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Chapter: 8

Chapter 8 - Provoking a Big Boss in a Bad Mood is Seeking Death

 Before anyone could see it, the man had already been thrown over the shoulder by Gu Mang and slammed to the ground.

The faces of the other boys changed.

They are used to being arrogant and domineering. They have never suffered a loss.

Staring at the woman who hit their brother, their fists clenched.

"Catch her and teach her a lesson tonight! "

The leader of the group gritted his teeth.

Gu Mang looked at the three people who rushed over. The corners of her mouth were hooked, her posture was lazy and undisciplined, her beautiful eyes narrowed, and radiated a cold light.

Courting death.

With a strong force, she directly kicked the front-most man to the ground and he couldn't get up.

She grabbed the fist coming to her and with great strength, he directly squeezed the man's wrist bone and a breaking sound is muffled by a miserable scream.

The remaining man saw three men lying on the ground.

For a moment, he felt his blood run cold.

Instinctively feeling it is dangerous, he staggered back, wanting to run.

Suddenly, with a flash in front of his eyes, he could hardly see how Gu Mang came over. He was strangled by a huge force, pressed against his neck, and he was thrown onto the hood of the sports car.

Gu Mang stepped onto the hood of the sports car with her long legs, her eyes were downcast, and she looked expressionlessly at the man she was holding down.

There was a wicked redness in her eyes as if it was dyed in blood.

The man panicked, his whole body was frightened, cold sweat slid down his face, and he didn't dare to say anything.

Gu Mang had no expression on her face, and her raised eyes were arrogant and reckless. "You're very courageous."

The man trembled and said, "Yes... I'm sorry..."

Gu Mang looked at the man's frightened white face and smiled softly. "Learn to be a good person, understand?"


Gu Mang loosened her grip, moved down her long leg from the car, and put her hands back into her pockets.

Gu Si smiled and looked at several people lying on the ground, groaning in pain.

A young voice spoke with a bit of a cynical tone "I said you really don't have eyes. It's bad enough to provoke anyone. If you provoke us, life is already very short but you guys still want to take shortcuts."

His sister is already in a bad mood, and this group of stupid Bs still bumped into her.

It was all his sister's mercy that she didn't beat them to the point of doubting their lives.

Gu Mang took out a lighter and cigarette from her pocket.

Beautiful fingers with thin callus sandwiched a cigarette between them as she lit it with a lighter.

She casually looked at the window of the private room on the second floor of Heavenly Palace. Her gaze focused for a few seconds before she withdrew her gaze.

She walked forward unhurriedly.

She was crazy to the bone.

On the second floor, three men watched the fight.

No, it wasn't a fight.

It should be called unilateral bloody abuse.

He Yidu and Qin Fang were stunned.

"Are young girls so fierce now?" Qin Fang rubbed his chin in disbelief.

He Yidu clicked his tongue. "She kicked a 1.8-meter-long man to the ground. Is she still a woman?"

A faint smile hung at the corner of Lu Chengzhou's mouth. His cold eyes stared at Gu Mang's back and his fingertips were shrouded in smoke.

The little girl wasn't that big and had even learned to smoke.

Lu Yi was in his third year of high school, finishing his homework and coming out of the study.

He saw two unfamiliar faces on the third floor.

The girl's face is very eye-catching.

His eyes paused.

"Mom, who is that?" She asked Lin Zhou, who had come with a midnight snack.

Lin Zhou glanced at the third floor." Your father's guests."

"Why are Daddy's guests like that?" Lu Yi frowned. "Aren't they some poor relative, that came to our house to eat and drink?"

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