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Chapter: 1642

Exposing Hidden Motives

The other bosses looked enlightened and nodded after hearing Lu Xiaoping’s words.

It made sense.

Previously, the bosses’ biggest question was what went wrong with Tengda Corporation. Why did they defame themselves in such an important game?

Lu Xiaoping’s praise perfectly answered everyone’s doubts.

On one hand, he had obtained a good reputation through self-mockery. On the other hand, he had established in everyone’s hearts that Tengda was a better subconscious mind than other companies.

In the specific implementation, he also played a trick on the anti-Tengda Alliance.

It was killing three birds with one stone.

That was definitely a toxic plan. Only someone like Boss Pei could think of such a sinister plan.

The cultural talents were the scariest. They could scold others without using vulgarities. You might not even know that they scolded you.

Fortunately, Lu Xiaoping had been working in movies for so many years after all. He had a very precise grasp of the meaning of art and successfully analyzed Boss Pei’s intentions.

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Nie Yunsheng said, "That’s why we should grab this weakness and attack."

"We want to expose Tengda Corporation’s sinister intentions. We want to point out the core of the problem. On the surface, this game is a Cyberpunk theme. However, in fact, he is completely going against the core of a Cyberpunk theme. He did not really oppose those large companies that are authoritarian. Instead, he used this method to seek rationality for his company’s monopoly business and subtly induce all viewers and players."

"This is exposing hidden motives!"

"As long as we can generate public opinion, our movie will definitely be able to seize the high ground when it is released."

"That’s because the intention of ‘My Property’ is obviously higher than the intention of ‘The Future You Choose’."

At that point, everyone nodded in agreement.

"After all, we are the classic works of sci-fi. We have really been tested in time. Boss Pei is a young man after all. He will definitely run out one day after producing so many outstanding games and movies for a long time."

"I think so too. We might not have grasped some details of the movie ‘The Future You Choose’ but from the situation of the game, the movie should not have much intention. At the very least, I think there is a chance that the movie ‘My Property’ will succeed."

"By the way, how did you arrange for the release time of these two movies?"

Lu Xiaoping said, "It’ll be released on the same day. We did not participate in the Venice Film Festival this time because we want to cling onto Fei Huang Workspace. I’m afraid that Boss Pei has some special ulterior motive waiting for us."

Everyone held up their thumbs. "Good, you’re tough enough to go head to head with him."

Everyone agreed with Lu Xiaoping’s decision.

That was because if their own movie was released earlier, Boss Pei might make some targeted arrangements and greatly reduce the results. If it was released later, the movie ‘The Future You Choose’ might steal the limelight. After all, Boss Pei’s marketing ability was unparalleled.

Thus, it was best to release it on the same day. Both sides would be fighting openly. It would be best if all the film reviews on the internet were placed together to discuss. That would definitely be able to compete.

Previously, these people had always wanted to use some tricks to obtain an advantage in the dark when they were fighting Boss Pei. However, in the end, it proved that these methods were all shooting themselves in the foot.

Now, they finally understood that they could not be afraid to defeat Boss Pei. They had to fight him head-on.

This time, everyone was filled with confidence in the movie ‘My Property’!

September 20th, Friday.

Qiao Liang looked at the video that was uploaded and reviewed. He stretched and heaved a sigh of relief.

"Finally done!"

"I miss it so much. I haven’t felt so content in a long time. Indeed, playing Boss Pei’s game is like reading a thick philosophical book. You can always be enlightened and give people deep inspiration."

"However, the only difference is that the words in philosophical books are obscure and difficult to understand. I, who are uncultured, will only fall asleep. However, Boss Pei’s game is filled with fun. It opened my horizons unknowingly and made me see something completely different."

As the person who claimed to understand Boss Pei the most, Qiao Liang had always been very confident in his ability to understand.

When playing this game, Qiao Liang felt many familiar things. He seemed to have vaguely felt it in Tengda Games previously, but it was more obvious this time.

What’s more, the riddle in the game ‘The Future You Choose’ was moderate in difficulty. It was set perfectly. However, after digging deeper, one would feel that the connotation was endless. It was very suitable to make a video interpretation.

Qiao Liang went into seclusion for two whole days. It could be said that he had racked his brains to dig out all his accumulation and foundation for Tengda. That was how this evaluation video was born.

He was very sure that Boss Pei was sending a very critical message to all players through this unique game.

For Tengda Corporation, which had already won steadily and was about to completely defeat the Tengda Alliance, this key information was probably also Boss Pei’s next stage goal plan and crisis warning.

Qiao Liang had already regarded this game as an epochal milestone for Tengda Games.

As he waited patiently for the video review, he prepared to check the comments online about this game.

Previously, when he was creating the video, Qiao Liang had been in a state of disconnection. The main reason was that he did not want the comments on the internet to interfere with his thoughts.

Now that the video was done, he could almost check out the game reviewers outside.

However, Qiao Liang could not help but frown after scrolling through Weibo and some forums.

"What’s going on? Why are so many people picking on such a fun game?"

"They say that the gameplay is monotonous and the content is not rich enough. They also say that the game looks like it’s self-mockery on the surface, but it’s actually just a show. It’s a way to belittle and praise other companies?"

"It’s ridiculous. The interpretation is completely crooked. There are still so many people choosing to support it. It’s really ridiculous!"

The more Qiao Liang read, the angrier he became. He was filled with indignation.

Every time something like that happened, he would be more anxious than the staff at Tengda Corporation.

There were two main negative comments about the game online.

First of all, the gameplay was monotonous and the content was not rich enough. That was because the protagonist Captain Lu De seemed to be an outsider from beginning to end. Even though he was constantly unlocking various combat abilities, the game content only had the endless number of battles and endless enemies. This looked fundamentally no different from some satisfying games that popped up from beginning to end.

On the other hand, the players in the game, equipment, money, and other elements seemed to have fallen out of thin air. If the protagonist failed, someone would save him. That volunteer doctor would also change the latest protagonist with prosthetic limbs for him. A new battle would start, and reinforcements would come from all directions. It could even be said that he would never worry about falling into a desperate situation.

This made players feel that the entire process was relatively simple. There were no more complicated and interesting gameplay. The entire process was nothing but shooting. The entire plot was also confusing.

Secondly, denouncing this game was actually a form of positive and negative behavior. It was not really self-mockery, but fishing for reputation.

What was true self-mockery? It was to completely make yourself into a negative character and engrave your ugly state in the game. In the end, you would be defeated. That was true self-mockery.

However, Tengda’s approach in this game was obviously reserved. On the surface, it looked like it had arranged for itself to be a villain and defamed it. However, in fact, in the later stages of the game, it would realize that Tengda Corporation seemed to be a principled and ideal company that had a trend of whitewashing. The protagonist of the Resistance, Captain Lu De, who finally looked confused on the rooftop seemed to think that he was wrong. It deepened the impression of players.

From this point of view, the story of this game did not seem to be particularly outstanding in terms of ideology and intentions. To a certain extent, it had been reduced to a work of bragging.

If a company used a work to describe their theme but did not criticize it but praised it, would this work still be called an outstanding work? That was a question mark.

Both theories sparked discussions and many supporters online.

The first theory was supported by gamers because most gamers did not care about the meaning of the game. However, they could empathize with whether the game was fun or not.

The second way was to attract some cloud players. These players might not have a deep experience in the game but they liked to discuss the game’s content and plot and give their own subjective evaluation.

That made the game unpopular among gamers and cloud players at the same time. It was obvious that the public opinion offensive this time was aggressive.

Qiao Liang heaved a sigh of relief after reading these discussions.

"It’s a good thing that I did not watch the game reviews online before making the video. Otherwise, I would be pissed off by these people. My creative thinking would definitely be affected."

"Fortunately, my video will not affect the outcome no matter whether it is released first or later. After all, I am the person who really holds the key to the truth."

"As long as I have the right interpretation of the game, these wrong comments will naturally dissipate no matter when the video is released."

"Perhaps Boss Pei has a backup plan. After all, the movie has not been released officially."

"However, in the current situation, I don’t think we need to have any backup plan. As long as I, Teacher Qiao, step in, I will be able to kill these thieves who cannot be seen in the light!"

Qiao Liang did not panic at all because he had already noticed the two problems that were hotly discussed online. He had also analyzed them in his video. However, the reason why he analyzed it was completely opposite to the comments online.

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