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Chapter: 2832

   Chapter 2832 We're afraid to go to jail

  In the cafe across the road from the courthouse.

  Shen Jingyan went to answer the phone.

   When he came back, his face was cloudy and he sat down in his seat, put the phone on the table, and said sullenly, "The lawsuit is lost."

   "Losing?" Wei Ling's hand with the coffee trembled, almost spilling it.

  Shen Jingyan nodded: "I lost."

   Wei Ling hurriedly put the coffee on the table, clutching the fabric on her knees, her eyes wandering, her lips trembling: "How could Tian Dali lose? Didn't they make trouble with Jiang Zongjin?"

"Jiang Zongjin didn't go at all!" Shen Jingyan raised his eyebrows with his hand, and after a moment's thought, he knew who arranged it: "Qiao Nian didn't let him go to the scene. There was only the other party's lawyer at the scene, and this lawyer almost never lost a case, what a tricky case. , she can settle it smoothly. Do you think this kind of lawyer will be afraid of Tian Dali's family playing nonsense during the trial? "

   Wei Lingguang thought of that scene and guessed how Tian Dali and the others were pressed and beaten by Qiao Nian's lawyer at the scene of today's trial.

   Splashing in front of lawyers?

   That's not dancing for the blind, it's superfluous!

   She knew she was panicking, so she got up and looked nervously at Shen Jingyan: "What do we do next? We can't continue like this."

  "..." Shen Jingyan didn't know that this was just the beginning, and there were bigger things waiting for them.

  But things have come this far, and it is not the time when they can stop when they say stop.

   Shen Jingyan tried his best to calm down, but his heart was in a mess, and he couldn't calm down and think of a solution.

After a long while, he looked at Wei Ling's face with red eyes, and said in a hoarse voice, "Fortunately, this is just a civil lawsuit, not involving criminal punishment. I guess she will use the court's verdict to influence her if she wins this case. Public opinion, as long as Tian Dali can withstand the pressure of the reversal of public opinion, we can still delay time."

   "I will appease them and tell them not to panic." Wei Ling said immediately.

Shen Jingyan gave her a deep look, picked up the water glass, and forced himself to drink a sip of coffee to refresh himself: "How happy they were when they used the media to besiege Jiang Zongjin, and how painful it is now that it happens to them, they may not be able to bear it. The pressure of public opinion backlash…"

   Wei Ling couldn't control so much, she said calmly, "I will spend money to shut them up, and I will definitely not let them go out and talk nonsense."

Shen Jingyan didn't want to argue with her, and continued: "If they can withstand the pressure and delay us, we can take advantage of this time to find a way to find a relationship and ask Qiao Nian or the Ye family to raise their hand and let us have a relationship. Horse. If it works, we can still get out of the skin. If it doesn't work..."

   "What if it doesn't work?" Wei Ling wasn't very happy in the first half of the sentence, but when she heard the second half of his sentence, her heart was raised in her throat, and her breathing became heavier.

   Shen Jingyan didn't want to comfort her anymore, lowered his head and took another sip of coffee with trembling hands, raised his head and looked at her: "I'm afraid we're going to jail."


   as he expected.

   Qiao Nian arranged for a well-connected media reporter to post the verdict on the Internet as soon as he got the result of the trial.

   There is a lot of wind online.

   How many people were scolding Jiang Zongjin for not being as good as a beast before, and now how many people are stunned by the verdict.

  [Flying cat: Tian Dali and the others actually lost, it seems to be a frame-up, I said that the woman cried too fake during the interview. ]

   (end of this chapter)

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