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Chapter: 2115

Mo Hanyan was still thinking that Mo Sinian would go back tonight and have a big fight with Bai Jinse.

She felt that if she got married and her husband came back with a lipstick shirt, she would not give up.

Mohanyan and xiaopinger return to the apartment and sit on the sofa. The whole person is still wandering. She thinks of the lipstick on Mo Sinian's shirt. She can't help thinking that the louder the noise, the better.

She must have a look at Bai Jinse's wonderful expression tomorrow.

Xiao Ping'er called Mo Hanyan twice. She found that she didn't respond. She couldn't help raising her voice: "Hanyan, what are you thinking? I asked you, but you didn't answer me!"

Mo Hanyan recovered: "ah, what's the matter?"

Xiao Ping'er repeated her previous words: "I mean, I'll give you 500000 yuan. You can buy a car yourself. Tell me how you know Chao Jing, why you call him Mo Wu, and what kind of person he used to be, OK?"

Looking at Xiao Ping'er's eager eyes, his expression is full of curiosity. Mo Hanyan hooks his lips, but he doesn't see that Xiao Ping'er is so sincere about Chaojing!

Thinking of this, She spoke slowly: "In fact, I knew Chao Jing more than a year ago. However, his name was not Chao Jing, but Mo Wu. The reason for his name was that he had outstanding abilities. In the place where he trained since childhood, his comprehensive abilities ranked fifth. At that meeting, he trained with Mo's son. I lived there for three years, and I knew him. The main reason why I didn't dare tell you this was because That place is very confidential. If I reveal that place, Mr. Mo and Chaojing, I will certainly not let me go. Therefore, I can only say that. Do you understand? "

Xiao Ping'er was a little confused. In fact, she still didn't understand Mo Hanyan's so-called local secrets. Where are the secrets.

However, she probably understood Mo Hanyan's words. Chaojing was called Mo Wu before. He met Mo Hanyan in a mysterious place. Therefore, Mo Hanyan knew his previous face.

Xiao Ping'er straightened out the meaning of Li Mo's words, and then nodded slowly: "I understand. Don't worry. I'm not interested in the secret place you said. Don't say it. Be careful that Mr. Mo and Chaojing are unhappy. Then, will Chaojing get along well?"

Mo Hanyan gave a deep thought: "it's not difficult to get along with him. At that time, he was quite cheerful. However, speaking of this, I have to remind you that Mo Xi's child is not only Chaojing's, but also has known Chaojing for many years!"

Xiao pinger frowned, "didn't they just know each other half a year ago?"

Mo Hanyan looked at Xiao pinger in silence: "Why don't you turn your head around? Before that, didn't Mr. Mo say that Mo Xi's child was Chaojing's? But Mo Xi was pregnant for six months, and about seven months. That is to say, she was pregnant before she knew Chaojing. 80% of the reason why Mr. Mo said that was because when Mo Xi was pregnant, Chaojing hadn't changed his face, so she always thought that the child was not Chaojing's. I say that, you Do you understand? "

Xiaopinger recently inquired about some things about Chao Jing. She thought she knew enough about Chao Jing. However, when she heard Mo Hanyan say this, her face turned pale: "so, Chao Jing met Mo Xi before he changed his face. Moreover, it could even be a relationship. So Mo Xi was pregnant with his child, right?"

Mo Hanyan nodded: "that's not true. Moreover, the most important thing is that I haven't told you yet. They don't just know each other. They should have known each other since childhood. Do you know why she is called Mo Xi? That's because she ranked 11th in her comprehensive ability in the very confidential place I mentioned before. That's why she is called Mo Xi."

Xiao Ping'er never thought that Mo Xi and Chao Jing were more tied than she had imagined. Her face became more pale: "so, they should have been childhood friends. Do I still have a chance?"

Mo Han's eyes flickered: "You don't have to be so pessimistic. There are still some things I haven't told you. During the three years I lived there, I also heard a lot of news. It is said that Mo Xi was an outstanding woman since she was a child. There are few people close to her. She was in that place before. She is not familiar with Chao Jing. They should have come out there later. They were different between Mo Sinian and Bai Jinshe Feelings, feelings should not be as behind as you think. There is another point, which is very important! "

Speaking of this, Mo Hanyan looked up at Xiao pinger, Look serious: "You may not know that Chao Jing and Mr. Mo are cousins. As you know, I like Mr. Mo and want to try to be with him. However, I don't like Mo Xi. If I stay with Mr. Mo in the future, I can't avoid contact with my cousin's daughter-in-law. Therefore, instead of letting Mo Xi stay with Chao Jing, I'd better match you and Chao Jing. Therefore, I will try my best to help you. Just put 10000 hearts on me!"

After Mo Hanyan's affirmation again, Xiao pinger couldn't help but be grateful: "thank you, Hanyan. By the way, you haven't told me about Chaojing's character! Also, can you tell me all the little things you know about Chaojing? I especially want to know!"

Mo Hanyan glanced at her, thought for a moment, and said: "well, I'll tell you again. In the past, Chao Jing was still quite cheerful. Later, he didn't know what he had experienced. His temperament became so cold and inhumane. On the one hand, I think he was influenced by Mr. Mo, on the other hand, it was related to his life experience!"

Xiao Ping'er blinked: "it has something to do with his life experience. Isn't he from the imperial court?"

This is what Xiao pinger heard from others at fan Rou's birthday party!

Mohanyan shook his head: "You think too much. The imperial capital Dynasty's house is said to be his uncle's house. In fact, his real home should be in Lancheng. It is said that his father was bad to him since childhood and divorced from his grandfather. His father went out to start a business early, and his mother died when he was a child. However, he seems to have lost part of his memory. Mr. Mo was worried about his cousin, so he sent him to that confidential place to take care of him and asked him to He learned and trained since childhood. At that time, Chao Jing didn't know anything. Therefore, his personality was more cheerful. Later, he should have recovered his memory. When he learned that his mother died and his father went out to start a business, it became gloomy and indifferent. I think he should be lacking in family affection. You can try to impress him with warmth! "

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