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Chapter: 2114

Mo Sinian looked at Bai Jinshe with some puzzlement: "why do you ask? I went to work normally today and came to pick you up after work. You know what will happen later!"

Bai Jinse looked at the trace of his collar: "really? There was no lunch at noon, and there were no beauties throwing themselves into their arms?"

Mo Sinian frowned: "what are you talking about? I had lunch in the office at noon. Don't you believe me?"

Bai Jinse looked at Mo Sinian with a puzzled look on her face. She suddenly stretched out her hand, yanked Mo Sinian's tie, and directly pulled the man in front of her.

She took off her high heels and her forehead was just four years old.

She raised her head and glanced at Mo Sinian. She stretched out her slender fingers and gently wiped the collar of Mo Sinian: "no? What is this?"

Mo Sinian looked down at Bai Jinshe and saw her fingers across his neckline. He suddenly looked at the neckline and a faint red trace appeared there.

Mo Si was stunned for a few years. Soon, his mind was running fast. The picture in his mind suddenly stopped at a certain moment. The next second, he immediately said, "I can explain this!"

Bai Jinshe loosened his tie, clapped his hands, took a step back and leaned against the shelf at the door: "well, explain! I'm listening!"

Mo Sinian could see that Bai Jinshe was angry when he didn't react for the first time and was out wearing this shirt stained with lipstick from other women for so long.

Mo Si Nian Li Ma Road: "When I went to the hospital in the afternoon, I met Mo Hanyan and Xiao pinger to visit Chaojing. I also told you about the situation at that time. I now reasonably suspect that Mo Hanyan would rub this lipstick on it. When I left, she offered to leave with me, but I refused face to face. When I passed her by, she stepped back and didn't stand still. She staggered, pulled my arm and threw herself into my arms and straightened me It's a process. I didn't do anything. I'm innocent, baby! "

After hearing his words, Bai Jinse's eyes flickered and thought: "it's Mo Han Yan!"

Mo Sinian doesn't know whether Bai Jinse believes it or not, He made persistent efforts: "at that time, I didn't notice the lipstick at the neckline. Otherwise, when I came out of the hospital, I bought a shirt at random and changed it! Of course, the fault of the whole thing was me. When Mo Hanyan came, he didn't react in time and didn't immediately hide. What's more, he didn't notice the things at the neckline. Wearing such a shirt to swagger through the market was a big mistake!"

Bai Jinse was still grim faced. She thought to herself, Mo Hanyan can do it. People have moved out and dare to use this kind of small hand.

However, she glanced at Mo Sinian, who had a good attitude of admitting her mistake. She couldn't help picking her eyebrows and said, "I don't see. You have such a good attitude of admitting your mistake?"

Mo Si Nian Li Ma Road: "If you do something wrong, you should admit it. Moreover, you should not attribute the mistake to others, but should look for your own mistakes and try not to make such a low-level mistake again next time. This is the correct expression of admitting your mistake! After all, this kind of thing will not happen if I am not present, or if I hide fast enough, she can only throw herself on the ground. Therefore, in the future, I will try not to stay in the same space with a woman like Mo Hanyan, Try to keep the farthest distance! "

Bai Jinshe couldn't help but chuckled and said, "well, don't look for mistakes again. I'm very satisfied with your attitude of admitting mistakes!"

Mo Sinian breathed a sigh of relief, could not help but stretch out his hand, gently pinched Bai Jinse's ear tip, and whispered, "baby, aren't you angry?"

Bai Jinshe shook his head. "I'm not angry anymore. I still believe you. You can't cheat me on such a small matter. Just now, when I came in and saw the lipstick on your shirt for the first time, I wasn't in a good mood!"

Mo Sinian could not help but stretch out his hand to hold Bai Jinse: "never again!"

As a result, Bai Jinse put his hand on Mo Sinian's chest and said in a low voice: "don't hug, the child is still there!"

Mo Si was stunned. Looking up, he saw cotton and his younger brothers and sisters sitting on the sofa in rows with three pairs of eyes looking directly at the porch.

Mo Sinian's blush and he coughed: "well, I'll hold it upstairs later!"

Bai Jinshe stared at him coyly: "I want to be beautiful. I am wearing a shirt with other people's perfume and lipstick. Who will go upstairs with you?"

In fact, as soon as Mo Si touched Mo Hanyan a few years ago, he pushed Mo Hanyan away. The so-called perfume doesn't exist at all.

However, Bai Jinse made up a perfume when she saw the lipstick print. Who cares if she smells it or not, anyway, her husband is in physical contact with other women.

Mo Sinian couldn't laugh or cry: "yes, you're right. I threw away this shirt when I went upstairs!"

Bai Jinse was about to go to the living room. When he heard this, he turned to look at him and lowered his voice: "no, no!"

Mo Sinian looked at her helplessly and smiled: "what do you say?"

Bai Jinse blinked: "this is the evidence that you admit your mistake with me and show good attitude and determination. How can you throw it away? I'll find a box later. I have to fold and store it as a souvenir. Every time I see this shirt in the future, I can remember how sincere you admit your mistake after being thrown into the arms of other women. Yes, that's it!"

Looking at his wife's exuberant appearance, Mo Sinian couldn't laugh or cry: "this is something related to others. You really keep it!"

Bai Jinse glared at him: "what are you afraid of? Are you going to bring me back so many shirts in the future?"

Mo Sinian immediately shook his head: "that's impossible!"

Bai Jinse faintly snorted, "that's right. I'm too lazy to talk to you. I'll go to play with the children!"

Bai Jinse said, then walked to the sofa and asked Qin Sixian with a smile, "cotton, have you had dinner with your brother and sister?"

Qin Sixian nodded cleverly, "yes, Mommy said, I want to eat out with Daddy, so I will eat with Uncle Mo Jiu and feed some complementary food to my brother and sister!"

Bai Jinshe could not help rubbing Qin Sixian's head, smiled and said, "cotton can help daddy and Mommy take their younger brothers and sisters. It's so good!"

Qin Sixian was ashamed: "Mommy, don't touch my head. I've grown up!"

At this time, Mo Sinian came over and rubbed Qin Sixian's head. He sat down and picked up his little girl who was still eating her fingers. His eyes were full of tenderness: "Huanhuan."

The little girl Bai Yihuan took a look at her father with big watery eyes and continued to eat her fingers.

Qin Sixian was touched again, with a dark face and a sad face. Unfortunately, his father didn't want to give him a look.

Bai Jinse glanced at Mo Si Nian and held Bai Yihuan in his arms. His face was disgusted: "don't wear this shirt to hold my daughter!"

Mo Si was stunned for a long time and couldn't help laughing: "OK, listen to you. I'll take a bath upstairs, change my clothes, and come down to hold the baby!"

The shirt lipstick storm of Mo Si's years passed peacefully, and Mo Hanyan knew nothing about it.

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