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Chapter: 2117

Mo Sinian chuckled, but his voice was helpless: "go, of course, you have to go. After all, who asked you to accept the kindness of others? But I didn't go because they took the initiative to sell you!"

Bai Jinshe picked his eyebrows and said, "Oh, what's that for?"

Mo Sinian's eyes were shallow and gentle: "you should also be a judge!"

Mo Sinian was sure that if he didn't want Bai Jinse to be a judge, he couldn't have called her in advance.

Bai Jinse smiled and nodded, "well, that's what they said!"

Mo Sinian asked, "do you agree?"

Bai Jinse glanced at him: "of course. After all, the people in my studio are going to participate in the competition. Why don't I become a judge! What about you? Are you going or not?"

Mo Sinian smiled helplessly and said, "of course, I want to go. After all, who wants my wife to go too!"

Bai Jinse blushed when he heard Mo Sinian's words: "it's just a jewelry competition. Why do you want to go with me? In addition, the organizer of the competition is also treacherous and cunning. If I guess correctly, they will call you tomorrow to invite you!"

Mo Sinian smiled and nodded: "I guess so. After all, they will definitely invite me after you come to me as a lobbyist!"

As he said this, he paused. His voice was tender and deep and intoxicating: "what you said before is wrong. Although it is only a jewelry competition, I still want to go with you, because we haven't been the judges of the jewelry competition together. It's interesting to think about it!"

No matter what happened, as long as he was with Bai Jinse, Mo Sinian felt that it seemed to have been given a different meaning.

Bai Jinse blushed, stared at him coyly, and said nothing.

I'm an old husband and wife, and I'm still so bored. Although I think so, her face is still very red.

In other words, Mo Hanyan has been standing downstairs in the studio, watching Bai Jinse and Mo Sinian leave. Her eyes sank, and then she turned to her car.

She bought a Mercedes Benz worth more than 400000 yuan with the 500000 yuan transferred by Xiao pinger.

Although in her opinion, this car doesn't match her, it's just that she, a designer assistant who has just started work and doesn't earn much, can drive such a car. I don't know what other people in the studio admire!

Mo Hanyan got into the car, thinking about things in his mind, started the car, and couldn't help thinking of the look Bai Jinse had looked at him before, which seemed unhappy and indifferent. Anyway, Mo Hanyan was uncomfortable.

She felt that Bai Jinse should care. The so-called "don't care" was just an act. After all, if she really didn't care, why would she raise the window!

Mo Hanyan couldn't help sneering at Bai Jinse's deliberate refusal to let him see Mo Si Nian. Did she think she had no choice?

This is not a few days, will hold the emperor Cui jewelry competition!

When the news came out this afternoon, the rest of the studio was delighted.

When Mo Hanyan heard the news, she was also very excited and excited. However, her excitement was a little different from others.

Because the day before yesterday, she had just received a message from someone sent to inquire about the past years of Bai Jinshe and Mo Si.

When Bai Jinse and Mo Sinian first met, it was because Bai Jinse was plagiarized in a jewelry competition. Mo Sinian was a man with a notarized principle and a bottom line. He certainly couldn't tolerate such things.

It is said that the other party was Bai Jinse's younger sister. At that time, there was a lot of uproar and a lawsuit was filed to say that Bai Jinse copied her.

But later, Mo Si Nian Leng came forward and used some means to let the truth show sleep. The wind direction reversed, and Bai Jinse gained a reputation for innocence.

Bai Jinse became famous in that design. Moreover, she was invited by Mo Sinian to join Hengrui jewelry, which was founded by Mo Sinian at that time. Since then, she has had an intersection with Mo Sinian in her work and has followed Mo Sinian step by step.

Mo Hanyan had repeatedly guessed how Mo Sinian and Bai Jinshe met. Now, he finally got accurate information.

For Mo Hanyan, this jewelry competition is nothing but a timely help.

Mo Hanyan now needs to take part in the competition. In her opinion, Mo Sinian can come forward to help Bai Jinse because of what happened in those years.

That means that although Mo Sinian looks cold and inhumane, in fact, he is a person with principles, a bottom line, fairness and justice, and can't rub the sand in his eyes.

As long as we know his character, in fact, it is not difficult to move him.

When Mo Hanyan learned about the competition, she had a general plan in mind. She not only wanted to stand out in the competition and let Mo Sinian look at him with new eyes, but also wanted to grasp the characteristics of Mo Sinian's eyes that can't rub the sand and let Mo Sinian uphold justice for herself.

Thinking of the plan that he was planning in the afternoon, Mo Hanyan couldn't help but flash a flash of light at the bottom of his eyes.

This competition, for her, is a heaven sent opportunity, and she must firmly grasp it.

She not only wants to copy the process of Mo Sinian and Bai Jinse getting to know each other, but also wants to take away Mo Sinian's sincerity.

Thinking of this, Mo Han raised a sneer at the corner of her cigarette holder. She quickly started the car and left.

When mohanyan returns to his apartment, he sees Xiao pinger cooking soup.

She threw her bag on the sofa, went over to have a look, leaned against the kitchen door, and asked, "have you been cooking soup these days? Have you accepted it?"

Hearing this, Xiao pinger's face turned red: "he drank!"

Mo Hanyan picked his eyebrows and said, "so, it's going well!"

Xiao Ping'er glanced at Mo Hanyan, a little shy: "in fact, he refused to accept and drink before. However, I remember your words. You let me go. Even if he chased me, don't leave easily. However, I was afraid that he would be unhappy. When he let me go, I didn't dare to stay in the ward. I had to wait in the corridor. He didn't drink the soup he sent two times before. Later, he drank it once and told me not to go again!"

Mo Hanyan did not expect that Xiao pinger really let Chaojing drink her soup.

She was a little surprised. After all, Chao Jing didn't look like such a moving person. The idea she had given Xiao pinger was just to give her a direction. Mo Hanyan couldn't guess what it would be like.

In fact, what Mo Hanyan doesn't know is that if someone like her went, Chaojing would not drink soup.

However, Xiao Ping'er looked silly, stupid and stupid. When others said something important, she was at a loss. What she had in mind could be seen through at a glance. Therefore, Chaojing drank her soup and told her not to go again.

Mo Hanyan thought for a while and asked her, "these two days, aren't you still in the past?"

Xiao Ping'er blushed a little: "yes, I did go there, but I gave the soup to the nurse and waited outside the corridor. When I saw him drink the soup, I took the thermos away!"

Mo Hanyan did not expect that Xiao pinger would still do this. She looked a little complicated: "does Chaojing know you are outside?"

Xiaopinger shook her head. "He didn't know, but he knew I was going to get the thermos! So he drank the soup. Besides, I gave it to the nurse. I also said that if he didn't drink the soup, I would always deliver it!"

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