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Chapter: 9

Chapter 9 - It's that mother and son again

 Lin Zhou spoke in a calm voice. "Don't say that in front of your father, you and Lu Yang should stay away from those two siblings."

They went out at night and came back at midnight, who knows where they went to fool around!

Lu Yi stared coldly at the third floor." Got it."

The following day.

Gu Mang and Gu Si went downstairs to eat. Their mood wasn't good. Added the fact that the Lu family servants called for breakfast so early in the morning, their faces are more gloomy.

The bottom of the Gu Mang's eyes are cold and flushed with an evil red aura.

When Lu Yang saw someone sitting down opposite him, he inadvertently raised his eyes and glanced at them, and his gaze was abruptly stunned.

The girl's head was lowered, her long, thick lashes covering the bottom of her eyes.

Her complexion wasn't too good, slightly pale, but it didn't affect her pretty and eye-catching appearance.

There are absolutely several good-looking people in Ming City High School, and there are even child stars who became famous at a young age in the art class. But none of these people are as beautiful as this girl.

Even if she was dressed so simply, she was so beautiful that he couldn't move his eyes away.

Lu Yi snorted inaudibly.

Lu Shangjin looked at the gloomy Gu Mang and asked worriedly, "Didn't you sleep well last night?"


Her voice was low and hoarse, and restraining her emotions as packets of sugar were torn and added to the milk.

Seeing that Lu Shangjin's teeth were hurting watching her, she stopped and slowly picked up the spoon to stir. After a sip of the hot milk, her face was not as cold as it had been.

Lu Shangjin could not help saying: "Eat less sugar, it's easy to break your teeth."

Gu Mang raised her somewhat red eyes. Those eyes were bright, dark and deep, and a bit creepy.

Lu Shangjin: "......"

Gu Si hurriedly gave his sister a piece of extra sweet pastry to appease her. His sister is particularly fond of sweet foods. Sweetness to the point of getting sick is her favorite kind.

He suspected that his sister was a sugar spirit in her previous life!

Lu Shangjin coughed, straightened his back, and held his dignity tightly. "Right, Gu Mang, Gu Si's matter is done, someone will come over tonight."

Gu Mang smiled and raised her eyebrows, revealing her first shallow smile this morning, and spoke carelessly, "Okay, trouble Uncle Lu."

Lin Zhou looked at the few people on the table speaking vaguely and asked casually, "Gu Si's matter?"

Lu Shangjin said simply: "I found him a school. He's so young, we can't delay his studies."

Lin Zhou smiled and patted Gu Si's head like an elder." Don't disappoint your Uncle Lu. Go to school and study hard."

Gu Si didn't have a good impression of Lin Zhou. When he was touched by her, disgust flashed through his eyes, and forced himself to smile.

Traffic light junction.

Gu Si ruffled his curly hair and cursed: "She dares to touch this little master's head, she really does not know how to die!"

The light turned green, Gu Mang pressed the brim of her hat to block the sun, and her steps were casual and loose as she passed through the crosswalk.

Gu Si looked down at his shorter clothes. He grew taller again.

He said: "Sister, buy me some clothes, just the store in front."

A children's clothing store with a big clearance sale. Twenty dollars for one piece, fifty dollars for three pieces of clothing.

Gu Mang raised an eyebrow, agreed, and took him in to see.

Qin Fang sat in the passenger seat, waiting for the red light to go green when he saw Gu Mang and Gu Si walk into the store, he had a complicated expression.

"Brother Cheng, it's that mother and son again."

In the back seat, Lu Chengzhou lifted his eyes to look over. The girl was wearing a black sweatshirt, and her neck was thin and white in the line of the sunlight. That face is even more beautiful and dangerous.

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