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Chapter: 2116

As a matter of fact, Mo Hanyan knew all these things through conjecture. Before that, Chao Jing's identity was spread to the island. Everyone knew that he was actually Mr. Mo's cousin, which shocked countless people on the island. Only then did all kinds of hearsay news come out.

However, at that time, no one did not believe it, because it seemed that Mo Sinian had deliberately led him to make friends with some people with excellent abilities on the island when Chao Jing was very young. These people were close to Chao Jing and believed in Chao Jing. Later, after Chao Jing's identity was revealed, all of them were used by Chao Jing.

Mo Hanyan's words were also summed up according to gossip. She felt that she should be infinitely close to the truth.

Xiao Ping'er did not expect that Chao Jing had such a poor life experience. Her expression was distressed.

Mo Hanyan racked her brains and told Xiao pinger all the things she thought about that had something to do with Chao Jing.

Finally, Mo Hanyan said that his mouth was dry and he had nothing to say. Then he stopped: "well, I have told you everything I know. You should have a rest early. I have to go to work tomorrow!"

Xiao Ping'er nodded when she saw Mo Hanyan stop talking.

After mohanyan returned to his room to wash, the first thing he did was to get his mobile phone and ask someone to inquire about the past years of Bai Jinshe and Mo Si. It would be better if he had just met them.

Moreover, Mo Hanyan repeatedly reminded the other party to be careful not to startle the snake, which alerted Mo Sinian and Bai Jinshe.

The people on the other end of the phone also repeatedly promised that they were very professional. As long as Mo Hanyan had the money ready, he would wait for the news.

Mo Hanyan asked them to send what they found as soon as possible. Don't delay too much time. The other end of the phone also hurriedly answered.

After Mo Hanyan finished this, he went to rest.

The next few days were calm.

That afternoon, Bai Jinse just finished processing several documents when he received a phone call.

On the phone, Bai Jinse got a message that a week later, Shencheng, Haicheng and Pingcheng, which are close to the sea, will jointly hold a jewelry competition.

Moreover, the other party also disclosed a message that the main design materials of this competition are jade and jade.

The other party bought this from Bai Jinse mainly because they wanted to invite Bai Jinse and Mo Sinian to be the judges of the competition.

Mo Si created Hengrui jewelry in that year. There is no doubt about this jewelry appreciation ability.

As for Bai Jinshe, it was the people in the competition who got the gossip from Ruan suisui and guessed that Bai Jinshe was the designer of Sixian. Therefore, we sincerely invite Bai Jinshe, the Giant Buddha, to be the judge of the competition.

The other party disclosed the main materials of the design to Bai Jinse, mainly to tell him the general direction of the competition. After all, Bai Jinse has established Sixian jewelry sub studio in Shencheng. The studio has the name of Sixian designer, so it is natural to worry about no business.

However, at present, they are not well-known. After all, other designers in the studio are newly recruited by Bai Jinse, and they are not well-known. However, the current DiCui jewelry competition is a rare opportunity.

The other party invited Bai Jinshe to be a judge, and gave the design materials and general direction of the competition, just to buy Bai Jinshe a good place. After all, Bai Jinshe also has people here who want to compete.

In addition, Mo Sinian is known for his coldness, harshness and inhumanity. If you want to invite him, you can't just call him or invite him with an invitation letter.

There should be someone who knows the relationship between Mo Sinian and Bai Jinse, so he took the opportunity to say on the phone that he wanted Bai Jinse to help him say something about love.

Bai Jinse guessed their thoughts when he heard what they said.

Bai Jinse told the other party that he should tell Mo Sinian about it.

After hanging up the phone, Bai Jinse held a temporary meeting to talk about the DiCui jewelry competition in a week, or to tell other designers in the studio in advance to make everyone ready for the competition.

After the meeting, it's time to get off work.

Bai Jinshe went downstairs and saw Mo Sinian waiting for him by the car.

She walked slowly to get on the bus. As soon as she was sitting in the bus, she fastened her seat belt, lowered the window, and planned to get some air. As a result, she saw Mo Hanyan standing not far away, quietly looking at Mo Sinian's car.

Bai Jinse doesn't know why, but he suddenly thinks of the shirt stained with lipstick.

Her eyes were cold, and the window rose in an instant.

Mo Sinian started the car and saw Bai Jinshe lowering the window and rising again. He couldn't help but ask, "what's the matter?"

Bai Jinshe pursed her lips: "it's OK. I see a person I don't like!"

Mo Si Nian was stunned and couldn't help looking out of the window of Bai Jinse.

Bai Jinshe deliberately said, "what are you looking at? Drive well!"

Mo Sinian shook his head unhappily: "who made you unhappy again!"

Bai Jinshe said with a shriveled mouth: "no one bothers me. I just don't want to see some people!"

Although she allowed Mo Hanyan to enter the studio, Mo Hanyan also looked very safe these days. However, as long as she thought of the lipstick marks on her clothes four years ago, Bai Jinse couldn't respond.

She thought for a while and then changed the subject: "by the way, I received a phone call this afternoon, saying that a week later, there will be a jewelry competition jointly held by the three cities. Do you know?"

Mo Sinian was stunned: "I heard a bit of news before. What's the matter? The designers of your studio should take part in this jewelry competition. After all, this is also a good opportunity to become famous. I heard that this jewelry competition, which is in charge of the relevant departments of literature and art, attaches great importance to it!"

Bai Jinse nodded: "I'm going to send someone to attend, but do you know that the other party gave me some information in advance!"

Mo Sinian looked at Bai Jinse with a mysterious look, and couldn't help smiling: "Oh, what did they tell you?"

Bai Jinse blinked: "it is said that the main design material of this competition is jade and jade. The idea is probably marine environmental protection. I should say that I hope the ocean is as transparent and clean as jade and jade!"

In fact, it was intended that the other party mentioned it vaguely on the phone, and the voice was also very low. However, the other party mentioned Bai Jinse a little, and she guessed most of it in combination with the design materials.

When Mo Sinian heard Bai Jinse's words, he couldn't help looking at her and said unexpectedly, "did the other party even tell you this?"

Bai Jinse couldn't help laughing: "it's not true. It's just that they asked me for something!"

Mo Sinian glanced at the traffic lights and casually said, "Oh, what's the matter?"

Bai Jinse chuckled: "they want to invite the CEO and chairman of Hengrui jewelry to participate in this jewelry competition as a judge, but they don't know if they have the honor to invite each other!"

Mo Sinian was stunned. He could not help looking at Bai Jinshe with a funny sidelong. "Feelings, they told you this. They asked you to come here to be a lobbyist!"

Bai Jinshe glanced. "That's probably what he meant. You see, I have accepted the kindness of others. Are you going or not?"

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