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Chapter: 2839

   Chapter 2839 Mr. Ye has already negotiated the marriage

   If Mr. Ye hadn't been taking the small pills Qiao Nian gave him to keep himself healthy for a year, his blood pressure soared at this moment, and his capillaries were almost burst, and his brain was almost congested.

   This brat!

His fingertips trembled, and his lips trembled with anger. Seeing Jiang Zongjin was still in the box, he just calmed down and tried his best to adjust his breathing. The kid is talking nonsense, in-laws, don't worry about it."

   He probably felt that his grandson was too incapable of doing it, and said depressedly: "I'll take care of him when I get back, and let him talk nonsense!"

  Qin Si and Gu San were watching the fun, even Zhang Yang laughed and didn't say a word, and was very smart and didn't interrupt.

  Jiang Zongjin took a serious look at Ye Wangchuan's direction, was upright, and said to Ye Maoshan, "Young Master Ye is a person worthy of trust."

   He was so direct, but instead, Mr. Ye couldn't answer for a long time. He covered his lips with his hands, and coughed awkwardly: "Haha, you'll be amused by his condescending appearance."

  Jiang Zongjin shook his head, his eyes drifted in the direction of Qiao Nian: "My thoughts are not important, as long as Niannian likes it, I have no opinion."

   Mr. Ye understood what he meant in a second, so he stopped talking politely and was overjoyed, and instead asked him if he had any special customs for children's marriage.

  The speed of his climbing up the pole is no faster than that of Ye Wuchuan's usual dog. It can be seen that the genetic power is strong.

"We don't have any customs here." Jiang Zongjin recognized this marriage from the beginning, especially in the past year, he saw that Qiao Nian was surrounded by many dangers, and she was unwilling to tell herself that Ye Wuchuan could accompany her at any time. Beside her, be born and die with her.

He didn't feel too embarrassed, and said to the old man Ye readily, "But Nian Nian is not of legal age yet, and she has to wait for her to reach this stage in the future. In addition, I respect her and her grandfather. Views."

   Mr. Ye made a decision on the spot: "This is no problem, we will definitely wait for the legal age, and prepare as soon as we reach the age."

   "As for Wei Shang, I will go to the sanatorium to see him another day. Anyway, we will cooperate with your request, and we will have no problem at all!"

  The two of them have come and gone, and the marriage is almost finalized.

  Qiao Nian, as the client, didn't seem to hear what they were talking about. He was looking at his phone, and he didn't know what he was thinking about.

   Ye Wangchuan noticed her absent-mindedness, leaned over and whispered, "What's wrong?"

  Qiao Nian turned off the text message Jinan sent her, shook his head, and frowned slightly: "Nothing, just thinking about when to go back to Independent Island."

   She had a feeling that she couldn't tell.

   seems to vaguely feel that Ji Nan is going to have an accident.

   But logically speaking, this probability is too small and can be completely ignored!

   And she didn't receive any information that Ji Nan's trip would be dangerous.

   Only then did she notice that Mr. Ye and Jiang Zongjin were talking happily in the box, so she raised her chin and asked in confusion, "What are they talking about?"

   Ye Wangchuan saw her look that it had nothing to do with him, and suddenly burst into laughter, as if the stars fell into his deep eyes: "Talk are 21 years old."


  Qiao Nian reacted with a little movement of his mind, but didn't say anything: "...It hasn't arrived yet."

   She still has a month to turn 20.

  It will take more than a year to be 21 years old, so it's early.

   (end of this chapter)

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