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Chapter: 2113

Mo Sinian glanced sideways at Bai Jinshe, shook his head slightly and denied: "it's not what you think. There was a little episode in the hospital. Chao Jing's identity was known by mohanyan and Xiao pinger. I didn't want to stay there any longer, so I left!"

When Bai Jinse heard what Mo Sinian said, he had too many questions for a while. He didn't know which one to ask.

After thinking for a while, she asked: "Mo Hanyan... How did she get along with Xiao pinger? If I remember correctly, Mo Hanyan had been on the island for three years, and Xiao pinger came from Haiwan village. I heard from Xi'an that she confessed to Chaojing when she was in Haiwan village!"

Mo Sinian didn't know this. After all, men seldom talk about women they don't care about. He was surprised: "is there still such a thing?"

Bai Jinshe nodded: "there is such a thing! He told me when he came back from Haiwan village on the eleventh day. I was still curious about what kind of person Xiao pinger was!"

Later, I saw her at the dinner party and realized that she was a little girl who looked a little rustic.

Bai Jinshe can't imagine how she would mix with Mo Hanyan. You know, Mo Hanyan probably doesn't like Xiao pinger.

Mo Sinian knew that Bai Jinse was puzzled and didn't make her curious for too long. He said directly: "I asked about this in the hospital today. Mo Hanyan said that she now lives with xiaopinger. Before, Mo Xi said that the Yue family didn't want xiaopinger to continue living in Yueyuan, so they asked xiaopinger to ask Xiao Anya for compensation. I guess Xiao Anya compensated Xiao pinger for the house, and Xiao pinger rented it to Mo Hanyan!"

Bai Jinshe nodded clearly: "that's OK, but you just said, do Mo Hanyan and Xiao pinger know Chaojing's identity? How do they know? Chaojing has become the same. Even if Mo Hanyan knew him before, he shouldn't know that Mo Wu and Chaojing are just one person!"

Hearing Bai Jinse's puzzled voice, Mo Sinian was embarrassed: "they came to see Chao Jing. At that time, I said something to Chao Jing about him and Mo Xi. I also told him his identity and asked him to settle down. As a result, Mo Hanyan and xiaopinger heard it. Mo Hanyan knew Chao Jing's identity at that time and recognized him as Mo Wu when he entered the ward."

Bai Jinshe didn't expect that it was mo Sinian who said it. For a moment, she didn't know what to say.

She thought for a while, frowned and said, "they know. There should be no problem. It won't have any impact on the Chaojing."

Mo Sinian shook his head. "It's no problem. Chaojing used medicine to change his appearance. We put it on record in the relevant departments. We just tried the medicine. As for the identity of Chaojing, it was arranged by his uncle. The name of Chaojing was also his real name. Even if Mo Hanyan and Xiao pinger knew it, it would have no impact!"

After hearing what he said, Bai Jinse thought for a moment and said, "in fact, Chao Jing was afraid of being known by 11. Now, 11 knows. He is not afraid of anyone. Is that so?"

Mo Sinian nodded: "you can say so. Otherwise, when Mo Hanyan and Xiao pinger heard it, I couldn't have done nothing!"

Bai Jinse was relieved to hear Mo Sinian say this. She thought for a while and then asked, "by the way, I almost forgot to ask, what did mohanyan and Xiao pinger go to find out for Chaojing?"

She couldn't help thinking that Mo Xi had told herself that Xiao Ping'er fell in love with Chao Jing at first sight. She didn't know why Xiao Ping'er went to the hospital.

Now, Chaojing has changed her appearance. She hasn't given up yet!

At the red light, Mo Sinian glanced at Bai Jinshe, who frowned, and explained: "Mo Hanyan also explained in the ward that it was Xiao Anya and his wife who had caused the chandelier to hit people before. Xiao pinger was surprised to learn about it and felt guilty, so she came to see Chaojing!"

When Bai Jinse heard Mo Sinian's words, he couldn't help picking his eyebrows: "do you believe these words? I don't believe them anyway?"

Mo Sinian chuckled helplessly, "I... actually don't care much about this problem!"

Bai Jinshe looked at him helplessly: "I knew that your men are generally hearty! Who knows if they go to the hospital with bad intentions!"

Mo Sinian thought for a while and said, "it doesn't matter. They can't make any moths. Besides, the man I sent to look after Chaojing won't let anything happen to him!"

Mo Si has said so for years, and Bai Jinse is too lazy to investigate this problem again.

However, when he was almost home, Mo Sinian suddenly asked, "after Mo Hanyan went to your studio, is he still safe?"

As a matter of fact, he originally wanted to refuse Moyi. However, he couldn't find a suitable excuse at that time, and he couldn't tell Moyi about the small things before. It seemed too careful.

Finally, Bai Jinse didn't want to embarrass him and took the initiative. Therefore, Mo Sinian felt sorry for his wife when Mo Hanyan entered Bai Jinse's studio.

Bai Jinse didn't expect that Mo Si would care about this issue. She couldn't help smiling: "well, just be at ease. There's no big deal. She just thought carefully. As long as something big doesn't happen, I can bear it with one eye open and one eye closed. If she really does something that violates my bottom line, I naturally can't tolerate it. At that time, just tell Mo Yi and dismiss her!"

Mo Sinian nodded: "that's OK! I'm just afraid that you don't want to embarrass me and let her toss you around in the studio!"

Bai Jinse hooked his lips: "you think too much, she doesn't have the ability!"

Mo Hanyan's little trick is not a toss. If she really did something unforgivable, she would not tolerate her.

At home, Bai Jinse and Mo Sinian parked in the villa.

As soon as they opened the door, they heard Qin Sixian teasing his younger brother and sister. Bai Jinse's expression softened. When she came in to change her shoes, she couldn't help laughing and talking to Mo Sinian: "look, when cotton was with big beans and small beans, it was like changing her temper!"

Mo Sinian smiled and nodded: "cotton likes her brother and sister very much!"

Bai Jinse changed his shoes, looked up, and was about to say something. His eyes suddenly fixed on the neckline of Mo Si Nian, and the smile on his face also faded inch by inch.

As soon as Mo Si Nian changed his shoes, he found that Bai Jinse's expression was not quite right. He frowned slightly and looked puzzled: "Jinse, why are you looking at me like that?"

Bai Jinse's eyes narrowed and his eyes were a little dangerous: "Mo Si Nian, to be honest, what did you do today?"

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