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Chapter: 1641

Lu Xiaoping s Interpretation

At the same time, at Shanghai Airport.

Lu Xiaoping had just alighted from the plane and sat in the car that Shengyun Corporation had sent to pick him up. However, his mind was a mess.

"What’s going on?"

"Can someone explain to me what the plot of this game is about? What is Boss Pei thinking?"

Lu Xiaoping felt stunned.

Lu Xiaoping had been busy with the publicity of the new movie after returning to Vinci Media. He had been very busy these few days.

The movie "The Future You Choose" from Tengda Corporation had not been officially released. Thus, Lu Xiaoping did not pay much attention to it even though he valued it.

In any case, this movie had already won an award. There must be real material. In the end, this would definitely be a real fight. It was useless to be anxious early. The results would definitely be revealed when the two movies were released.

Lu Xiaoping was also filled with confidence in his own movie.

He was not too concerned about the game. The game might have the same name as the movie but it was not a direct competitiveness with Vinci Media after all. It was not worth spending too much effort to pay attention to.

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However, after the game was officially released today, a lot of information about the game was directly reflected in Lu Xiaoping’s face.

What shocked Lu Xiaoping the most was that Tengda Corporation actually played the antagonist in this game and played a true monopoly group.

This was f*cking ridiculous!

What’s more, no matter how hard he searched in the game, he could not find any images of other companies that were against Tengda Alliance. There were indeed a few large financial groups in the game that supported the Resistance. However, there were no clues from the image logos and the person-in-charge.

If he had to use the hard set, he would be more like the companies that were closer to Tengda, such as Sun Strike Studios, Shenhua Corporation, Fu Hui Investments, and so on.

All in all, Tengda Corporation had been defeated as the antagonist in the game. The entire game had not mentioned anything about opposing Tengda Alliance.

That made Lu Xiaoping feel very pained. It was as if he had struck the air with all his might.

Originally, his and Nie Yunsheng’s judgment was that since this was a satirical theme of Cyberpunk, Tengda Alliance would definitely use many companies against Tengda as villains to highlight the importance of their own actions. However, they did not expect this prediction to fail.

Previously, he had been creating hype online. However, after the game was released, everything changed instantly.

The posts that had been creating hype previously had become very funny performance art. Countless people would mock them.

That’s right, they were not cursing but mocking.

He could easily find out from the netizens’ discussions that the anti-Tengda Alliance had made a mistake and lost a lot of face in public opinion.

"Previously, so many people said that Tengda Corporation wanted to use ‘The Future You Choose’ to attack the reputation of other companies and make a speech. These people, come out and slip away."

"I’m dying of laughter. These people are overthinking! Tengda Corporation did not mention this at all."

"Trash companies like you actually want to show your faces in the game that Tengda has created. Do you know what Tengda’s games and movies are? That’s art. No random person is qualified to guest star in it."

"These people were crazily attacking Tengda Corporation, cutting off dissidents and were petty. However, in the end, they realized that they were the ones who were narrow-minded. They guessed the worst with malicious intent, but Tengda was broad-minded and very magnanimous. They went in to be the villains."

"Do all companies in the anti-Tengda Alliance suffer from persecution mania?"

Lu Xiaoping felt a blood clot in his chest and nearly spat it out seeing the netizens’ ridicule.

Especially when he thought about how Boss Pei had tried all ways and means to inform Nie Rensheng previously. First, he posted on Weibo and then contacted Nie Yunsheng in private. He tried his best to tell Nie Yunsheng that Tengda Corporation really did not list out the Tengda Alliance and Nie Yunsheng in the new game and movie.

However, Nie Yunsheng did not believe it.

Not only did he not believe what Boss Pei said, but he also thought that this was Boss Pei’s strategy to confuse the enemy. He was even more determined to bite this point.

The outcome would be how high he jumped previously and how badly he fell now.

What made Lu Xiaoping even more desperate was that the movie had not been released.

The worldview of games and movies were basically related. Tengda Corporation had already guest starring as the antagonist in the game, so they would probably be the antagonist in the movie.

He could not possibly be the antagonist in the game and become upright in the movie, right? Wouldn’t that be a schizophrenia?

If that was the case, all of Vinci Media’s plans for Tengda Corporation’s new movie would be invalidated. That was because they had guessed the enemy’s strategic intentions wrong from the beginning.

It was fundamentally wrong. What was there to talk about?

This made Lu Xiaoping fall into a huge passive state. He began to seriously consider the publicity strategy of the entire movie. He had to make some corresponding adjustments, but he felt that he did not know where to start.

He arrived at Shengyun Corporation’s headquarters while he was thinking.

Lu Xiaoping quickly walked to Nie Yunsheng’s office and realized that the bosses or higher-ups of Zheng Hao and the other companies were also there.

They were obviously confused by Boss Pei’s game and were discussing countermeasures.

The biggest scapegoat, Nie Yunsheng, did not look very good at that moment. He quickly stood up and invited Lu Xiaoping to sit down to ease the awkward atmosphere.

"I can only say that Boss Pei is an expert at psychological warfare. I was indeed tricked by him once. It’s hard to guess what this person is thinking."

"However, at this point, we still have to think of a way to solve the problem. Otherwise, all the preparation work we did before the movie was released would be wasted."

"If you have any good ideas, tell us quickly. This is our last resort."

Nie Yunsheng unknowingly threw the blame away and held it in the air.

Of course, the others could feel it as well. However, it was not the time to split the blame at such a critical juncture. They still had to solve the problem.

There was no other way this time. It was a desperate counterattack against Tengda Alliance since Tengda already had a complete advantage in all fields.

If they failed again, the Tengda Alliance would really pack up and leave.

Lu Xiaoping had thought of several ways along the way. Until now, only he had come up with ideas.

"I think we have to transfer in now."

"Continue to stick to our previous strategy is equivalent to courting death. We attack by saying that Tengda is defaming other companies through games to get rid of dissidents and discredit other law-abiding companies. These arguments are completely unreliable now."

"However, we can make use of the other party’s counterattack comments to make some articles."

"Now, many people are praising Tengda Corporation’s self-mockery online. After all, Tengda Corporation has indeed put their own image in the game and regarded them as the final antagonist."

"However, this is also something that we can make use of and attack."

"In other words, Tengda Corporation’s self-mockery is not deep. It is even beautifying itself."

"If we can interpret this game as Tengda Corporation’s beautifying publicity for ourselves, we can dispel its other connotations and lay the foundation for our movie’s success."

Nie Yunsheng and the other bosses’ eyes lit up. They seemed to have seen hope and dawn.

That sounded feasible.

At the moment, the thing that the anti-Tengda Alliance was most worried about was the failure of the public opinion battle during the game. It would bring negative impact to the next movie. Then, the current strategic goal had to at least cut off this adverse impact and pave the way for the movie.

Now, some gamers on the internet wanted to make this game a masterpiece and extend the popularity of the game to the movie. What they had to do was to constantly suppress the connotation of this game, make this game seem very superficial, and raise their own movie.

Everyone looked at Lu Xiaoping. "But from what angle should we attack this game?"

After some consideration, Lu Xiaoping said, "I briefly watched the video of this game. Overall, the overall plot of this game is similar to that of the movie. Therefore, I tried to analyze its connotation in the way of the movie."

"I think that even though this game portrays Tengda Corporation as the final antagonist on the surface, Tengda Corporation is actually more like an innocent victim."

"Especially in the plot, the person-in-charge with the surname Wu basically showed Tengda Corporation that even though they had a monopoly position, they did not make use of this artificial intelligence system in terms of military affairs. They did not invade and control ordinary people."

"In other words, as a monopoly group, Tengda Corporation still retains the bottom line of conscience. It is this conscience that caused them to suffer failure. The person-in-charge of the company hidden in the Resistance actually seized this power and stole the fruits of the Resistance’s battle. It is conceivable that it will definitely develop into a monopoly corporation that is worse than Tengda Corporation in the future."

"Therefore, I think that this is a form of praise in the open and in the dark. On the surface, he made a self-mockery posture that made Tengda Corporation the antagonist. However, in the details, he tried various ways and means to beautify Tengda Corporation, making everyone develop a subconscious feeling: Tengda Corporation might not look very good, but he is still the best in all the companies."

"Those companies that clamored to reach Tengda Corporation would end up worse than Tengda Corporation."

"Once the audience has such a subtle subconsciousness, it would be a double benefit for Tengda Corporation."

"On one hand, we obtained popularity and reputation through self-mockery. On the other hand, we established a subconscious mindset in the audience, making Tengda Corporation always superior to other companies."

"All in all, this is all a trap!"

"However, that’s precisely why we can counterattack on this point. We can think of a way to dismantle the hidden intentions in this game, expose Boss Pei’s plot, and analyze the superficial intentions in this game."

"If a Cyberpunk theme is not criticizing the corporations but actually praising the corporations, the meaning of this work’s existence would be eliminated by us."

"That way, the movie ‘My Property’ would naturally surpass Tengda’s works. Whether it’s a game or a movie, it would be a complete crushing!"

"This is turning a crisis into an opportunity!"

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