The resistance forces of Tengda companies that were resisting nearby had also been eliminated one by one.

However, Captain Lu De did not feel like he had welcomed a long-absent victory.

He was even confused. He did not know what he had been searching for for so long, nor did he know if everything he had done was meaningful.

This huge confusion surrounded him and the players in front of the computer.

At that moment, there was a knock on the rooftop.

However, the difference with the opening scene was that the ending this time was even shorter. Before the Captain who was reading turned his head, the entire scene had stopped and entered a black screen.

The title of the game appeared on the screen once again.

The Future You Choose

The cast list appeared on the screen.

Apart from the regular employees, there was also a very interesting list that attracted Qiao Liang’s attention.

Tengda’s various departments cooperated with the performance list.

For example, the prototype of the war machine came from Guo Licheng, and the person-in-charge with the surname Wu came from the HR department, Wu Bin. The various villains that appeared in the game plot were actually designed based on Tengda’s current departments and the person-in-charge of the various departments.

What’s more, these people in charge had also made some suggestions and suggestions for their own decisions. For example, Wu Bin had insisted on the person-in-charge, Wu Bin, jumping down from the building.

To a certain extent, these people in charge had already planned their own fates. On the other hand, the game producers had only followed their instructions and made minor changes to the final outcome of these characters.

Accompanying the cast list were not scenes of games, but many real-life scenes.

It was a scene where Tengda’s various industries were booming and were deeply loved by ordinary consumers.

For example, there was a long line at the entrance of Fish-Catching Take-Out. The person-in-charge was being interviewed. Many young people were laughing and playing in Fish-Catching Internet Cafe. Deposit Fitness gave many people perfect figures, while Upwind Logistics ‘young men were diligently delivering various large items to customers’ houses.

Such scenes flashed past one by one and finally settled in a large office.

Behind the heavy desk was a huge boss chair, which looked a little like a throne. The back of his chair was very high, and the armrest was very large. At that moment, his back was facing the camera, and the front was facing the huge full-length window next to him. It was as if the person in the seat was staring at the night scene outside, thinking about very important things.

Suddenly, the huge throne slowly turned around. However, when it turned in front of the camera, it realized that there was no one on the throne.

The game ended at this point.

Qiao Liang had just finished playing the game in front of his computer. He looked at this scene and did not speak for a long time.

His brain was a little chaotic. His thoughts were a mess, and he did not know where to start.

Perhaps he had been burning the midnight oil for too long and his mind was not clear, or perhaps there was too much content to express in the game. At that moment, he could not catch the end of the messy clue.

He played the game for the entire day. He played from morning to night before he finally cleared it.

The game content was indeed very rich. There might not be an open world but it was still pushed by different scene battles on the whole. However, these scenes were done very well and novel. The map mechanism was also very rich, allowing players to experience the satisfaction of the hormones bursting out during the battle.

The game’s combat mechanism was also very rich. As the protagonist, Captain Lu De could constantly obtain new combat ability by changing his prosthetic limbs. He could obtain a new ability every once in a while. In the end, he could even complete the task faster through the combination of different abilities.

During the resistance process, the scene gradually became bigger, the battle became more and more intense, and more teams supported the protagonist. All of this formed a clear positive feedback, allowing players to clearly feel that their efforts were achieving results. This also stimulated players to continue playing with full concentration.

However, in all fairness, the shortcomings of this game were also more obvious. For example, emphasizing battle too much made the other aspects of the game appear monotonous.

An open world game could allow players to play it for hundreds of hours repeatedly with a large amount of rich game content. This game would focus mainly on players’ first experience.

In other words, even though most players could obtain joy through such an intense combat mode when they played for the first time, they would feel sick of it after playing it twice at most. It was impossible to play for dozens of hours.

The special combat ability that the protagonist kept activating was very novel when he first experienced it. However, he would feel very restricted when he started from the second time. Many powerful abilities could not be used. It would give players a feeling of anxiousness.

Apart from that, the mid to late stages of the game seemed to be hinting to players through various details, making players start to doubt themselves and really want to know what happened outside the battlefield.

However, the game completely framed all the plots in the battle scene. Players could only be forced to fight like a machine, watching the real beautiful ending gradually drift away from them.

Of course, what surprised Qiao Liang the most was the setting of Tengda Corporation in the story.

The final outcome was equivalent to a segment where the truth was revealed. However, what was shocking was that Tengda Corporation, which had truly monopolized all the industries in the world, did not show any signs of personal will. There was also no real President whose decisions were made by the person-in-charge and the AEEIS smart system.

In the end, the new large financial group snatched Tengda Corporation’s data and smart system. The leap that the person-in-charge, Wu, made on the roof seemed to hint at something.

No matter how one looked at it, this game was discrediting Tengda Corporation as the final antagonist. However, after experiencing the entire ending, this discrediting feeling seemed to have been diluted.

What was the intention of the creator?

The audience was already arguing in Qiao Liang’s live-stream.

Many viewers had followed Qiao Liang through the game. They might not feel as strongly as Qiao Liang but they had many associations just looking at this plot. At that moment, everyone had their own opinions and could not reach a consensus.

After a long silence, Qiao Liang said, "That’s all for today’s live-stream. I want to go and have a good sleep and think about the deep meaning of this game."

"I want to go into seclusion!"

"See you in the next video everyone, goodbye!"

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