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Chapter: 2833

   Chapter 2833 Wei Ying finds Mr. Ye on the head

  [Tiantian is a goddess disease: there is no black box operation here? ]

  [Golden Pilot: Haha, do you think there is something wrong with the dark-box operation? If you don't believe the official news, you just believe other people's mouths. This is not a hammer, otherwise let you replace the law, you have the final say? ]


Most netizens started sympathizing with the vulnerable 'victims' and gradually became rational. Some people took a screenshot of Wang Guifen dragging her child to face the camera in an interview with the media, using the screenshots to prove that Wang Guifen is not as loving as she cried. own children.

  With the screenshots of the interview, some people began to slap the Tian Dali family.

  It doesn't matter if you don't peel off the skin, as soon as the skin is peeled off, Tian Dali's family was ripped upside down by the melon eaters in a short period of time.

  Tian Dali immediately rushed to Weibo hot search when he owed money for gambling.

   The second flip of public opinion.

   Previously, the attitude of netizens was that half of them believed in the court's judgment, and half of them believed that it was not easy to provide evidence for this kind of thing. Losing the lawsuit does not mean that Jiang Zongjin is innocent.

   As a result, Tian Dali's gambling debts were exposed, and netizens who had maintained their attitude of re-seeing before realized that they were being treated as gunmen and began to spray out.

   Some people spray, and naturally some people continue to peel.

  Then the topic of #王桂芳Stepmother# also began to rush to the hot search list.

   It turns out that Wang Guifen is not the biological mother of the child. Tian Dali had a girlfriend who gave birth to him before knowing Wang Guifen, but the two did not get married.

  Tian Dali and Wang Guifen got married later. For the sake of the child's study, the child's household registration was in the name of the couple...

  The truth is about to come out!

The situation after    is the same as what Shen Jingyan said.

  How Tian Dali and Wang Guifen used public opinion to attack Jiang Zongjin before, but now the truth is about to surface, how painful the reversal of public opinion is to them.

   As more and more details are peeled off.

  Tian Dali and Wang Guifen were so anxious that they had blisters in their mouths, they couldn't even eat their food, and they couldn't bear this kind of backlash.

  The two of them didn't even dare to go out.

   Lock yourself at home every day.

  Just like this, they were afraid that someone would come to beat them. Every day, they locked the door in fear and locked themselves in a small dark room without even opening the windows.


   In the evening, the Ye family's old house.

  The servant of the Ye family walked to the garden pavilion, stopped a few steps away from the old man who was playing with the bird, and stood there respectfully: "Lao Ye, the Wei family is here."

  Ye Maoshan put down the bird-friendly grass sign, picked up fresh bird food from the side, and said without looking back, "Who's here?"

   "Wei Ying." The servants of the Ye family have met many people in the Beijing circle, and they have long been trained to have sharp eyes and know most of the people in the upper circle.

   "Oh." Ye Maoshan didn't mean to take care of it. He used tweezers to pick up the bird food to feed the birds, and said calmly, "Let her go back."


  The servant turned around and went to reply to Wei Ying who was anxiously waiting outside.

  Ye Maoshan waited for him to leave, and then used tweezers to pick up the fresh worms and put them into the porcelain white bird food dish.

   He looked at the thrush pecking at the little bugs in a dignified manner, opened his brows and smiled softly: "Doesn't this bring people back?"

   He waited for the birds to finish their food, then put his hands behind his back and returned home in high spirits.

   Ye Lan and Ye Qichen were waiting for him at home.

   (end of this chapter)

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